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Before Jon Lester makes up his mind, Anthony Rizzo just wants him to know: these aren't the same old Cubs. More | Cubs will have to pay for pitching | Looking for new leadership | Lester interest dates back
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By cutting ties with Ike Davis, the Pirates are "essentially committed" to Pedro Alvarez at first base.
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The results have been very mixed after testing out a pitch clock in the Arizona Fall League.
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$95M enough?
The Red Sox reportedly offered third-baseman Pablo Sandoval a 5-year, $95 million contract.

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1. P. Sandoval (4622)

2. G. Stanton (3721)

3. J. Lester (3253)

4. R. Martin (3020)

5. Y. Tomas (3017)

6. J. Heyward (2579)

7. M. Scherzer (2477)

8. T. Hunter (2271)

9. A. LaRoche (2186)

10. B. Butler (2035)