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Taking politics out of sports? Now that’s a more interesting idea


Taking politics out of sports? Now that’s a more interesting idea

In lieu of the famous Invitation That Never Was, the Golden State Warriors decided to hook their annual trip to Washington to a trip to visit area kids. No visits to capital sights, no photo ops with politician/lampreys, no media at all in fact.

And in the immortal words of Poet Laureate Draymond Green, “It’s about something we did great. Why make it about (politics)?” he said.

But by that seemingly impeccable logic, the Warriors’ annual trip to Washington should be the equivalent of the Warriors’ annual trip to Milwaukee – a stop on a road trip.

Washington, you see, IS politics, and always has been. And sports and politics are joined at the forehead, and always have been. To take Washington out of sports would be easy – move the four area franchises (Wizards, Capitals, Nationals and Football Team X) to other cities, and never plan for championship teams to take another White House trip except as ordinary citizens.

But to take politics out of sports – now that’s a more interesting idea. Never mind kneeling for the national anthem; what about not standing for it, or playing it at all? How about taking the flag down entirely? And the Olympics? Without the politics, the Winter Games are just a weekend at Tahoe, and the Summer Games are just a massive company picnic.

And that’s the real depth of the rabbit hole. Nobody advocates for the Olympics to become a giant play date or an extended trip to the lodge. Nobody is advocating reducing the flagpoles to goal frames. Only a few think the anthem shouldn’t played before sporting events.

In other words, people have made their peace with sports and politics being intertwined. Me, I’d be good with giving all these ideas an extended try to see if they don’t make more and better sense than what we have now. But I am but one in a sea of many, and most people are perfectly okay with politics and sports – even the “Stick to sports” parrots. They’re not against sports and politics; they’re just against sports and politics they don’t like.

So with all due respect to Draymond Green, it’s all politics because we all have decided that we’re good with it all being politics. The day we decide otherwise may well be a happier and purer moment in human cultural development, but too few are willing to consider a world without conjoined politicosport, or commingled sportatics.

But if it helps, the Warriors are on the right track when they decided to do their visit without a media intrusion because media is part of this messy confluence as well. Going to see kids with no outsiders just because they’re kids is never a bad thing, and it has the added advantage that nobody can use it for their own nefarious greedfaced ends.

So maybe the Warriors can see some kids in Atlanta too, and Portland, and Minnesota, and Phoenix, all without anyone tagging along for fun and profit. There’s no politics in that, and if politics-free sport is something we actually want as a society, it has to start somewhere, and there’s no better place than a schoolyard to get that started.

Team LeBron outlasts Team Stephen in All-Star game thriller


Team LeBron outlasts Team Stephen in All-Star game thriller

Stephen Curry had the ball in his hands on the final possession of the All-Star game, but saw himself guarded by a familiar face: Warriors teammate Kevin Durant, as well as opposing captain LeBron James.

Durant and James' trap forced Curry to pass to DeMar DeRozan for a desperation heave that fell short, and Team LeBron beat Team Stephen 148-145 in the first year of a new All-Star format. 

Durant finished second on Team LeBron with 19 points. The Golden State trio of Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green scored 11, 15, and three points, respectively, for Team Stephen. 

LeBron James led all scorers with 29 points, and was named the game's most valuable player for the third time -- the second most in NBA history. 

Nick Young pays Draymond Green for Super Bowl bet, 'I'm rich!!!!!'


Nick Young pays Draymond Green for Super Bowl bet, 'I'm rich!!!!!'

Draymond Green just paid a $50,000 fine. On the same day, he received another technical foul, grabbing another chunk out of his wallet. 

Nick Young can help with that. 

The two Warriors teammates bet on the Super Bowl and Green came out as the winner thanks to taking the Eagles. On Friday, Young paid up. 

Asking repeatedly for the money, Young handed it over to Green and said, "Take your punk--- money, god ----!" while laughing. Draymond's response? "I'm rich! I'm rich! I'm rich! I'm rich!" 

A Swaggy always pays his debts. via: @money23green

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Green won $2,000 from Young with the Eagles beating the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII.