Warriors Outsiders Podcast: Monday, Dec. 18, 2017

Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann discuss Draymond Green's lingering shoulder issue, Steph Curry's frustration and much more...


Giants gain payroll flexibility, trade Matt Moore to Texas

The Giants' pitching rotation is down a man, as the Giants said goodbye to Matt Moore in a trade to the Lone Star State...


Bigger than baseball: Piscotty reflects on homecoming in trade to A's

Playing for the major league team you grew up rooting for is a dream come true. Stephen Piscotty will do that with family always coming first.

Draymond frustrated on the bench

Time to raise a red flag? Kerr's tone on Draymond's injury changes

Draymond Green is not happy. A mysterious shoulder injury is keeping him out and the team isn't really sure what is wrong.


Marquise Goodwin stays positive through more family tragedy

Marquise Goodwin is enjoying a career year on the field in his first season with the 49ers. But off it, he's battling through pain.


Only the Raiders could lose like this

The Raiders' loss Sunday night to the Cowboys seems so unthinkable it's hard to imagine as reality. And then you remember this is the Raiders.

Turn out the lights, the party’s over for the 2017 Raiders

There’s plenty of talent, but not enough cohesion and coaching to get by. The Raiders might be the NFL’s most disappointing team this season...

Bogdanovic passing against the Raptors

Instant Analysis: Bogdanovic's big game wasted in Kings' loss to Raptors

Minus two starters, the Kings got a great performance from a rookie sharpshooter off the bench, but the Raptors pulled away for the win Sunday.

What will the Sharks do if Logan Couture misses time?

The nature of Couture’s injury is unknown, but the question now is the same as it was then: How will the Sharks make up for his absence?

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