Maiocco responds to tweets ... a lot of them


Maiocco responds to tweets ... a lot of them

MINNEAPOLIS -- When Mindi Bach and I solicited questions for a Matt & Mindi segment in front of the dome, a lot of very good Tweets came rolling in . . . after we taped the spot.Such as . . Matt, why would bowman not take a deal now that gets him a lot of guaranteed instead of risking injury @ a high risk position? @rkg115
I'm sure he does want a deal. A source told me that NaVorro Bowman's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, recently approached the 49ers about a new deal. But the timing does not appear right for both sides. The 49ers already have one high-priced inside linebacker (Patrick Willis). But the deal has to make sense for both sides. Bowman is in his third year. His original four-year deal expires after the 2013 season. Remember, the 49ers can also retain him as their franchise player.it's early but if the 49ers when the Super Bowl how much do u think the price tags of Alex, Goldson, and Bowman will go up? @FireMedcGardner
Alex Smith is signed for two more years after this season at a very reasonable price of between 8 million and 11 million a season, depending on incentives. Goldson is the franchise player for the 49ers this season. He has wanted a long-term deal that averages 8 million a year. He is signed this season for one year, 6.212 million. I'd think 8 million annually will still be his target. Bowman is locked up to the 49ers for 2013, and they can control him in 2014 with a franchise tag.Alex Smith has been throwing with a lot more zip & accuracy. Do u think it's because of the work with the guru in the offseason? @FireMedcGardner
His work with throwing mechanics guru Tom House has probably had some impact. But I think he is throwing the ball better, mostly, because of his comfort with the offense and his complete understanding of the offense. It's easier to play good, physically, when you don't have to do as much thinking.are Alex's accuracy number evening out this year between passes to WR, TE & RB? @Utbusa
Sorry, but I don't have time to break down all those numbers. But the fact that he has completed 13 of his 16 pass attempts to Michael Crabtree is a great sign for the 49ers' offense.overunder on how many play @Kaepernick7 gets tomorrow? Over or under at 2.5? @SHERPUTH
This was sent yesterday, so the question is about Sunday's game. I'd say, the over-under is zero.the more kaepernick plays the harder its gona be for the niners to keep him from starting!!!! @jasonharnden
But if Alex Smith continues to play well, Kaepernick will never get a chance to play.what 2nd stringers from the 49ers will start elsewhere in the league? @jakegawel
Maybe not as many as you'd think. I think the 49ers' two best backups might be third cornerback Chris Culliver and fourth cornerback Perrish Cox. Also, I think there are teams that would like to have Ricky Jean Francois as a starter on the defensive line. Also, tight end Delanie Walker is not a great option in the passing game any more, but he has really improved as a blocker.how is Andy Lee's broken thumb? @ajisgood11
It's good enough that the 49ers are not worried about him Sunday against the Vikings. The 49ers activated Scott Tolzien last week just in case Lee could not cope with the chores of handling the snaps from Brian Jennings on extra-point and field-goal attempts. Tolzien is not active for Sunday's game, so Lee must be doing a lot better.Matt, If the Niners win this week what do you see their record being for the rest of the year? @chadg30
I'm one of those who originally had the 49ers as an 11-5 team. Now, it's difficult to look at their schedule and find losses. If I were to adjust my record, I'd go with 13-3.do you see Jenkins getting any significant playing time or would that only happen if a WR went down? @ADM36
No, I don't see Jenkins getting any playing time this season. It would probably have to take another injury. Remember, Jenkins has not played in a game and Ted Ginn hasn't even suited up, yet.Do you think the 49ers can still win 10 games without the gaudy turnover numbers they put up last year? @grantmp1
Yes, absolutely. The reason is because the 2012 49ers are a lot better than the 2011 49ers. This team does not need turnovers to win games. The margin of error is much greater with this year's team.do you think Randy Moss get more snaps than usual this week? @rainx_1
Hard to say. I'd think he'll be right there where he was in Weeks 1 and 2. He'll probably play anywhere from a quarter to one-third of the offensive plays.Which coordinator will get a head coaching job next year? Roman or Fangio? @holodez
I'll go with Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator, because he had some interviews last year for college coaching jobs. I think it'll be difficult for the 49ers to keep him next season. Some university would be wise to hire him. Vic Fangio should also draw some interest, but I think Roman has the inside track.a lot has been made this week on SFgiantshat gate and not much of dome noise factor. How much have the 49ers prepared for this? @Jteezza
The 49ers' offense practices with crowd noise pumped onto their practice field every week before road games.when will we see LaMichael James? Isn't he a value as a return man? @Ponyboylicks
Perhaps, next season. No, I don't believe he has much value as a kick-return man. That's Kendall Hunter's job, and James will be bumped down another peg when Ginn returns. And James is not yet comfortable handling punts, as he struggled in that phase in the exhibition season.who will guard Jared Allen? @jayteeevans
Ah, you didn't read Key Matchup No. 1: Joe Staley vs. Jared Allen, did you? Busted.Will the @49ers kick away from Percy H on Sunday? Why risk giving them a cheap one - big play? @DTNCA
Ah, you didn't read Key Matchup No. 2: David Akers vs. Percy Harvin, did you? Busted. As I state in that matchup, it'll be Akers' job to blast the ball through the end zone and not give Harvin a chance to return kickoffs. (Harvin does not return punts.)I know aldon smith has 2.5 sacks. But do you think he is less effective as an every down backer? @49erjunky
I thought he was very, very good at setting the edge in the run game against the Lions. So, my answer -- through two games -- is no.Does it concern anyone that @49ers D has given up to huge plays in both 4th QTRS that led to 2 TDS late @DTNCA
It certainly concerns coach Jim Harbaugh, who said that screen pass that went for 50 yards might've been the worst defensive play in the past two seasons.do you think the 49ers could beat the ny giants in a playoff game this year? @Jfangon92
Well, I did predict a 49ers Super Bowl, so there's your answer.How close is Brandon Jacobs to being ready and when he is, how much playing time will he likely get this season? @yougomango
It'll depend on how well he plays when he comes back. I kind of doubt he'll be ready to play against the Jets. I'm thinking the next game against the Buffalo Bills will be his 49ers debut.with ginn close to returning does this push moss completely out of the picture? @9erKrazy
No, I think there is a definite role for Moss as a red-zone target for Alex Smith.hey matt can u please post the link to find out if my niners will be on my local fox station. @novarito24
Here you go, from the506.com

Montana, Clark scheduled to address crowd at Levi's Stadium


Montana, Clark scheduled to address crowd at Levi's Stadium

SANTA CLARA -- Dwight Clark and Joe Montana are scheduled to address the crowd Sunday at Levi’s Stadium at halftime of the 49ers’ game against the Dallas Cowboys.

It should be an emotional day, as 36 members from the team that defeated Dallas in the NFC Championship Game and went on to the franchise’s first Super Bowl title are expected to attend.

Montana is scheduled to be surrounded by his former teammates and speak from the field at halftime. Clark is likely to be situated in a suite, where he is expected to make some remarks. Clark, 60, announced in March he was diagnosed with ALS.

Former 49ers offensive lineman Randy Cross, appearing on the 49ers Insider Podcast, said he is looking forward to seeing so many of his teammates from the squad that served as a springboard for five Super Bowl titles under the ownership of Hall of Famer Eddie DeBartolo.

“I can’t wait to see (Clark),” Cross said. “I can’t wait to see Eddie. I can’t wait to see Joe. There is a core group of guys I’ve gotten to see a few times a year since we all went our separate ways. There are guys I’ll get a chance to see, in some cases, (for the first time) since almost around the time we parted ways in the early-‘80s.”

The NFC Championship Game on Jan. 10, 1982, is best-remembered for “The Catch” – Clark’s leaping, finger-tip grab of a Montana pass for a 6-yard touchdown with 51 seconds remaining.

The 49ers defeated the Cowboys 28-27 at Candlestick Park. Coach Bill Walsh’s team went on to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21, in Super Bowl XVI.

“For those of us who played on the Niners charity basketball team with both Joe and Dwight, and knowing their hoop skills and the way they could jump, we weren’t terribly surprised at: A, how high he threw it; and, B, how high Dwight got,” said Cross, who was blocking from his right guard position near the sideline and had an unobstructed view of the play.

“If Dwight got his fingers on it, it was going to be a catch. That was the thing about D.C., you won’t find too many instances in which he had a ball on him or near him that he dropped. There wasn’t much doubt.”

Shanahan showed patience with Beathard; Will now have to show more

Shanahan showed patience with Beathard; Will now have to show more

Kyle Shanahan is, self admittedly, not a patient person. As he watched quarterback C.J. Beathard run the scout team over the last couple of weeks -- how he visualized an unfamiliar play, went through his progressions and handled the defensive coverages -- the head coach saw rapid improvement every day. But he suppressed any urge to play the rookie before he was ready.

“I tried to wait for the right time for him and the right time for the team,” Shanahan explained.

Down 14-0 to Washington halfway through the second quarter with starter Brian Hoyer struggling, Shanahan knew Beathard’s time had come.

“I felt the team needed it right then,” Shanahan said. “It also made me more confident to do it because I thought he was ready for it, also.”

Moments after the game was over, Shanahan named Beathard the starter. Watching the game tape on the flight home only bolstered his decision.

“By no means was he perfect, missed a couple of things, but that always happens,” Shanahan said. “I thought he came in there, didn’t hesitate, competed. The moment was not too big for him. Made a few plays in rhythm, made a few off schedule plays and was a big reason we got back in that game.”

Beathard led the 49ers on two scoring drives and finished 19-of-36 with 245 passing yards, a touchdown and an interception, though it came on fourth-and-20 on his final pass attempt of the game. On his 45-yard touchdown pass to Aldrick Robinson, Beathard extended the play when the fifth year receiver wasn’t where he expected him to be.

“He was supposed to go to the post for a certain coverage, and they had a busted coverage, so he just hung out there which is why C.J. didn’t see it right away,” Shanahan explained. “We had enough protection where he could take a couple more hitches. He drove the pocket and saw where Aldrick was, and he didn’t hesitate. Made that throw with that arm strength.”

Shanahan smirked at his not-so-subtle dig at those who questioned Beathard’s arm strength during the draft process. He sees a quarterback who can make all the throws, and make them from the pocket, and scramble when he needs to. All he needs now, Shanahan contends, is experience.

“It’s about playing in the game and reacting to defenses, reacting to coverages, reacting to adjustments. He’s going to see a lot of things he hasn’t seen before, and that will change each week. It will probably change each quarter.”

Helping Beathard continue to grow through those experiences will require patience, but in this situation, it’s the kind the head coach can handle.

“You’re never going to get a quick answer. You see over time, but he’s got the ability to do it. He’s got the mental toughness to do it. I think he will get better the more he plays.”