Mychael Urban Nov. 30 MLB chat transcript


Mychael Urban Nov. 30 MLB chat transcript

Nov. 30, 2010

Editor's Note: Mychael Urban chats regularly. Be sure to join him for free-flowing Giants and A's discussion.
Mychael Urban CSN
Let's roll ..From EDDIE
so whats next for the giantsMychael Urban CSN
http:www.csnbayarea.com112910Urban-Giants-Weigh-Options-in-Wake-of-Lolan... From Brandon
Any chance of the G's snagging Gordon Beckham?Mychael Urban CSN
Bobby Evans, VP of baseball operations, says "all options will be explored." Beckham isn't a shortstop, though, so he's probably not high on the radar.From niballin
If Giants were to go after Jason Bartlett, who do you think they would send in a package for a trade deal?Mychael Urban CSN
That's way too vague a question, sorry. I don't know what the Rays' top needs are. But the Giants wouldn't give up a starting pitcher for Bartlett, and everyone's looking for relief help, which I think the Giants can accommodate.From Jigsaw
do you see the Giants right now if they are to not lose any of their key players as a team that can repeat the title?Mychael Urban CSN
Right now they don't have a starting shortstop or third baseman, so no. Not right now.From rachie
do you see sabean trading for jose reyes, jason barttlet or another SS. what are some realistic options? Miggy??? he's probably seen better days.Mychael Urban CSN
Tejada has obviously seen better days. He's 36. As for the other guys, again, the Giants will be looking into all of them. It's too early in the process to give you a more definitive answer than that. The Winter Meetings in Florida next week will be telling. I'll chat from there next Tuesday at noon, too. In the meantime, Giants and A's fans, if you have any coverage ideas for me, feel free to suggest them at murban@comcastsportsnet.comFrom @sfg1ants
any chance Aybar could be had from angels for less than the whole farm?Mychael Urban CSN
If the Angels think they could ask for the farm for a .253 hitter with a sub-.310 on-base, they're high.From Terry Teagle
Uribe's numbers be as an everyday 2b for LA next year?Mychael Urban CSN
.250, 20, 77From Billy Beane
Why would I ever consider an aging Lance Berkman over a young and promising Daric Barton?Mychael Urban CSN
Berkman is, or at least has been, much more of a power guy than Barton is or will ever be. Not saying I'd choose Berkman over Barton. From ScGiants28
You seem lazy today? whats up?Mychael Urban CSN
That's a first, someone accusing me of being lazy. You see anyone else in this market writing EVERY SINGLE DAY during the offseason while covering two teams? I don't. From As fan
Do you not like us anymore? See Mychael Urban CSN
I love A's fans. I love covering the A's. Cool execs, cool players. I wrote about the A's last night and will do so again today.From Ronny
Do you think the Giants should go after J. Reyes? Who would they have to give up to get him? A package built around J. Sanchez?Mychael Urban CSN
If he's available, the Giants will be talking to the Mets for sure. And yes, I imagine Sanchez would have to be a part of that deal. And I'd pull that trigger as long as it wasn't something crazy like Sanchez and Belt. Sanchez and Crawford? Absolutely.From @SubtleStatement
I don't get it. The Giants can't really be out priced in getting Carl Crawford! To me, Carl Crawford and whatever shortstop is way better than Miguel Tejada and our current outfield. Carl Crawford seems like the no brainer add. Please make sense of this.Mychael Urban CSN
Crawford is looking for about five years and more than 100 million, and the Angels, his top choice from what I understand, are determined to get him. I don't think the Giants can afford him.Mychael Urban CSN
It's amazing to me how fired up fans are already about 2011. Impressive passion. I thought the World Series win would put a lot of people in a who-cares-about-next-year mindset.From Espn
You guys arw doing a great job of trying to mimic us. Thanks

Mychael Urban CSN We spell better, too.

From Jigsaw next year if you could pick one team out of the Giants division to challenge them who would it be?Mychael Urban CSN
Right now, assuming they re-sign DeLaRosa, Colorado. Love the core there, and they'll add another piece this winter.From Billy
What are the chances the A's get the same equal treament on sportsnet central next year?Mychael Urban CSN
If they win more than the Giants, they'll get more coverage than the Giants. That's how every news organization works. And we'd love to see the A's AND Giants contend. Makes everyone's job easier.From Claude
Is Project Panda The Sequel underway?Mychael Urban CSN
Not really. They're basically putting it all on Pablo now. No more hand-holding. That obviously didn't work. So I think the general attitude now is, "Let's see exactly how badly this guy wants to be great."From
Which writer are you like: Keith Law or Rob Neyer? Mychael Urban CSN
It would be insulting to both of them to say I'm like them. Everyone in this business strives to be unique. Keith and Rob are two guys I have a great deal of respect for, and I'd hope the feeling is mutual, but I do take a very different approach than both.From D
What's the A's stats with Iwakuma?Mychael Urban CSN
The A's won't comment on the status until the negotiations are final or the negitiation window closes on Dec. 7, but the talks are definitely not dead, as was previously reported elsewhere.Mychael Urban CSN
I'd say the odds are decent they get him, but his agent isn't doing the guy any favors by calling Billy Beane out publicly. Bad move. From Ricardo
I understand that Uribe's numbers tailed off, and that he was a guy who had some big moments but might not be the guy for 162 games. What about his clubhouse presence, though? Strong influence with not only the Latin American ballplayers, but seems he kept everyone loose. Thoughts? Mychael Urban CSN
That's exactly why I think a guy like Tejada (as a utilityman) or Scutaro (as a starting shortstop) would be a great fit. Both great clubhouse guys who are well-respected by fellow Latin players. From lclmana
How solid is your tweet about the A's and Berkman and possible Barton trade? Mychael Urban CSN
My tweet was a rhetorical question. Only things I know for sure are right here
http:www.csnbayarea.com112910Source-As-to-Meet-with-Berkman-on-Tuesdalan... From Frank
How do you see arbitration working out for the Giants? Who do they keep and who do they let go?Mychael Urban CSN
Casilla, Lopez, Ross, Sanchez and Torres back for sure. Fontenot, Ramirez, Ray not locks. But they all might be offered contracts if the Giants think they could use some of the not-locks in potential trades.From D
If the A's don't pick up Berkman who else could they acquire to fill the power hitting void?Mychael Urban CSN
Beltre is still unsigned and wanted in Oakland. Don't think the feeling is so strong the other way, but that could change if the market for Beltre isn't as strong as he and agent Scott Boras expect it to be.From Wins, RBI, Avg
Do you find us useful?Mychael Urban CSN
Of course I do. Anyone who doesn't is foolish. But they can be a little misleading at times, particularly wins and batting average. Just my opinion. For pitchers, give me ERA, WHIP and IP. For hitters, I like RBIs, OBP and OPS.From stevef4546
Any chance Conor Gillaspe opens the season at 3rd base or does he need more seasoning.Mychael Urban CSN
No chance. Needs way more seasoning.Mychael Urban CSN
Connor had a nice showing in the Arizona Fall League (.306.3505 HR16 RBI in 20 games), but he hasn't yet competed at the Triple-A level, and the Giants want to see him hit there before they consider him. He's got some work to do defensively, too, from what I hear.From Eddie
I heard that the A's backed Jean Quan for Oakland mayor because she would be helpful in getting them a new stadium in Oakland near Lake Merritt. Have you heard thisknow any details?Mychael Urban CSN
I have heard it but don't have any details. Sorry.From Kade
do you think it would be wise for the Giants to go after Jason Werth (big batMychael Urban CSN
I like Werth and think he'd be a good fit in right field, with Ross in left and Torres in center. Not sure the money works for the Giants. Mychael Urban CSN
Werth, too, is a Boras client. Those guys tend to follow the money, and I think Werth will eventually get an offer the Giants won't want to match.From @sfg1ants
gut feeling, giants opening day lineup is...Mychael Urban CSN
Don't have a strong enough gut feeling about SS, 3B and RF to go there right now, and you know who the other guys will be.From lclmana
Percentage that Carter starts the season on the A's roster or is he going to continue to groom in Sacramento? I would like to think it is a 6040 split but more like 4060Mychael Urban CSN
That's going to depend on who Beane can bring in from the outside. If it's nobody special, Carter will get every opportunity to win a starting gig this spring. Otherwise, I could see him spending at least another month or two in Sacramento to prove he has a better handle to identifying and doing damage to a quality right-handed slider.From FatElvis
Pablo is listed at 246. How close is that to reality? If he were 246 would that satisfy the Giants? Would he be effective at that weight? In a perfect world, what would Sandoval come to camp weighing?Mychael Urban CSN
I'm reluctant to do this, but tell you what: I'm at about 235 right now and I'm no Adonis and quite a bit taller than Pablo. I'd say he was hovering in the 270-280 range by the end of the year, and I'd think the Giants want him to lose a minimum of 30 pounds this winter. Not sure if that's realistic given how short the Giants' offseason is, but he'd better be showing some significant progress toward whatever goal weight they have in mind by the time he shows up.From lclmana
I find it interesting that the A's claimed Encarnacion and made offer to Beltre, what does that mean for Kouz?? Mychael Urban CSN
That, too, depends on Beltre. If the A's somehow get Beltre, I think Kouz will be gone and Encarnacion might end up as the backup 3BDH.From @SubtleStatement
Why isn't Jorge Cantu being considered for the Giants? He plays 3rd and is only 28 years old. He's had great seasons.Mychael Urban CSN
Not sure I'd label any of his season as "great," but we don't know that Cantu isn't being considered as a utilityman. Bottom line is that the Giants top priority right now is at shortstop, and Cantu isn't a shortstop. Anything involving a non-shortstop is going to have to wait.From Giants Fan
You shouldn't like the A's as much as us... We're currently the World Champions and are the hotter topic.Mychael Urban CSN
Me "liking" a team more than another is a silly concept. My responsibility to the fans of both teams is to provide the best, most informative and, when possible, entertaining coverage I can. And I do. Covering two teams ain't easy, folks. That's why nobody else does it. And it's almost a no-win because the fans of both teams will feel slighted at some point when the other team is the focus. But I love it. Both sides of it. I'm lucky to do it.From Dwayne
Who do the Giants replace Freddy Sanchez with after 2011? Is there a nice prospect to put at 2B in 2012 or is that going to be a spot that's filled through free agency?Mychael Urban CSN
Nick Noonan, a first-rounder in 2007, is more than a year away.Mychael Urban CSN
Brock Bond might be ready by 2012. He had a nice season at Fresno last season, and Evans seems to think highly of his potential.From Jigsaw
is their any other team you would like to cover besides Giants and A's?Mychael Urban CSN
I'm all about the "experience," and I think it'd be a trip to cover the Yankees -- for one season only -- just to see what that circus is all about.From Brig
It seems safe to assume the A's will contend in the AL West this year. Can we establish them as the team to challenge the Rangers?Mychael Urban CSN
Not until they add power.From Aubrey Huff
I love beer like you love ________?Mychael Urban CSN
cubic zirconiumMychael Urban CSN
kidding. my rock is real. hahaha.Mychael Urban CSN
That seems like a nice, light moment to end with. Remember to drop me a line at if you have any winter meetings coverage ideas, or if I didn't get to your question and you want to submit it to my MLB Mailbag. Also, don't forget to follow me in Twitter @MUrbanCSN and check out both of my Facebook pages. Thanks for joining, everyone. Great questions, great passion, funny people, good times. Join me again next week, same time, when I'll be chatting from the winter meetings in Florida (Disney World). Until then, peace, homemade stew and "Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight" by the Dropkick Murphys to all ... Mychael Urban CSN
OK, had to let one more question in because this clown is teeing me up
Our reporters routinely report stories in your 'hood first.Mychael Urban CSN
And yet here you are, logging into MY chat! Sucker!!!!Mychael Urban CSN

Dodgers crush Cubs in Game 5 to reach 2017 World Series


Dodgers crush Cubs in Game 5 to reach 2017 World Series


For the first time since 1988, the Dodgers are World Series bound. Behind three Kike Hernandez home runs and six innings from Clayton Kershaw, the October Classic is headed to Los Angeles. 

The Dodgers finished off the Cubs in Game 5 at Wrigley Field in dominant fashion with an 11-1 victory. 

Hernandez knocked in seven of those runs. The left fielder first hit a solo shot in the second inning, then a grand slam in the third inning and topped it off with a two-run shot in the ninth inning. 

The Dodgers totaled 16 hits in all in the beat down. 

Kershaw earned the win after allowing just one run and striking out five. The Dodgers will now face either the Astros or Yankees in the World Series. 

Marshawn Lynch ejected for pushing an official


Marshawn Lynch ejected for pushing an official

ALAMEDA – Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch was ejected from Thursday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs for making contact with an official.

He was on the sideline to start a 3rd-down-and-16 play in the second quarter, when a draw was called. Quarterback Derek Carr was stopped quickly, yet Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters delivered a late hit many Raiders didn’t appreciate.

A scuffle ensued, and Lynch ran on to the field to enter the fray. You can’t do that.

It seemed like he was getting between Raiders teammates and Peters, Lynch’s good friend and fellow Oakland native. He made contact with an official during the incident, and seemed to push him before realizing the man was wearing stripes.

He was ejected by rule and forced to leave the field immediately. Lynch will be fined $30,387 for making contact with an official and will possibly face a suspension.

The Raiders were granted a first down, but ultimately missed a field goal attempt.

Lynch wasn’t active on that drive or the series before, spending that time with his helmet off. The Chiefs were ahead 17-14 when Lynch was ejected. He had two carries for nine yards at the time.