Durant blames himself for relationship with Westbrook, 'I f---ed that up'


Durant blames himself for relationship with Westbrook, 'I f---ed that up'

When you get them in the same building, all eyes are on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Everyone already knows the background, we're not going there. 

The two are no longer teammates, but for one weekend they have been again for the last two years in the NBA All-Star Game. To no surprise, Durant was asked about his current relationship with Westbrook. His answer went deeper than he's given in the past two years. 

When asked about how his relationship with Westbrook has progressed, Durant said, "Well I just got outta my own head, got out of my own ways and stopped thinking it was even a thing. I feel like I f---ed that up. I feel like I made it a thing when it a thing when it shouldn't have been.

"It's cool to kind of get past that and just appreciate these guys for who they are and what they do. And it's all love at the end of the day." 

Westbrook was also asked about how he and Durant have interacted so far during All-Star weekend. 

"Communicatin', that's about it. All the other stuff is kind of irrelevant. Just keeping it cool, talking when we need to and just moving forward." 

Klay Thompson would be 'shocked' if Warriors didn't play Rockets in WCF


Klay Thompson would be 'shocked' if Warriors didn't play Rockets in WCF

The Warriors are tired and Klay Thompson finally said so. 

"We'll kick it up a gear the second half of the season. I don't wanna have any excuses, but we play like 100 games every year the past four years and that weighs on you," Thompson said on The Woj Pod. "Guys had vacations for five months while we're still playing, which is amazing, but you kind of have to pace yourself."

Still, nobody expected the Warriors to have 14 losses at the All-Star break. And nobody expected them to be in second place behind the Rockets in the Western Conference standings. 

Count Thompson in as another person surprised by the Rockets' success. 

"I'm very shocked how well Houston's playing," Thompson said. "I knew they were going to be a good team, but to only have 13 losses at this point of the season, that's pretty good. Chris Paul and James Harden are an amazing tandem."

While Thompson wishes his Warriors were at the top of the standings, he's finding the positives in how well Houston is playing and expects to battle them for a spot in the NBA Finals. 

"It's not awesome Houston is in first place right now, but it's pushing us to be better, I really do believe that. I'd be shocked if we didn't see them in the West Finals or somewhere down the line."

The Warriors lost to the Rockets two out of the three times this season. 

Klay: 'Can't rule anything out' in free agency, wants to be Warrior forever


Klay: 'Can't rule anything out' in free agency, wants to be Warrior forever

Klay Thompson is soaking in his fourth straight All-Star Game weekend, this time in front of his hometown Los Angeles fans. While he's putting up at least 20 points per game for the fourth straight season, what's on everybody's mind with Thompson is his contract situation. 

After the 2018-19 season, Thompson becomes an unrestricted free agent. When he hits the open market, could he leave the only team he's known in his seven-year career? 

"There's a lot at stake for the next two years. I imagine all possibilities, you can't rule anything out," Thompson said on The Woj Pod. "Obviously I want to stay in Golden State my whole career. But I definitely want to play somewhere warm, man. I've been playing a lot of golf."

The Warriors drafted Thompson No. 11 overall in the 2011 NBA Draft. Two things are clear -- he loves the Bay Area and being a life long Warrior would mean a lot to him. 

"It's special to be with one franchise your whole career," Thompson said. "I mean only so many guys have done it in professional sports and it would be weird leaving The Bay. I think I'll be there for a very long time, I can say that truthfully." 

If the Warriors did keep Thompson, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green together on long-term deals, at least one player would have to give up money and not sign a max deal. Thompson knows this like everyone else and hinted what could happen in the next few years. 

"I'm not saying we're all gonna take less... but we'll definitely sacrifice something if we have to."