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Warriors awaiting 3-point spark from the bench: 'It’s harder than I thought'


Warriors awaiting 3-point spark from the bench: 'It’s harder than I thought'

The Warriors took a chance in July. They gambled, hoping to fix a weakness that was clearly apparent even as they were racing to a championship last season.

Maybe they did. But nine games into this season there is no such evidence.

The Warriors still lack 3-point shooting off the bench, an issue they figured would be remedied with the offseason signings of veteran guard Nick Young and veteran forward Omri Casspi.

The Warriors rank 29th -- next to last -- in 3-point makes off the bench this season, which is precisely where they finished last season.

They averaged 2.1 3-point makes per game last season; they’re at 2.2 so far this season. Only the Knicks’ bench, at 2.1, is making fewer.

Young delighted the coaching staff and the Oracle Arena crowd on opening night, making 6-of-7 treys while playing 26 minute. In eight subsequent games he has played 66 minutes and made a total of six.

Young was hired a 3-point specialist -- he shoots more 3-pointers than two pointers -- yet he already has fallen behind second-year guard Pat McCaw as a backup wing.

“Right now, I’m going to be going to Patty,” coach Steve Kerr told reporters Thursday night after a win at San Antonio. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t change. He’s clearly played well and earned it. He’s got a year in our system. He understands it. He does a lot of good stuff for us. He’s earned minutes and he’ll keep playing.

“But Nick’s going to play, too. It’s just a matter of time. He’s got to stay with it.”

Casspi has been limited to six games while battling ankle sprains and has made one triple in 40 total minutes.

Neither vet can expect much more playing time in the immediate future. In addition to Young losing his battle with McCaw, minutes that might go to Casspi are being absorbed Andre Iguodala and Jordan Bell.

“Patrick has really stepped up his game and become an important piece for us,” Kerr said. “And Jordan, we’re just going to keep trying to get him out there as often as we can in key situations, to get him used to it.”

Iguodala, whose 3-point shot is streaky, has made two so far. McCaw has made three, with two coming Thursday night in the win at San Antonio.

Young concedes he is finding it difficult to make the adjustment from a starter playing 26 minutes a game with the Lakers last season to a reserve simply hoping to break a sweat.

“It’s harder than I thought, just trying to figure out when I’ll be getting in,” he told NBC Sports Bay Area this week. “I’m starting to get used to some of the thing, getting used to the guys a little bit. But I’m still working on the best way to come off the bench.”

There is plenty of time for improvement, and it likely will come. But the early results are not at all what the Warriors were looking for with their offseason shopping.

Nick Young's place in the Splash Family: 'Just got out of Rikers Island'


Nick Young's place in the Splash Family: 'Just got out of Rikers Island'

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the Splash Brothers.

Brian Witt of created the name.

So where does Nick Young fit into the splash family?

"I'm like the splash brother that just got out of the 'pen (penitentiary) -- I just got out of Rikers Island (laughing)," Young told ESPN's Rachel Nichols. "But I taught them the way, you know.

"I had to pave the way for them, you know."

Just your classic case of Swagy P being Swagy P.

In the season opener, Young scored a team-high 23 points and went 6-for-7 from deep.

Over his next six apperances (he did not play against the Raptors), Young scored 19 total points and went 6-for-18 from distance.

In case you missed it, here is who Young was for Halloween:

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Nick Young compares playing with Warriors vs playing with Kobe


Nick Young compares playing with Warriors vs playing with Kobe

The Warriors opened training camp on Saturday, Sept. 23, which means Nick Young has been around his new teammates daily for about a month.

In a recent conversation with The Undefeated's Marc Spears, Young talked about his early days with Golden State.

“Like Kobe, it’s a totally different set of stars,” Young explained. “Kobe, you had to say, ‘What’s up?’ to him and talk to him. He was very standoffish.

"But these guys, once I came in, were already all jelling. It was kind of like family. I was a little nervous. It’s a new team that just won a championship, and it’s a bunch of great players.

"But they welcomed me great, so I thought that was unbelievable right there.”

Young and Kobe were teammates for three seasons in Los Angeles.

In 2013-14, Young averaged a career-high 17.9 points per game, while Kobe appeared in just six games because of injuries.

During Kobe's final NBA season (2015-16), Young appeared in only 54 games and averaged just 7.3 points on 34 percent shooting.

In Young's first regular season game in a Warriors uniform, he racked up 23 points on just nine shots (and was a team-worst -10).

On Monday against the Mavs, he chipped in 13 points (10 in the fourth quarter) and went 4-for-7 from deep.

He's thankful for the opportunity to compete for a ring, and if he gets one...

"I will probably be on TMZ the next day. The celebration is going to be crazy for sure.”

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