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Steph Curry defends throwing ball at Bulls guard


Steph Curry defends throwing ball at Bulls guard

The Warriors struggled in the first half of their 119-112 road win over the Bulls on Wednesday night. They trailed 40-38 at the end of the first quarter and 66-63 going into halftime.

The first quarter ended with an ugly turnover and the Bulls took the lead with an easy layup. And then, what looked like an angry Steph Curry took over Twitter. 

Taking the ball out of bounds with 0.1 seconds left, Curry waited until David Nwaba turned his back and threw the ball of him to end the quarter. On Twitter, one man told Curry to "Grow up and act like a professional athlete!"

The two-time MVP came back with the perfect, snarky response. 

Curry finished the game with 30 points, nine rebounds and four assists. 

Spurs star Kawhi Leonard out indefinitely


Spurs star Kawhi Leonard out indefinitely

NEW YORK — The San Antonio Spurs say Kawhi Leonard will be out indefinitely as he continues his recovery from a leg injury.

Leonard has played in just nine games after missing the beginning of the season because of right quadriceps tendinopathy. He also was sidelined briefly because of a shoulder injury.

Spurs general manager RC Buford said Wednesday that Leonard has made significant progress in his recovery but "this is the best approach for the next steps in his return to play."

The All-Star forward is averaging 16.2 points this season for the Spurs, who play the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night.

Draymond Green will never regret what led to his suspension in 2016 NBA Finals


Draymond Green will never regret what led to his suspension in 2016 NBA Finals

The jokes seem to be over, but nobody will ever forget the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals. 

Steve Kerr refuses to ever think about Game 7 from that season. Draymond Green, on the other hand, uses the heart breaking loss as daily motivation. 

“You don’t want to lose that feeling because you never want to experience it again,” Green said to the Mercury News. “You can never guarantee that you’ll never experience it again. But the best way you can get as close as possible to guaranteeing it is remembering that feeling and fighting so hard against it.”

One thing is also clear about the 2016 NBA Finals -- Draymond Green has no regrets when it comes to what led to his Game 5 suspension. 

“If I did play Game 5, everything is different,” Green said. “I’ll always hold that view. But what I don’t hold is the regret. I don’t regret it at all." 

With Green on the ground, LeBron James stepped right over his facel. That infuriated Green, prompting him to swipe his arm up at James' groin with the Cavs star standing over him. Don't think for a second anything would change if Green could go back in time. 

"I don’t regret anything. I don’t live my life with regret,” Green said. “[Stuff] happens. You move on from it. I would never let anybody just stand over the top of me. If the same thing happened again, I’d do the same thing.”

The Warriors lost the 2016 NBA Finals, but gained Kevin Durant in free agency. And Green got his revenge on James and the Cavs with the Warriors winning the NBA Finals a year later in five games.