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Backwoods Angler TV
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October 4, 2011, 11:10 am

Backwoods Angler TV
BACKWOODS ANGLER TV, a multi-species fishing television show produced by Christopher G. Manley in Eastern Pennsylvania and new member of the NBC Sports Group, is the next generation in outdoor fishing television. Outdoor/fishing enthusiasts prefer programs engaged to their own lifestyles and interests. Backwoods Angler TV appeals to all levels of angling enthusiasts by combining a mixture of river, stream, lake and pond shows with which most anglers can relate, and this is how we distinctly set ourselves apart. No other show on NBC Sports/VERSUS focuses on the tremendous fisheries in the Northeastern US. We profile some of the most prolific bass and walleye lakes that are within just a few hours of the most densely populated metro areas in the Eastern US, where folks will buy your product. And being pioneers in river smallmouth bass fishing from jet outboards on some of the most treacherous rivers in the East, we boost the adventure with shows targeting smallmouth, walleye and trout on outstanding rivers that have rarely reached the national TV screen...until now!


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