Five takeaways from Kings' 97-83 preseason loss to Blazers

Five takeaways from Kings' 97-83 preseason loss to Blazers


SACRAMENTO -- The games keep coming for the Sacramento Kings. After playing Sunday night in Las Vegas, the Kings returned to Golden 1 Center Monday to face the high-powered Portland Trail Blazers. With half the team taking the night off, the Kings couldn’t keep up, falling to 1-3 for the preseason with the 97-83 loss.

1- Welcome to the show Justin Jackson. Taken with the 15th overall selection in the 2017 NBA Draft, the rookie out of North Carolina struggled in his first two appearances for Sacramento. He found a rhythm against the Blazers, scoring 16 points on 5-for-10 shooting from the field, including his first three 3-point makes of the preseason.

2- Frank Mason is NBA ready. The rookie point guard picked up the start in place of George Hill and the injured De’Aaron Fox. He instantly went to work against Damian Lillard, showing the same tenacity that NCAA fans became accustomed to while he starred at Kansas. The end result was a 13-point, five-rebound, three-assist performance for the 23-year-old guard.

3- Feed Labissiere. The Kings are looking for big things from their second-year power forward. Starting for the resting Zach Randolph, Labissiere went at the Blazers for 13 points and seven rebounds, using a variety of post moves and perimeter jumpers. He matched up against stretch fours for much of the night and held his own defensively.

4- The sophomore struggle is real. Malachi Richardson and Georgios Papagiannis are having a tough time finding playing time and an even tougher time making an impact. Richardson picked up three fouls in three minutes of first half action. Papagiannis picked up three fouls early as well and chipped in three turnovers before the break. Papagiannis rebounded a bit to finish with eight points and four rebounds in 20 minutes. Richardson’s five points all came in the second half.

5- End of bench steps up. With seven players sitting out, Jakaar Sampson, Jack Cooley, Matt Jones and Marcus Williams all contributed. Sampson and Cooley are playing on two-way deals and expected to bounce back-and-forth between Reno and Sacramento all season. Jones and Williams are options for the Bighorns as well. Every team needs a shooter and a veteran point guard.

De'Aaron Fox lives up to billing, looks ready for primetime after solid debut


De'Aaron Fox lives up to billing, looks ready for primetime after solid debut

SACRAMENTO -- Watching tape of De’Aaron Fox looks like a video stuck on fast forward. The comparisons to John Wall don’t do him justice. Teams deliberately sag off the rookie and dare him to shoot and he still manages to race by them in a blur.

If his opening night performance against the Houston Rockets was any indication, the Kings have landed a special player. From barking orders on the court to his teammates to going at NBA veteran defenders, Fox looked ready for primetime just 24 minutes into his professional career.

“I got to get my first NBA game out the way, I think it went well,” Fox told a huge crowd surrounding his locker. “We played hard. It didn’t go the way we wanted it to, we wanted to get the W, but there’s a lot of things we learned out of today.”

Dressed in a burgundy suit and shoes that would have made Omri Casspi blush, the rookie hung around for way too long after the game, giving every camera and microphone a good talking to. He’ll learn quickly that the media is drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

His numbers look modest - 14 points on 7-of-15 shooting and five assists. But he was facing a title contender in the Houston Rockets and the moment wasn’t too big for the 19-year-old point guard. Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni even showed the rookie respect when he shifted one of his better defenders in Trevor Ariza over to cover the speedster.

“This is game 1, we’re not expecting him to be a Hall of Famer right now,” George Hill said. “It takes steps to do it and baby crawls. But I think he took a huge step today in proving what he can do. He looked good out there.”

Hill started in front of Fox, but the two guards played alongside each other for plenty of minutes. That is the plan this season, although there are plenty of other players vying for minutes in the backcourt.

Everyone in the building seemed impressed by the youngster. He has an ability to drop the pedal down on an opponent and then downshift on the fly to stay under control.

“He’s pretty fast, you know,” Dave Joerger said of his star rookie. “He has a terrific charisma about him and I think he’ll be fun to play with.”

His teammates appeared to have no problems keeping up. They ran the floor and pushed the tempo when Fox was in the game and the team seems to feed off his energy.

“They play hard, man,” Vince Carter said of Fox and team’s other young players players. “They just go for it and that’s all you can ask. It’s just great and it’s going to get better. You can show them all the film you want, but they’re not going to learn until they get thrown into the fire. That’s the best lesson.”

Game 1 is in the books and Fox is already earning a longer look. The team embarks on their first road trip of the season beginning Friday night against the Mavericks. Waiting for them in Dallas is another young point guard in Dennis Smith Jr., setting up the first of many battles between the star-studded draft class of 2017.

Kings adamantly disagree with perplexing foul call at end of loss to Rockets

Kings adamantly disagree with perplexing foul call at end of loss to Rockets

SACRAMENTO -- Every time the Houston Rockets tried to pull away, the Sacramento Kings answered Wednesday night in the team’s home opener. It was a heavyweight contender throwing body blows at a 100-to-1 underdog riding a huge home crowd advantage.

And then the ref called the fight.

With the Kings trailing 98-95 with 26 seconds remaining, the Rockets attempted to inbounds the ball and George Hill made a play. From the video replay, it appeared that the ball tipped off the fingertips of Houston's Eric Gordon and the nearest official called Kings ball.

Hill and teammate Garrett Temple celebrated the turnover and the sold out crowd went crazy.

The play went under review and not only was the call overturned, but Hill was assessed a personal foul. Gordon went to the line and hit two freebies to give the Rockets a 100-95 lead and effectively ended Sacramento’s chances.

In the confusion of the moment, it turns out that an official on the opposite side of the court called a personal foul and the replay wasn’t to check on possession, but to determine which Kings player would be assessed a personal foul.  

The Kings can’t call shenanigans on the officials, the league has stiff penalties for that. But they seemed just as confused as everyone else in the building when asked about the call during postgame interviews.

“I could have swore that the refs pointed out of bounds, our ball, but they said they called a foul, so it is, what it is,” Hill said following the game.

Hill avoided digging himself a hole with the league and a potential fine as reporters tried to dig deeper. 

Head coach Dave Joerger gave an account of what the officials said following the call, but he too seemed perplexed by the play.

“That was a foul,” Joerger said of what the officials told him on the sidelines. “I adamantly disagreed. They said they called it at the time, which I didn’t see. So that was more my argument than whether it was a foul or not.”

Sacramento continued to compete in the final seconds, but they were forced to foul intentionally down the stretch and the Rockets were able to hold them at bay to come away with the 105-100 victory.