Kaepernick lets his play do his talking


Kaepernick lets his play do his talking

SANTA CLARA -- As the 49ers' starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick probably will not be guilty of supplying any bulletin-board material to the opposition any time soon.

The second-year player is letting his play on the field do most of his talking. On Wednesday, as the 49ers began preparations to face the Miami Dolphins, Kaepernick gathered in front of a rather large crowd of media in the 49ers' locker room to answer questions.

The media asked 16 questions. Kaepernick gave answers totaling 328 words -- a concise average of 20.5 words per question.

The following transcript is courtesy of the 49ers' public relations department:

How does it feel to be getting the start again this week?
Kaepernick: "It feels good."

What did you learn, going back to film, what did you take from the St. Louis game?
Kaepernick: "Can't make mistakes. That's the biggest thing."

How hard is it when the snap isn't right, where it should be, and you have to look down and look back up? Does that throw you off your rhythm?
Kaepernick: "If I catch the snap, it's fine."

Is that something you and C Jonathan Goodwin had to work on, just your time together to get that?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, it's something we work on the same as we work snaps underneath center. So, that's not a problem."

When you talk about development, especially on a play like that pitch, what do you get out of that, that makes you better the next time you're in that situation?
Kaepernick: "Just knowing the situation of the game. That situation, should have just gave the ball, let our defense get back on the field."

In the past, there have been stories written about your tattoos, your biological mother, your tortoise. Do you have a problem with people getting into the inner-person and just trying to humanize you so much rather than just the quarterback?
Kaepernick: "That's really not a problem for me. I don't read any of that stuff. I'm here for football."

Is that sort of part of the territory when you're a starting quarterback, does that come with it?
Kaepernick: "I guess so. That's really not for me to say."

RB Frank Gore said something sort of interesting in working with RB LaMichael James. He said he's trying to teach him, instead of using his speed, to be patient, wait for the holes to open. When you're back there, do you have to do some of the same? Instead of sometimes fight your urge to run and keep a play alive and wait for things to develop at all, can that be applied to you and your position as well?
Kaepernick: "I think it's a kind of a different view as far as running the ball and being in the pocket, throwing versus scrambling."

You kind of got drilled the one game against the Saints where you waited for your blocker, didn't you?
Kaepernick: "I wouldn't call it drilled, but yeah I took a hit."

What do you have to do, were you aware that that guy was back there? Do you need to have better field awareness of where the person's coming from?
Kaepernick: "No, I knew he was back there the whole time. I was waiting for [FB] Bruce [Miller], try to set that block up and I thought I could split them."

There are things obviously to improve on every week, but can you talk about some of the things that you did well in Sunday's game?
Kaepernick: "For the most part, I felt my reads were good, got through progressions well and that's something I want to continue to do moving forward.

When you look at Miami's defense, what stands out for you? What do you key on?
Kaepernick: "Their front seven. They have a great pass rush. They're very good against the run. That's something we're going to have to prepare for."

Did you know, you watched the 49ers as a kid, do you know what the baggage was in playing quarterback in the NFL, everything that surrounds the actual playing. Whether it's the media and the attention, things go right and things go wrong? Did you have any idea?
Kaepernick: "That's something I don't worry about. I'm here to play football. I don't pay attention to what the media is writing or what people are saying. I'm here to play and go out and perform on Sundays."

I guess maybe touching on that, just maybe your perception of being in this position, growing up as a kid, admiring, thinking of maybe playing for the Niners and now you're here dealing with like 30 of us hanging around you. . .
Kaepernick: [Laughing] "I come out here, I do it as part of the job. What I'm here for is to go out on Sundays and play."

You had to deal with a loss last week for the first time as a starter. What was some of the support you got from teammates afterwards?
Kaepernick: "The biggest thing was just move on and get ready for next week. They said, ‘Don't worry about it. We're a team. We'll win as a team, lose as a team and we'll get ready for Miami.'"

It's known as kind of a copycat league. Would you expect the Dolphins to show a lot of things that maybe gave your offense some problems on Sunday?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, defenses are always going to try to scheme to stop you and do what they think is best. That's something we're doing on offense, trying to scheme them up as well."

49ers linebacker Foster named to NFL All-Rookie team


49ers linebacker Foster named to NFL All-Rookie team

Linebacker Reuben Foster was named to the NFL All-Rookie Team in voting conducted by the Professional Football Writers of America.

Foster started all 10 games in which he appeared for the 49ers after being selected with the No. 31 overall pick out of Alabama. Foster finished second on the 49ers with 72 tackles. He had seven tackles for loss, ranking No. 2 on the team behind rookie defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

Foster was one of three linebackers selected as an all-rookie performer. Thomas, the No. 3 overall draft pick, was not among the four defensive linemen honored.

[MAIOCCO: Ex-agent says Reuben Foster's arrest could void salary guarantees]

Foster was selected as the winner of the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month for November. He missed five games early in the season with a high ankle sprain and another game with a ribs injury.

The NFL’s top defensive rookie was New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who recorded five interceptions and scored a touchdown while making 13 starts.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: RB Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs
CO-OFFENSIVE ROOKIES OF THE YEAR: RB Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs and RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
DEFENSIVE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: CB Marshon Lattimore, New Orleans Saints

QB – Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans
RB – Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs; Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
WR – Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams; Juju Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers
TE – Evan Engram, New York Giants
C – Pat Elflein, Minnesota Vikings
G – Dan Feeney, Los Angeles Chargers; Jermaine Eluemunor, Baltimore Ravens, and Ethan Pocic, Seattle Seahawks (tie)
T – Garett Bolles, Denver Broncos; Ryan Ramczyk, New Orleans Saints

DL – Derek Barnett, Philadelphia Eagles; Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns; Carl Lawson, Cincinnati Bengals; Dalvin Tomlinson, New York Giants
LB – Jarrad Davis, Detroit Lions; Reuben Foster, San Francisco 49ers; T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers
CB – Marshon Lattimore, New Orleans Saints; Tre'Davious White, Buffalo Bills
S – Jamal Adams, New York Jets; Marcus Williams, New Orleans Saints

Special Teams
PK – Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs
P – Rigoberto Sanchez, Indianapolis Colts
KR – Ryan Switzer, Dallas Cowboys
PR – Jamal Agnew, Detroit Lions
ST – Budda Baker, Arizona Cardinals

Ex-agent says Reuben Foster's arrest could void salary guarantees


Ex-agent says Reuben Foster's arrest could void salary guarantees

Reuben Foster’s arrest Friday night on marijuana charges in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is likely to void $2.5 million in salary guarantees, according to a former NFL agent.

Joel Corry, appearing on the 49ers Insider Podcast, said there is language in Foster’s contract that voids the salary guarantees if he is fined under the NFL’s Policy on Substances of Abuse.

“Typically with veteran contracts, you must be suspended . . . in order to have contract guarantees void,” said Corry, whose work appears on CBS Sports. “What we’ve seen in rookie deals is they’ve extended that to getting fined, as well.”

According to a league source familiar with the 49ers’ structure on rookie contracts, the team’s standard practice is to void guarantees with fines. The 49ers were not harder on Foster because of a failed drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine due to a diluted sample.

Foster was released on $2,500 bond on Friday evening after being booked on second-degree marijuana possession, according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

Under the NFL’s Policy on Substances of Abuse, the first offense for a violation of Stage Two, if marijuana, includes a fine equivalent to the pay of two game checks.

In Foster’s original contract, his entire scheduled salaries of $875,708 in 2018 and $1.286 million in 2019 were fully guaranteed. In addition, $339,000 of his scheduled $1.697 salary in 2020 was guaranteed.

“What that means is,” Corry said, “he doesn’t get the money, no matter what, any more. But he can still make the same money that’s in the contract on a non-guaranteed basis, but you don’t have the same security as you did before.

“So if his rookie year turns out to be an anomaly or off-the-field issues end up being problematic, it gives the 49ers more latitude to either ask him a pay cut or to release him.”

Foster started all 10 games in which he appeared for the 49ers as a rookie. The first-round draft pick from Alabama recorded 72 tackles.