Preseason Giants Chatter

Preseason Giants Chatter

Feb. 9, 2010GIANTS PAGE

A few leftovers from the whirlwind of interviews we conducted Friday and Saturday at AT&T Park ... The parade of players that came through the temporary Comcast SportsNet Bay Area studio at AT&T Park started Friday morning with Tim Lincecum and ended Saturday afternoon with Pablo Sandoval. Nice bookends, I thought. I blogged this Friday, but it bears repeating in the wake of his performance on one of the Q&A stages at FanFest: Jeremy Affeldt is the most underrated character in Bay Area sports. Theres definitely a serious side to him, as evidenced by his Twitter account and the Jeremy Affeldt Foundation, but man, is this cat funny. With fellow reliever Brandon Medders serving as the not-so-straight man, Affeldt basically did an hour of impromptu standup and slayed. Bruce Bochy can be awfully boring before and after games, but to listen to him speak in a more casual and relaxed environment is to realize that your general perception of him might be off. Slingblade breaking down the sixth-inning double switch before a day game after a night game? Ill pass. Bochy unplugged, just talking ball? Count me in. You dont stay in the game at this level for this long without having a thing or two to teach the whippersnappers. Needless to say, Operation Panda was a hot topic with everyone. The general consensus: Good to get out in front of the problem early. Unspoken: Also good to get in front of it publicly. Granted, Sandoval is the baseball equivalent of Charles Barkley in that he can do things that other people his size simply cannot, but now that his weight is something of a public issue, he knows hell be held more accountable than ever. Sandoval looked about the same to me as he did last year. Maybe hes lost a few pounds; who really knows? He hasnt lost any swagger, thats for sure. He rolled into our room with shades atop his faux-hawk and dressed like he was on his way for MTV-Italys TRL. Was surprised to be a tad nervous before we started. Ive been talking to professional athletes for 19 years, and Im either friends or friendly with many of the players scheduled to come in. Why be nervous? Probably because Id never encountered quite this kind of setting as a writer: two chairs, about five feet apart, facing each other in a dark room, a camera and bright, hot lights pointed squarely at each mug. Unsettling, to say the least. Unlike Madison Bumgarner, who told me he was nervous something awful before his big-league debut and that the nerves never really went away, I got over my rookie jitters pretty quickly. It helped not having 35,000 people scrutinizing my every move. Asked about the No. 5 spot in the rotation, Bochy made no bones about it: Bumgarner is the guy. Asked about right field, he spoke of competition between Nate Schierholtz, John Bowker and others. A day later, Bowker and Schierholtz spoke at length about the competition and the difficulty of playing the position at AT&T Park. Elsewhere on that same day, Brian Sabean said the team sees Bowker as a left fielder. Nobody sees Sandoval as a shortstop, but I bet he could do it. Buster Posey, infielder. You might want to start getting used to that. It could happen. Soon. Wait, you mean more than 35,000 people are probably going to see those interviews at some point? Oh, no. Now Im nervous again.-- Mychael Urban

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Steph Curry goes on rant over how Celtics-in-Finals comments were interpreted

Steph Curry goes on rant over how Celtics-in-Finals comments were interpreted

Stephen Curry wasn't taking the bait this time. Instead, he decided to fight back.

After the Warriors erased a 22-point halftime deficit to stun the 76ers in Philadelphia on Saturday, a reported tried to get Curry to talk about a possible NBA Finals matchup with the 76ers just like he had after Thursday's game against the Celtics. It didn't go well for the reporter. Curry wasn't having it.

"Hot takes. You can literally take one line of what I said and and say ‘very, very likely.’ Read the whole comment. I hate when that happens. I stand up here and talk for 45 seconds about that question and you want to take five words that put the Boston Celtics in the Finals. That’s the hype beast. I’ll be more specific next time about how I see the futures that surrounds who’s going to be in the Finals, even us. Whatever," Curry said.

A different reporter asked Curry if the situation frustrated him.

"Yeah, it did because, obviously, it was a question about Boston’s chances and how well they’ve been playing. I literally said they have to beat Cleveland because Cleveland has been there three times in a row. Obviously I made a joke because I haven’t been in Boston in the summer in a while. Probably nice weather. But the video is going crazy, so watch the whole video, watch the whole comment and you’ll get it right," Curry said before leaving the gathering of reporters.

Warriors F Kevin Durant won't play vs Nets due to ankle injury

Warriors F Kevin Durant won't play vs Nets due to ankle injury

A day after playing 33 minutes against the 76ers, Warriors forward Kevin Durant won't play Sunday against the Nets.

The Warriors announced that Durant is dealing with a left ankle sprain.

Durant finished with 27 points, five rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks in the Warriors' 124-116 comeback win over the 76ers.

This will be the second game Durant has missed due to an injury this season. On Nov. 8, Durant sat out against the Timberwolves due to a thigh contusion.

Coverage of Warriors-Nets begins at 2pm with Pregame Live on NBC Sports Bay Area and streaming on the NBC Sports App.