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Two suspension-related moves help Raiders ahead of big game vs Chiefs


Two suspension-related moves help Raiders ahead of big game vs Chiefs

ALAMEDA – The Raiders might play Kansas City without one of their best weapons. They are, however, getting one back.

Amari Cooper is a question mark for Sunday’s pivotal AFC West matchup. He remains out with an ankle sprain, and has not been cleared from the NFL’s concussion protocol. He didn’t practice Wednesday, nor was he working on the side.

Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio remains hopeful that Cooper will play, but he’d have to get ramped up in a hurry to do so.

They’ll definitely get Michael Crabtree back. The veteran receiver returned from suspension on Tuesday and will be an integral part of the Silver and Black’s attack.

“It’s going to be huge,” quarterback Derek Carr said. “We’ve been through this a couple of times this year. Anytime you can get a piece back, it’s nothing against anybody else, but those guys are starters for a reason. Those guys got all the reps.

“With ‘Crab’ coming back, obviously it’s no secret. I love throwing him the ball. I love ‘Crab’ and I think a lot of people know that. So being able to get him back, it definitely helps our team.”

His job will be a bit easier this time around.

The Chiefs suspended cornerback Marcus Peters for Sunday due to an incident in last week’s loss where he threw an official’s flag into the crowd and left the field despite not having been ejected.

The Raiders will benefit from Peters’ omission. He’s one of the league’s best cover men, with 17 interceptions in less than three seasons. Carr has been willing to throw his way, but it will be easier to complete passes with him out. The Raiders might tweak their game plan with him out for a game.

“You do what you can to adjust,” Del Rio said. “This time of year, you’re typically adjusting to injuries that occur. We’ll treat it very similarly to that. We’re trying to get our own group of guys healed up as best as possible for this game. That’s part what we do in this league is the next guy plugs in and you keep rolling.”

The Raiders plugged in Cordarrelle Patterson and Johnny Holton with Cooper and Crabtree out for last week’s victory over the New York Giants.

They’ll get a motivated Crabtree back for this one.

“I know how much ‘Crab’ is a competitor and I know how much he loves football,” Carr said. “I know just from having to miss a game this year because of my back how much that sucks. As much as we work hard and love to compete and be out there with our brothers, I know it just was hurting him because he just likes to be out there. For him to be able to come back, I can pretty much promise you he’s juiced and ready to play.”

AFC West turned into certified insane asylum


AFC West turned into certified insane asylum

The Kansas City Chiefs have decided to suspend cornerback Marcus Peters for Sunday’s fairly important game with the Oakland Raiders, all (or maybe not all) because he decided to eject himself from Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets.
Thus, the Chiefs have finished the job begun by the Los Angeles Chargers, taken on after a month by the Denver Broncos with season-long contributions from the Raiders themselves.
The job? Making the AFC West a certified insane asylum.
The football has been consistently icky – Kansas City and Denver started quickly and then stopped, L.A. spotted the field four games before deciding to pay attention, and the Raiders have just been weird throughout.
But the ways in which they decline the opportunities to find any measure of organizational equilibrium have been amazing. In other words, they have chosen to be stark staring nuts.
Maybe it’s Marshawn Lynch. After all, he did get suspended for jostling an official and guiding two opponents to safety during in-game altercations. Maybe it’s Aqib Talib, who never met a fight he would avoid. Maybe it’s Peters, or maybe it’s Andy Reid for being two different coaches in the same season. Maybe it’s Dean Spanos for moving his franchise to a Home Depot warehouse.
All I know is, through 13 weeks, nobody has a winning record, which while unusual isn’t unprecedented – the NFC East had zero teams even at .500 after 12 games in 2015. It’s just the way they’ve gone about it that is so remarkable . . . and remarkably loony.
So why not suspend Marcus Peters for something so perfectly bughouse? It is 2017, the earth is on fire again, American politics is now elections, resignations apologies and plea bargains, dogs sleep with cats, and football is eating itself.
Apparently one division at a time.

Chiefs suspend Oakland native Peters before game vs Raiders


Chiefs suspend Oakland native Peters before game vs Raiders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs have suspended Marcus Peters for Sunday’s game against Oakland after the volatile young cornerback’s embarrassing tantrum during a last-minute loss to the Jets last weekend.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Wednesday that Peters would not practice with the team as it prepares to face the Raiders in a crucial showdown between teams tied atop the AFC West.

Peters, an All-Pro last season, will return the following week against the Chargers.

Peters has been involved in a series of incidents that have reflected poorly on the Chiefs, but his antics last Sunday in New York pushed Reid to act. Peters threw an official’s flag into the stands after a late penalty, stalked off the field with a smile even though he had not been disqualified, then had to run back to the sideline without wearing socks when he realized his mistake.