Paul Gutierrez Nov. 23 Raiders Chat Transcript

Paul Gutierrez Nov. 23 Raiders Chat Transcript

Paul Gutierrez CSN
Greetings, Raider Nation, and a Happy Turkey Week to you and away!!!From Vijay
Paul, next three games are more or less must win to stand a chance in AFC West, especially the game against SD. Do you agree?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Agreed...the Raiders might have some wiggle room against the Dolphins, since the Raiders were 3-0 in the division, but every game has potential playoff implications.
From Elijah
Alright Paul, if the season was over.. what position would we draft in the 2nd round?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Lemme turn it on you - what is the biggest need?From raiderfan1980
I knew the Raiders wouldn't beat the Steelers....that game was my measuring stick......we've been hanging in there....but hadn't played anyone good.....Paul Gutierrez CSN
Here's the interesting thing: the teams the Raiders have defeated have a better combined winning percentage (.460, 23-27) than the teams they have lost to (.440, 22-28). Hey, the Raiders have played only two teams that currently have winning records, the Steelers (7-3) and Chiefs (6-4).From Elijah
I think it starts with the center plus the whole right side... agreed?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I like it....From Jigsaw
After seeing us play agianst Pitt what is are main issue you think we need to fix?Paul Gutierrez CSN
That game was such a shellacking I'm not sure there is any one thing to fix. Off that one game, though, I'd say toughness.From PT
I say QB or Center in the second round, or any OL position for that matter.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Which QB's are going to be available in the 2nd round?From raiderfan1980
And to top it off, I think we saw Campbell's true colors....either the receivers were out of sync....or campbell played scared. It looked instantly like a different offense under Gradowski......Paul Gutierrez CSN
Gradkowski is the better "playmaker," Campbell has the stronger arm, when he has time to use it.From PT
What possible free agent QB's could you see the Raiders having interest in, assuming they give up on Campbell being a viable starting QB?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Not sure Al Davis is ready to give up on Campbell yet. Especially since he signed him to an extension for next season. Of course, contracts are signed to be bought out...From Vijay
Will Schilens ever play this season and be reasonably effective?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Ha, great question. The fact he practiced Friday should be an encouraging sign.From Silver&Black
What do you think Ben Roethlisberger said to Richard Seymour? I heard that he trash-talked him about not being on the Pats anymore, basically, get it straight pal, you don't own us anymore, you're not on that team.Paul Gutierrez CSN
That makes the most sense of all the theories floating out there. Will be interesting to see if Seymour ever addresses it.From raiderfan1980
yes, but i'm not going to compare the chiefs to the steelers.....the chiefs are the..chiefs.....Paul Gutierrez CSN
Yes, as I've said, the Chiefs are the San Diego Padres of the AFC West...From Daniel
Are the injuries to Asomugha and Miller more serious than first anticipated?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Actually, I think Nnamdi's ankle is less serious than they expected. Zach is in a boot this week "for precautionary reasons."From Parlayjay
Why don't they split out McFadden more and use Ford on bubble screens to get him in space? A lot of times the play calling leaves A LOT to be desiredPaul Gutierrez CSN
Agreed, I scratched my head a few times in the first half. With the pass rush the Steelers were getting, though, it may not have made much of a difference.From Jigsaw
Do you think we would need to draft a QB is the upcoming draft after seeing some games Cambell played?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Depends on who is see any franchise-type QB's that would be there in the second round?From Ricardo, Los Banos
Did last week's play end the Campbell-Gradkowski debate? Seems to me that they're both average, not great. Six of one, half dozen of the other, essentially. Might as well go with Campbell?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Gradkowski gives a certain spark off the bench. Campbell plays with a certain calm.From raiderfan1980
Qb issue remains. But that secondary is highly suspect without Nnamdi....Stanford Routt is still getting beat....or always out of position.....I can beleive Ben ran our D over to make a TD. EmbarrassingPaul Gutierrez CSN
Yes, that TD run by Roethlisberger was anything BUT a thing of beauty.From raiderfan1980
Yes, MOBILE Qb! and Big Center that can dominateFrom Guest
Rock Cartwright said he hopes to make the Pro Bowl as a Special Teamer but the ballot online had Hiram Eugene as Raiders rep. What's up with that? (Also, no Dez Bryant at WR? WTF!?)Paul Gutierrez CSN
Have yet to go online to see ballot. But that doesn't make much sense, now does it. Besides, the Raiders will be in Arlington during Pro Bowl week prepping for the Super Bowl, right?!?From Jeff, Santa Rosa
What's Asomugha's status for the Dolphins?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Day-to-day as of now...From Jigsaw
The only position I think we have an issue at is QB do you agree?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I'm sure after looking at the film of the Steelers debacle, there are many issues to address. But, you do have a point.From Juan Jorge (Sata Rosa)
should we expect a selloutPaul Gutierrez CSN
I don't expect one....had they played competitively at Pittsburgh, then maybe. Alas...From Parlayjay
If the Eagles franchise or re-sign Vick, Kolb would look good in Silver & Black. Prolly cost them a second RD pick, but he will be better than any QB that will be aroundPaul Gutierrez CSN
Call me crazy, but I've never understood the fascination with Kolb...From PT
If Ryan Mallet somehow makes it to the second round I could see Al Davis falling in love.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Ready to write him a Valentine, are ya?!?From Thomas408
I feel like we will beat the Dolphins because of there QB issues, should the Raiders risk all the hurt key players like Asomugha or Miller another week? Trevor Scott is out for the season is my reasoning.Paul Gutierrez CSN
I see the Raiders eking out a win, too.From raiderfan1980
Not sure this year about about another DB to compliment Nmandi?Paul Gutierrez CSN
OK, but who?From Rachel
I don't mind what happened with Seymour. Getting kicked out of the game was not the best thing, obviously, but sometimes a football player has to hit someone in the mouth -- literally. What do you think Raiders brass thought of it?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I think they did not like him getting kicked out of the game. Period.From Jigsaw
is Tom Cable the type of coach you think could one day lead us to the Super bowl?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Why not? He's already changed the culture in that locker room. Would be a rags-to-riches story ,for sure. Would be shocking, though.From Parlayjay
I'm not saying Bruce is good or the answer. Campbell just doesn't inspire me, how can he possibly inspire his team? Especially once they got down big. No emotions.Paul Gutierrez CSN
That's always been the criticism of Campbell.From Troy
Peering into my crystal ball I see Carson Palmer in the Raiders future...your thoughts?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Al Davis does love him some USC...interesting.Paul Gutierrez CSN
and Heisman Trophies....From Mikael from L.A.
Why don't the Raiders play well when they travel East? I know it's a challenge for all teams but it seems to be systemic with Oakland?Paul Gutierrez CSN
They don't play well after the bye either, having lost lost three such games, all under Cable, by a combined 85-16From raiderfan1980
Wow...well Seymour shoud've showed his anger in his playing...not in that nonsensePaul Gutierrez CSN
And there's that line of thinking, too.From Elijah
Why would Ben say that? Because realistically we beat them last year with Seymour and Ben has only beat us one time and that was obviously Sunday.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Boys will be boys....From petehare920
The QB is as good as the running game. No rushing attack no options open up for the QB whoever is playing. So to blame Campbell is crazy. Your thoughts?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Agreed. When Raiders could not run, Campbell turned into a sitting duck. Consider: in six-plus career quarters vs. the Steelers, he has been sacked 11 times.From PT
I take that back about drafting a QB, that's not exactly the Raiders strong suit, how about trading the 2nd rounder for Kolb?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Again, another Kolb query...hmmmmm.From Run Runs Spirit
Paulie G., doesnt it speaks volumes that Thomas Howard is just a special teamer at best and not even considered an option to play at WLB or take over for the injured T.Scott? Howard has been relegated to a reserve role.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Very strange. Especially considering his speed. Goethel was exposed a few times in coverage on Sunday.From PT
Does the fact that the Raiders defense does not blitz much leave them more susceptible to the blitz in games, seems like they have no idea how to pick up on anything more than a four man rush, did they not know what was coming?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Yeah, especially since they knew what the Steelers were going to do. No surprise in their pass rush. Darren McFadden said guys were simply getting beat.From raiderfan1980
hey.....Stefen Wisniewski is coming next year....any chance Raiders will get him...Lord knows we need the line to be locked down!Paul Gutierrez CSN
That would make a nice story....especially if he can play like his pops.From Jigsaw
Every is talking bout KC when the real threat is lerking in the shadows do you think that the Next Chargers Raiders game is the biggest game this year for the Raiders?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Yes...Chargers are doing it again with their late-season run.From fadangels
if the chief are the padres are we gonna beat them in the last game of the season to make it in the playoffsPaul Gutierrez CSN
Nice cross-sport reference. See ya at the parade!!!From Run Runs Spirit
Paulie G., is Chaz Schilens the most fragile substance on earth? Seriously, and how does the team feel about L.Murphy? The guy is fiery and all, but has no consistency. As for DHB, I know he'll be back this weekend, but c'mon son, is OAK at this point ready to give Jacoby Ford more targets? He was 12 times at Pitt., and appears to be more polished than Nick Miller or 'Juice Box' Johnnie Lee Higgins.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Preach...From Parlayjay
Did McClain make the trip to Pitt? Can't say I remember one thing he did.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Ha. Good point. He's gonna be on a Pepsi can, I know that....From PT
What do you think it is with Tom Cable's team struggling so much when they have tasted success?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I hear ya, but at least in their previous two stinkers this season - the season opener at Tennessee and the meltdown at Candlestick - they bounced back the following weeks.From BlackHole
Curious as to the media's relationship with Tom Cable. He seems like he jokes around a bit with you guys. Mike Singletary, on the other hand, seems to treat the press like the bubonic plague. What is your take, personally and professionally, on working with Cable?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I think Cable "gets it" much more than Samurai Mike. At least, Cable knows the names of the reporters who are around, I think. Was weird, though, that McClain claimed Cable told him he didn't have to talk to local media, but to make sure he spoke to national types. That didn't sit well.From Juan Jorge (Sata Rosa)
prediction for sunday?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Like Clubber Lang said: "Pain."Paul Gutierrez CSN
OK, Raiders in a tight one.From raiderfan1980
No, we have more issues still than just Qb...we need a 2nd lock down CB!From Glenn
Off topic question but do you go out on black friday for shopping?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Um, no.From Parlayjay
Fair to say if Campbell plays bad in first half and the crowd is all over him, Cable will have a quicker hook than the Pitt game?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Fair? I fully expect it.From raiderfan1980
No Kolb......we need a mobile Qb that can get out the way long enough to make a passPaul Gutierrez CSN
And then there's that...From Parlayjay
I think the fascination with Kolb is he is not Campbell or Bruce.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Or JaMarcus. Oops, did I TYPE that out loud?!?From BlackHole
Hard to really measure this but I feel like the Raiders have as good a running back tandem in the league. McFadden-Bush is just starting to hit its stride. Maybe Ricky Williams-Ronnie Brown or Shonn Green-LT in New York but I like our guys. Whatsayou?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I say Run DMC and Bush got shut down with aplomb by the Steelers...From raiderfan1980
With Scott out for the year....we're going to miss Richardson on the Line.Paul Gutierrez CSN
No doubt.From Jigsaw
Do you expect the Raiders Phins game to be high scoring?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Depends on the weather. If it's a rain-soaked affair, I see a grind-it-out game.From raiderfan1980
Who's the guy from Nebraska?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Roger Craig? Tom Osborne? David Humm?!?From Wilton, Oakland
Why do you think Ray Guy is not in the Hall of Fame? Would you vote for him?Paul Gutierrez CSN
There is a bias against punters, plain and simple. Many voters do not believe punters are football players, hence, the lack of a pure punter in Canton. But yes, I believe he should be yesterday. To me, a punter is a part of the game. And he defined the position. So yes, if I was on the committee, I would vote for him.From Run Runs Spirit
Hey Paulie G., does OAK feel like they can just go back to pounding the rock with DMAC and Bush against a road gritty Miami club? The one thing Sparano and co. can do is, perform on the road. Plus, was the outcome in Pitt an indicator that the Steelers are just not a good match up for the Raiders? They can't dink-dunk against Pitt. like NE can or other pass adept squads.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Exactly...Steelers were a bad matchup because their strength - rush defense- is better than the Raiders strength - rushing.The Raiders might be 4-1 at home but the Dolphins are 4-1 on the road.From Red from Sacto
Who is the Raiders' MVP so far this season?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Offense - McFadden
Defense - Seymour
ST - Cartwright
From Meezy
Louis Murphy to me is our 1 receiver. DHB hasn't proven anything and Chaz is injury prone. Murphy has heart, speed and most of all confidence. Throw him the ball more! McFadden, Miller, and Murphy should be the future on Offense. Do you agree? Throw him the ball more!Paul Gutierrez CSN
That fumble was costly, though.From PT
I don't see Mallet as the answer, just seeing he seems like a classic Al Davis type of QB.From Parlayjay
I read reports that the Raiders practice last Wednesday was terrible? Is that true? If so, do you think they started buying into the hype of the national media calling them contenders? With a lot in the media predicting a Raider win at PittPaul Gutierrez CSN
Not that it means much, but Cable actually had said they were having good practices. Plus, we had asked Cable if the team was buying into the hype. he said they were not. Again, for what it's worth.From Claire
Who is the current player who has the most direct access to Al Davis? Nnamdi? Do you think they have regular conversations? Only if Mr. Davis initiates them?Paul Gutierrez CSN
That is the prevailing thought. Though I'm sure if Nnamdi wanted to speak, Al Davis would listen.From Parlayjay
Kolb=Schaub?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Now we're getting somewhere.From raiderfan1980
no on Kolb.From Joel
When does an OC give up on his game plan and start calling plays that will work against what he's facing at the moment? Hue saw it wasn't working and stuck with it. DMC between the guards? Really?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Yeah, first-half play-calling was curious, at times.From Daniel
Why can't the 5-5 Raiders get nearly as much coverage as the 3-7 (and absolutely pathetic) 49ers?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Because we all have to look at the tape. HA!From Glenn
I dont ever remember the Raiders drafting a QB that had great success besides Stabler. Can you name one? We've been horrible in that departmentPaul Gutierrez CSN
How quick you forget the Ruster Hilger Era in LA!!! HAHA!From Parlayjay
What's up with Bruce Campbell? He can't even sniff any playing time. Is he that bad?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Hmmm, I check in on him every other week or so and, well, he hasn't been able to crack that lineup.From Jigsaw
this year i didnt think we would make the postseason cause we needed to find a QB first if Gradkowski is the QB do you think he could lead us to the postseason with a chance to battle?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Depends upon the matchup, methinks.From Run Runs Spirit
Paulie G., cual es el problema con Schilens? Someone, give him some menudo. But on the real, can Vittori Tafur play at right guard or tackle?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Tafur seems more like a guard to me.From Joe in San Jose
All QBs have to have a guy who's their ace in the hole, the player they look for when a play breaks down, someone who they ahve a little ESP with. Who is that guy for Campbell?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Zach Miller, though he was not anywhere near 100 on Sunday.From GD
Don't you feel like Cable is to blame for all of this? he isnt getting the most out of his talent?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Were you saying that when they won 3 in a row?From petehare920
If the O-line can play consistant we will get consistent play on offense! Colts, Pats great teams they have O-lines that are good and been together forever! The game starts and finishes in the threnches right so why blame the QB! Your thoughts?Paul Gutierrez CSN
It all - EVERYTHING - begins with the O-line.From GD
Are you worried about the raiders not having a first rd pick next year?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Honestly, I think the Raiders will be relieved to not have to pay 1st-round money. And if they finish in a postseason chase, all the better for them.From Elijah
Is Cam Newton a guy that Al Davis is putting on his Christmas wish list? I know the Raiders won't be in position to draft him, but theoretically, do you think Al is watching Auburn highlight films these days?Paul Gutierrez CSN
I think he reminds too many people of a certain No. 2 who played QB in the SEC a few years back. So, um, no...From Elijah
I heard the Raiders are probablly going to sign a player to the roster? true?Paul Gutierrez CSN
If they feel the need to add some D-Line help with Trevor Scott's injury....From Joel
Does Q Groves move to D end now?Paul Gutierrez CSN
That's what my spidey senses are telling me.From Parlayjay
Gotta say, I'm a little worried about this Fins game. I believe Thigpen beat the Raiders in Oak a couple years ago. They have 2 decent RB'S. If Marshall is out, that will help and possibly give Nnamdi another week to get healthy. And there is always the how will they bounce back factor.Paul Gutierrez CSN
Good points,, the Raiders run defense will not be without Richard Seymour. So they've got that going for them. Which is nice. (NAME THE MOVIE)From Red Dog
How would you classify the Raiders offense -- run-oriented, pass-oriented, trying-to-be-pass-oriented-but-not equipped-to-be, balanced, whatever works on any given Sunday? Thanks, enjoy your stuff.Paul Gutierrez CSN
They like to consider themselves "balanced," with the run setting up the pass. And thank you....From Glenn
Ever ask Lechler about the smelling salts?Paul Gutierrez CSN
You know, never saw him after the game. Will do, though. GREAT question.From petehare920
If we beat SF andor Arizona do you think everyone would be so critical this week?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Yes, because the NFL is based on hysteria, what have you done for me lately? And a 35-3 beatdown doesn't exactly sit well.From Glenn
Philly fans don't even like Kolb why should weFrom Run Runs Spirit
STOP WITH THE DRAFTING A QB TALK -- geez, the team is 5-5 and in contention. Why the rush to talk about the draft in November? I guess Raider fans are used to that. Pffft....From Elijah
Whats so bad about the Raiders that the "experts" always have to take a jab at us.. yet there are much much worse teams than us..much, and they dont talk bad about them.From Parlayjay
is Zach gonna have to grind out this injury the rest of the year? Seems as rest won't really help that type of injury. Is it the same thing Gates has?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Zach's arch is hurting him. Even why you shoot it up to numb it, it doesn't feel right.From GdaRAIDER408
U obviously have no clue how 2 run a live chat!!! Repeated questions n answers from same 2 or 3 people I probably not the only 1 that gets a good relevant question overlooked for questions about black Friday, a punter from the 1800's, kevin kolb and a draft that is far away from now!! Good job vittori r whoever u are!!! DUECES!!Paul Gutierrez CSN
OK, so I went back and looked, and no questions from you? Last chance....From Josegodfather
Have you noticed that Gradkowski's interviews have been more aggressive. He seems like he's really pushing to be the starter, do you notice that?Paul Gutierrez CSN
Definitely have that vibe, too...Paul Gutierrez CSN
OK, thanks much for chatting. Happy Turkey Week. Stay safe and let's do it aain at 12 noon Sunday, from the Coliseum.
What'syour take? Email Pauland let him know. He may use it in his Mailbag.

Raiders announce Cable's return, hire 13 assistant coaches


Raiders announce Cable's return, hire 13 assistant coaches

Jon Gruden put some respected assistants on “red alert,” for a time when he would return to coaching. Count Paul Guenther, Greg Olson and Rich Bisaccia among those he wanted as top lieutenants.

They became defensive, offensive and special teams coordinator, respectively, formally announced last week during Gruden’s introductory press conference.

Those guys went to work hiring a full staff. They interview several during a busy week, and formally announced 13 hires on Thursday morning.

Most names had been reported previously, with former Raiders head coach Tom Cable as the marquee name returning to lead the offensive line.

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac was a new name and a good get. He spent the last nine years coaching the position in Green Bay, and was Carolina defensive coordinator from 2003-08. He has worked with Gruden before, with Philadelphia from 1995-97.

Trgovac has been particularly effective in Green Bay. Since he started running that defensive line, the Packers fourth in sacks and fifth in rushing touchdowns allowed.

Trgovac, senior defensive assisstance Jim O'Neill and receivers coach Edgar Bennett have experience as a coordinator. O'Neill was 49ers and Cleveland Brown defensive coordinator. Bennett was Packers offensive coordinator the pass three seasons, though he did not call plays.

The Raiders snagged Derrick Ansley from the University of Alabama to coach defensive backs, and Guenther brought David Lippincott from Cincinnati to coach linebackers.

The Raiders hired former NFL scout Dave Razzano has director of football research, and he’ll compile statistical analysis from game film on the Raiders and their opponenets.

The Raiders retained Travis Smith (quality control – defense) and Nick Holz (quality control – offense), who have survived two regime changes.

Here’s a complete list of 13 assistant coach hires announced by the team. A quarterback coach is not among them. Olson said Wednesday the Raiders are still contemplating whether to hire one. That position isn’t vital, considering how involved Olson and Gruden will be with signal callers and Derek Carr in particular.

Coach                              Title

Ansley, Derrick                       Defensive Backs

Bennett, Edgar                        Wide Receivers

Berbenich, Tim                        Quality Control – Offense

Cable, Tom                              Offensive Line

Holz, Nick                               Quality Control – Offense

Lippincott, David                    Linebackers

O’Neil, Jim                              Senior Defensive Assistant

Razzano, Dave                        Director of Football Research

Singleton, Jemal                      Running Backs

Smith, Frank                           Tight Ends

Smith, Travis                           Quality Control – Defense

Storer, Byron                          Assistant Special Teams

Trgovac, Mike                        Defensive Line

Here’s some background on each coach, provided by Raiders media services: 

Ansley: Joins the Raiders for his first NFL season after spending the past two years coaching defensive backs at the University of Alabama, helping the Crimson Tide win the 2018 BCS National Championship…Served as the cornerbacks coach at the University of Kentucky from 2013-14 before being promoted to the secondary coach in 2015…Spent the 2012 season as the defensive backs coach at the University of Tennessee…Served as a graduate assistant at Alabama from 2010-11 and helped the team win the 2011 BCS National Championship…Began his collegiate coaching career at Huntingdon College working with defensive backs from 2005-09.

Bennett: Enters his first season with the Raiders after spending the past 13 on the Green Bay Packers’ coaching staff…Served three seasons as the team’s offensive coordinator from 2015-17…Spent three seasons (2011-14) as Green Bay’s wide receivers coach…Entered the coaching ranks in 2005 as the Packers’ running backs coach, where he served six seasons from 2005-10…Before becoming a coach, worked four years in the Packers’ front office, serving as the teams’ director of player development form 2001-04…Played eight seasons in the NFL as a running back for the Packers and Chicago Bears from 1992-1999, totaling 3,992 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns on 1,115 carries. 

Berbenich: Enters his 15th season as an NFL coach, his first with the Raiders…Spent the past five seasons with the Indianapolis Colts…Served the last two years as the team’s offensive assistant/assistant quarterbacks coach…Spent the 2015 season as the team’s defensive assistant…Joined the Colts in 2013 as an offensive assistant, a role he served for two years…Was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for six years (2006-11), working the first three under Head Coach Jon Gruden…Joined the staff as an offensive quality control coach in 2006, before being promoted to assistant running backs coach in 2008 and assistant wide receivers coach in 2009…Entered the NFL with the New York Jets in 2000 as an intern in the team’s operations department and was hired on full-time in 2002…Joined the coaching ranks in 2003 as an offensive assistant and spent the 2005 season as New York’s offensive assistant/quality control coach.

Cable: Begins his second stint with the Raiders, bringing over 30 years of coaching experience to the post…Spent the last seven seasons (2011-17) as the Seattle Seahawks’ assistant head coach/offensive line coach, helping the team win Super Bowl XLVIII…Originally joined the Raiders in 2007 as the team’s offensive line coach, before serving as the interim head coach for the final 12 games of 2008 and head coach from 2009-10…Entered the NFL coaching ranks in 2006 as the offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons…From 2004-05, was the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach at UCLA…Served as the University of Idaho’s head coach from 2000-03…Served as the University of Colorado’s offensive coordinator/offensive line coach from 1998-99…Spent six seasons (1992-97) as the University of California’s offensive line coach…Spent one season in 1991 as UNLV’s offensive line coach after coaching the defensive line at Cal State Fullerton for one year in 1990…Began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Idaho (1987-88) and San Diego State (1989).

Holz: Enters seventh season with the Raiders…Spent 2017 as the team’s assistant wide receivers coach, after two seasons as the Silver and Black’s quality control – offense coach from 2015-16 and three seasons as the team’s offensive assistant from 2012-14, working closely with the team’s wide receivers…Prior to joining Raiders, spent four years (2008-11) at Stanford University as assistant quarterbacks coach…Began his coaching career at the University of Nebraska as an offensive quality control coach in 2007.

Lippincott: Joins the Raiders for his 11th NFL season, having spent the previous 10 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals from 2008-17…Was the assistant linebackers/quality control coach for six seasons in Cincinnati from 2012-17…Spent the 2011 season as the team’s defensive quality control coach…Joined the Bengals in 2008 as a coaching assistant, a role he served in for three seasons…Coached at the University of Richmond for three seasons from 2005-07, serving as the assistant defensive line coach from 2005-06 and the safeties coach in 2007…Spent two years as a graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota from 2003-04…Began his coaching career at Bluffton University as the team’s defensive line coach from 2000-02.

O’Neil: Enters his first season with the Raiders and ninth year as an NFL coach…Brings three years of experience as an NFL defensive coordinator to the post…Served as the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive coordinator for the 2016 season…Spent two seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns from 2014-15…Coached linebackers for the Buffalo Bills for one year in 2013…Spent four years with the New York Jets (2009-12), serving as the defensive backs/quality control coach in 2009 before being promoted to assistant defensive backs coach for the 2010-12 seasons…Served as the defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach at Towson University in 2005…Spent two years at Northwestern University from 2003-04, serving as a graduate assistant/defensive backs coach…Coached at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002 as the team’s assistant offensive line coach…Began his coaching career at the University at Albany in 2001 as the assistant offensive line/tight ends coach.

Razzano: Enters his first season with the Raiders after spending the previous six years as an area scout with the Indianapolis Colts, focusing on the western United States and assisting on special assignments for both pro and college scouting…Holds 25 years of scouting experience, which also includes stints with the San Francisco 49ers (1988-92), St. Louis Rams (1992-2006) and Arizona Cardinals (2006-09).

Singleton: Enters his first season with the Raiders and third NFL coaching season…Spent the last two seasons as the Indianapolis Colts’ running backs coach…Served as the special teams coordinator/running backs coach at the University of Arkansas in 2015…Coached running backs at Oklahoma State for four seasons from 2011-14…Spent nine years over two stints at the Air Force Academy…Served as the run game coordinator/running backs coach from 2007-10 after spending the 2006 season as the running backs coach…Was a varsity assistant from 2003-05 after getting his start in 2000 as a prep assistant.

Frank Smith: Joins the Raiders after spending the past three seasons (2015-17) as the tight ends coach of the Chicago Bears…Brings 13 years of coaching experience, including the last eight within the NFL ranks…Began his NFL coaching career with the New Orleans Saints (2010-14) as an offensive assistant/offensive line coach…Prior to joining NFL ranks, Smith served as the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach at Butler University from 2007-09…Started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Miami (Ohio) University from 2004-05.

Travis Smith: Enters his seventh season with the Raiders, after previously serving as outside linebackers in 2017 and quality control - defense from 2015-16…Served as the team’s defensive assistant from 2012-14, working closely with both the linebackers and defensive line…Joined Raiders after spending three years in the college ranks as offensive technical intern at the University of Colorado in 2011 and tight ends/defensive line at Santa Monica Junior College in 2010…Began coaching career as an undergraduate assistant at Cal Poly in 2009. 

Storer: Enters his first season with the Raiders and his fifth year coaching in the NFL…Begins his second stint on assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia’s staff…Served as the San Diego Chargers’ assistant linebackers coach in 2013 after spending one season as the team’s assistant special teams coach in 2012…Spent the 2010-11 seasons as the assistant special teams coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…Played three seasons in the NFL for Buccaneers from 2007-09, appearing in 16 games.

Trgovac: Enters his first season with the Raiders after spending the past nine years (2009-17) as the defensive line coach of the Green Bay Packers…Joined the Panthers in 2002 as the defensive line coach before being promoted to defensive coordinator from 2003-08…Served as the defensive line coach for the Redskins from 2000-01…Served his first stint with the Packers in 1999 as the defensive line coach…Began his NFL coaching career with the Eagles from 1995-98, working on the same coaching staff as Head Coach Jon Gruden for the first three seasons…Prior to coaching in the NFL, spent 11 seasons coaching defensive linemen at the college level with Notre Dame (1992-94), Colorado State (1990-91), Navy (1989), Ball State (1986-88), Michigan (1984-85).

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Raiders DC Paul Guenther talks Khalil Mack, Gareon Conley and more


Raiders DC Paul Guenther talks Khalil Mack, Gareon Conley and more

Paul Guenther hasn’t been Raiders defensive coordinator long. He has been in Alameda about a week now, interviewing potential position coaches and pouring over last year’s game tape.

He has some initial impressions on the group that struggled at the start and improved throughout the year. Generally speaking, however, Guenther sees talent on the roster.

“I believe there’s a lot of good players here, a lot of good, young players,” Guenther said Wednesday in a conference call. “You’ve got to get them out and develop them and get them to understand your system. But I think there are a lot of good pieces here for a foundation, for sure.”

Guenther’s system, where it came from and why he brought it to Oakland is a story for another day. Thursday morning, to be precise, so stay tuned for that.

Guenther’s early evaluation of key Raiders, however, supports his statement about a strong foundation. He is most excited, as you’d expect, about working with edge rusher Khalil Mack and several others in silver and black.

Here’s what Guenther said about…

-- DE KHALIL MACK: “Having a talent like that and ability of a guy like that, certainly you want to make it the centerpiece of the defense. We have to continue to develop our younger players to bring those guys up to speed and add people as we go through the draft and free agency. He’s a guy that you can really build a foundation through and around. He’s an exciting guy to be able to coach for sure.”

-- CB GAREON CONLEY: “He was my favorite corner coming out. His ability, he’s smooth in the pedal, he’s a good press corner, which we love to have. I’m excited to work with him.”

-- S OBI MELIFONWU: “Obi is a big guy that when you turn on the tape, you’re like, ‘Man, who is this son of a gun?’ He’s playing half the field, he’s down in the box playing the run.”

-- LB NAVORRO BOWMAN: (an impending free agent): “NaVorro is a prototype middle linebacker, really. The thing that impressed me most with NaVorro is that they got him here midseason and by the end of the year, it appeared to me that he was kind of the leader of the unit, making a lot of calls. You can see that on tape. It looks like he is a smart guy that understands the game. I love smart guys that love playing football. Hopefully we can get him back in the fold and keep him a Raider.”