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Raiders QB Derek Carr responds to viral rumor


Raiders QB Derek Carr responds to viral rumor

ALAMEDA – Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was the subject of some unflattering rumors on Tuesday morning. Teammates swiftly came to his defense on social media, shutting down an inflammatory, incorrect story spread by a controversial Internet radio show host married to an NFL player.

On Wednesday, the topic fell at Carr’s feet.


Some background:

The host, repeating a story told by a Raiders fan on her podcast, said Carr demanded his teammates stand during the national anthem prior to a Sept. 24 game in Washington, the Sunday night contest following anti-NFL-player statements made by President Trump. The host then claimed that there was a pregame argument in the Raiders locker room over that issue, and, here's the kicker, that the Raiders offensive line intentionally allowed Derek Carr to get hit and eventually hurt.

Since we here at NBC Sports Bay Area aren’t in the business of spreading rumors, here’s a quick synopsis of what happened, according to team sources on and off the record. It was also written in large part here. The Raiders planned to stay in the locker room for the anthem -- there was a spirited discussion, with opinions from several levels of the organization, the night before -- as many other teams did in response to Trump’s comments on NFL anthem protests.

Logistics of Sunday Night Football’s unique pregame schedule took that option away. The Raiders tried to work out a different plan on the fly, and there was some disagreement on how to handle the new situation as a unit. That wasn’t resolved during the limited discussion time before an important game. That’s why you saw groups protesting in different ways. The offensive line and most Raiders defenders sat with arms locked. Others chose to kneel. Carr was among several who stood. The team’s unquestioned leader and franchise quarterback prayed during the anthem near other teammates who sat and stood. At no point did Carr tell anyone what to do.

Then the Raiders got outplayed, outschemed and outcoached by an energetic, determined Washington football club. That was it. They lost a football game they wanted to win. End of story.

Carr suffered transverse process fractures in his back the following week at Denver on a freak play where he was awkwardly wrenched to the ground and kneed in the back by a Broncos defensive lineman. Every Raiders offensive linemen immediately huddled around him, and left  tackle Donald Penn looked concerned as he walked with Carr toward the sideline. 


Back to present day:

This false theory was originally discussed by a non-sports radio show in Sacramento shortly after the Washington game saying the line allowed him to get hit, but it didn’t become a mainstream topic until players reacted to Tuesday’s rehashing by the aforementioned Internet radio host.

This rumor gone viral came up during Carr’s Wednesday bye-week press conference.

A reporter asked if a Bible verse he posted on Twitter Tuesday afternoon – "Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything." Proverbs 13:3, NLT -- was a response to the rumor.

“I know you have to ask. That has nothing to do with what was said,” Carr said told the inquiring reporter. “I don’t give false claims any due. If you see anything (on my Twitter timeline), you see I post a lot of scriptures. You can ask anyone about the YouVersion Bible app; that was the scripture of the day and I just posted it.”

Fans immediately thought the post and story were connected.

“Everyone started saying ‘shade,’ this and all that. I’m bigger than that,” Carr said. “I don’t pay any mind to that kind of stuff because it detours. Making false claims about somebody before you know them, and about a group of guys, that has no business in our world. We’re trying to promote peace and love. I don’t think that has any place.”

Several players immediately shot down the story on Tuesday, including Penn.

What they're saying: Raiders call out Miko Grimes over Carr vs O-line story


What they're saying: Raiders call out Miko Grimes over Carr vs O-line story

The Raiders' 2017 season took another strange turn on Tuesday.

Early in the morning, a video featuring Miko Grimes, wife of Bucs CB Brent Grimes, appeared online in which she claimed that the Raiders' offensive line was trying to get Derek Carr hurt because he didn't agree with their stance to kneel during the national anthem. She also claimed their was a fight in the locker room.

Within hours, several Raiders players were blasting the claims and calling Grimes a liar.

Here are the tweets:

Three things you need to know from Raiders’ 27-24 victory over Dolphins


Three things you need to know from Raiders’ 27-24 victory over Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Three things you need to know from Raiders’ 27-24 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night:

1. Stayin’ alive
The Raiders season could fall apart at any moment. Another loss (or two) would put them out of playoff contention, and they know it. They simply had to beat Miami. Had to. And did.

It wasn’t always pretty, but the Raiders found a way to stay on the tightrope. This delicate balancing act will carry forth into a bye and a Week 11 showdown with New England in Mexico City.

They got lucky today, with Kansas City and Denver losing. They vaulted right back into the wild-card hunt and remain alive in a packed AFC West. The Raiders aren’t scoreboard watching just yet. They have business to attend to. Nothing matters if the Raiders don’t go on a winning streak, with precious little margin for error.

They understand the circumstances, and remain committed to clawing their way back after a disastrous start to the season.

“It’s beating a dead horse to say we never thought we’d be here, even at 4-5,” tight end Lee Smith said. “That’s still one heck of a lot better than 3-6. We still have a long way to go but, if we lost in Miami, we wouldn’t stand a chance. If we win out, it still doesn’t guarantee us anything.

“I don’t think we need to focus on winning seven straight. We just have to keep ourselves in it. Every game’s a must win now. We dug ourselves a hole but, if there’s any team in the National Football League that I would want to climb out of that hole, this would be it. “

2. Cook becoming Carr’s best friend
Derek Carr didn’t have a dominant receiving tight end in his first three seasons. That’s why he pushed so hard to get Jared Cook. We’re seeing why that was an important move, because Carr and Cook are now in sync.

That was clear on Sunday night, when Cook hauled in eight receptions for 125 yards, and did it on nine targets. Cook’s in the midst of a productive stretch, with 18 catches for 290 yards in his last three games combined.

He leads the team in receptions and receiving yards. A total of his 26 receptions have gone for a first down.

“He’s a matchup problem,” head coach Jack Del Rio said. “We’ve had our issues defending other guys like that around the league, the last couple of years. This year we set out to get one of our own, I feel like we have acquired one of our own. Tonight was an example of it. He can be a real factor, he can be a matchup problem for people, and I thought he did a great job tonight.”

The Raiders are getting a big return on investment, and Carr is taking advantage of his new guy in the middle.

“It’s just time and hard work,” Cook said. “I don’t think you can have too good a rapport with your quarterback. The chemistry is strong, and it’ll get better the more we play together.”

3. Marshawn goes Beast Mode:
The Raiders wanted to get the run game going on Sunday night, and Marshawn Lynch helped them do that. He had 14 carries for 57 yards and two touchdowns, with some tough, efficient runs mixed with some highlight-reel runs. His best was a 22-yard touchdown jaunt in the first half, and he scored from three yards out later in the fourth quarter.

He’s had an uneven start to his Raiders tenure, but the Silver and Black need his physicality in the backfield. They missed it last week in Buffalo, when he served a one-game suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“It’s important to get him going,” Cook said. “He’s so good when he gets involved, and he was pretty productive with the runs he had. We need Marshawn going strong to thrive as an offense.”