Cousins feels target on his back after NBA-high ninth technical foul

Cousins feels target on his back after NBA-high ninth technical foul

SACRAMENTO -- Monty McCutchen, Matt Boland and Aaron Smith met their technical foul total for the year Monday night in Sacramento. In a wild up and down game, the officiating crew called seven techs, including six for the visiting Lakers.
Los Angeles’ head coach Luke Walton started the action, picking up two techs trying to defend Julius Randle with 4:14 left in the first quarter. The first year coach got so steamed that he hastily took his jacket off before heading to the locker room. 
Randle picked one up as well as the Kings erased a 17-14 Lakers lead on freebies. In the third quarter, D’Angelo Russell said something someone didn’t like and Lou Williams picked one up for “inadvertently” slapping DeMarcus Cousins across the bridge of the nose in the fourth quarter.
In addition to all of these whistles, Cousins and Brian Shaw were called for a double-tech in the third quarter for trash talking in front of McCutchen.
“I don’t understand what he saw,” Cousins said from his locker room stall. “B-Shaw and me talk trash since I’ve came into this league. Friendly trash talk, he (McCutchen) didn’t like the curse words me and B-Shaw said so he gave us techs.”
Cousins has nine technical fouls on the season, which is by far the most in the league. At his current pace, Cousins is on pace to pick up more than 28 technical fouls on the season.
“It is what it is,” Cousins said. “I’ll talk to the league. We’ll see what happens, but I can guarantee this, it won’t be the last.”
In past seasons, Cousins has been called for a variety of technicals, but plenty were aimed directly at NBA officials. That hasn’t really been the case this season. 
Three of Cousins’ calls have been of the double-tech variety, none of which even came remotely close to escalation. He picked one up on Friday against the Knicks for tossing a ball in the air. 
He was also assessed one after the fact for tossing his mouthpiece down while standing in the stands and another questionable call for catching a player on a follow-through a la Draymond Green. 
“I’ve gotten a tech for getting fouled and accidentally hitting...I don’t know what to do anymore,” the 26-year-old center said. “It’s been awhile since I’ve just went up to a ref and cursed him out. So I really don’t know what to do.”
“I see how some guys talk to the refs and it’s okay, and then there’s me,” Cousins added. “And then there’s me. Like I said, it just depends on their mood.”
Cousins is just seven technicals away from the maximum of 16. Once he hits the limit, he would receive a one-game suspension from the league, including a lost game check. After reaching the maximum, the player receives an additional suspension after every two technical foul calls.
If Cousins doesn't reign it in, this technical foul issue will get expensive very quickly.

Vince Carter 'very humbled' to pass Patrick Ewing on all-time scoring list

Vince Carter 'very humbled' to pass Patrick Ewing on all-time scoring list

SACRAMENTO -- Half man, half amazing. Vincanity. Air-Canada. V.C.

Vince Carter has plenty of nicknames on his bio. He also has plenty of achievements over his long NBA career. On Monday night in Sacramento, he added a new one.  

With his seven point performance in the Kings’ 106-90 loss to the Detroit Pistons, the 41-year-old forward surpassed a former teammate on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

“It means a lot, because in my days in Orlando, I played with Pat Ewing and know him very well,” Carter said following the game.

Carter came into the night needing five points to tie Ewing’s 24,815 mark for 22nd place on the all-time scoring list.

In the early second quarter, Carter stole a pass from Andre Drummond at the top of the key  and flew down for a breakaway jam to move within three points of Ewing.

“It’s fun for everyone, just to show I can still do it,” Carter said of the dunk. “I think I’ve proven I can, but it’s still fun. I told James Ennis on the way, I said, ‘stay back, don’t foul me.’”

Ennis likely couldn’t have caught Carter either way, but the slam got the Kings crowd going.

At the 4:12 mark of the second, Carter drilled a 12-footer to move within one point of Ewing and with 29.5 seconds remaining in the third, Carter knocked down a 26-foot 3-pointer that rattled around and tried to spin out.

That was the last bucket of the evening for Carter, giving him 24,817 for his 20-year career. He now sits alone in 22nd place, two points ahead of the former New York Knicks star center.

“That’s crazy,” 20-year-old De’Aaron Fox said. “That’s a lot of buckets. Top-25, that’s huge - a lot of guys won’t get close to that.”

Carter now sits just 375 points behind legendary Laker, Jerry West for 21st place and 462 shy of Reggie Miller for a spot in the top 20.

“When you talk about (being) in the top 25 in scoring all-time, you just look at the list of the greats and elite players and the best of the best that still play, and to be in that group, I’m very humbled and thankful for it,” Carter told the media scrum surrounding his locker.

Carter was away from the team over the weekend dealing with a death in the family. He returned to Sacramento to play on Monday, but did so with a heavy heart.

For most of his life, the basketball court has been his place to escape. After two decades as a pro, it still has that effect.

“I just still love it, it’s been great to me, it gives me an opportunity to be around the younger generation and still be around the game I love and accomplish things like this,” Carter said.

He’s played sparingly for Sacramento this season, but his impact on the bench, in practice and behind the scenes as a leader and mentor to the young Kings has been immeasurable.

Carter hasn’t committed to retiring following the season. He will weigh his options, but there is a possibly he will look for one last run at an NBA championship.

Carter passes Ewing on all-time scoring list


Carter passes Ewing on all-time scoring list

SACRAMENTO -- Moving on up. Vince Carter came into Monday evening’s matchup against the Detroit Pistons needing just five points to surpass Patrick Ewing for 22nd place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. He got that and a little more.

Carter, 41, picked off a Pistons pass in the second quarter and hammered down a breakaway dunk to score his first two points of the evening. He knocked down a jumper in the lane before halftime to get within one point of Ewing and then moved ahead of the 7-footer with a 3-pointer in the third quarter.

The 20-year NBA veteran now sits at 24,817 points. He is 375 points behind the great Jerry West’s 25,192, who currently sits in 21st place on the all-time list.