Urban: Cain 'deserves' to light up Giants


Urban: Cain 'deserves' to light up Giants

Sept. 7, 2011


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Mychael Urban

Matt Cain made his 200th career start Wednesday, and it ended like far too many before it.He was great. He lost.RECAP: Cain's strong start wasted in Giants' 3-1 loss
As usual, he said all the right things afterward. He always does. But if you pinned the poor guy down and riddled him with some sort of truth serum, here's what you'd be likely to hear:Look, guys, I'm tired of taking the fall on these in the name of being a good teammate. I've got my Willie Mac Award. Now I want wins. So the next time I tell you my latest seven-inning, three-hit loss should have been an eight-inning, one-hit victory -- if only I'd made better pitches here and there -- go ahead and slap me in the side of the neck and call me a dragon.Why a dragon? I have no idea. Maybe because I feel like breathing fire right now. My career record is four games under .500, and my career ERA is under 3.40. I know baseball isn't supposed to be fair, but I also know that what goes around usually comes around in this game.Tell me. Please. When is what's gone around going to come around? I'm sick -- violently ill, in fact -- of waiting.Wouldn't it be nice to hear him finally let loose like that in public? In front of the microphones and notebooks that crowd him after each disheartening loss? Who knows? It might be cathartic in a sense. It sure couldn't hurt.Bruce Bochy, in a radio interview last week, said fans would be surprised to hear some of the things Cain says in the dugout when his latest effort is going wasted. Said Tim Lincecum lets loose, too. They go off, said the skip. They rant and rip.Good for them. Their teammates deserve it.Cain certainly doesn't deserve what he's gotten in Orange and Black, and Wednesday was merely the latest, galling example.

Gordon Hayward's first game with Celtics ends with gruesome fractured ankle


Gordon Hayward's first game with Celtics ends with gruesome fractured ankle

CLEVELAND -- Boston star forward Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome injury, breaking his left ankle just five minutes into his debut with the Celtics.

Hayward, who signed a four-year, $128 million free agent contract this summer, went up for an alley-oop pass and collided with LeBron James midway through the first quarter. He got his leg twisted underneath him as came back to the floor. Hayward collapsed under the basket and looked in horror as his left foot was pointing outward.

He put his hands to his face and dropped back to the floor as a hush fell over the sellout crowd inside Quicken Loans Arena.

Hayward's new teammates huddled in prayer at their bench as a distressed James covered his mouth and several Cleveland players nearby looked away. Hayward had his leg placed in an air cast, and James came over and consoled him before the 27-year-old was pushed from the floor on a stretcher.

Cleveland's crowd gave Hayward a roaring ovation as he left.

The team later confirmed that Hawyard's ankle was broken. It's a devastating blow for the Celtics, who had hoped to close the gap on the Cavs in the Eastern Conference.

Now, they could be without Hayward for an extended period.

Hayward spent the past six seasons with the Utah Jazz before signing with Boston.

The injury overshadowed Kyrie Irving's return to Cleveland after the All-Star point guard was traded to Boston this summer.


Warriors guard Shaun Livingston and Thunder forward Paul George, who have both suffered serious leg injuries, took to Twitter after seeing Hayward's injury.

49ers issue statement regarding incident involving Foster, Armstrong


49ers issue statement regarding incident involving Foster, Armstrong

Late Tuesday afternoon, a report surfaced stating that 49ers linebackers were involving an incident outside a club early on Monday morning.

The 49ers have issued a statement regarding the matter:

Mission Local is reporting that Foster and Armstrong were at Love and Propaganda near Union Square in San Francisco when they noticed a car circling the club. They reportedly asked security to escort them to their car at which point the car in question pulled up next to their car. two men jumped out of the car carrying an assault rifle and a handgun.

According to the report, Foster and Armstrong took off running and ended up at the St. Francis hotel where they promptly called police. Neither was injured in the incident.