Urban: Torres' Pain Opens Door For Would-Be Heroes


Urban: Torres' Pain Opens Door For Would-Be Heroes

Sept. 12,2010
Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com

SAN DIEGO --Before the first pitch was thrown Sunday, the Giants suffered a significantloss: Center fielderleadoff mansparkplug Andres Torres.Rushed to alocal hospital for an emergency appendectomy, Torres is expected to miss 10-14days. Its a potentially devastating blow for the Giants, because while muchhas been made of their outfield depth in general, deep in center field they arenot.Nor are theychock full of leadoff candidates. Hence, the return of Aaron Rowand to the roleSunday for the finale of the big four-game series against the host Padres atPETCO Park.The options incenter? Rowand and Cody Ross, with Darren Ford available in the event offurther emergencies.Rowand is aformer Gold Glover out there, but hes no longer an elite defender. Solid,though, as long as hes throwing to the right base and hitting cutoff men.Ross can playall over the outfield, but hes played more in center as a big leaguer thananywhere else. He runs better than Rowand and has a more consistent arm.Neither of them,however, is on Torres level -- and that much will be painfully apparent whenthe Giants get back to the wide-open spaces of AT&T Park. Torres, were hea bigger name with a longer resume, would be a very strong Gold Glovecandidate. Not only does he make a ton of spectacular plays, but he also makesthe right play, the right throw, and hemakes it far easier for manager Bruce Bochy to play range-challenged PatBurrell and Jose Guillen on the outfield corners.Offensively,Torres will be only slightly easier to replace. Hes been a great story allyear, riding white-hot streaks into conversations about who might be the teamsmost valuable player. But hes also prone to slumps, and hes been slumping oflate, batting .114 through the first nine games of the 10-game road trip thatended Sunday.If Rowand startsin center, hell probably lead off if only because hes the one guy on the teamwith significant recent experience at it, and itd be a heck of a story itselfif Rowand got hot and played a key role down the stretch.If Ross startsin center, perhaps Freddy Sanchez moves up from the No. 2 hole.Ford? Probablytoo much to ask of the kid to play a starting role during a pennant race.Better to keep him in a position to succeed, i.e., trying to impact games latewith his legs.No matter whatthe Giants do in Torres absence, the development is a bummer. But whats apennant race without a little adversity? Besides, adversity opens the door forunsung heroes, and whats a pennant race without one or two of those?

Ex-Cavs player claims LeBron wasn't responsible for Warriors tombstone cookies

Ex-Cavs player claims LeBron wasn't responsible for Warriors tombstone cookies

Months after the Cavs overcame a 3-1 series deficit in the 2016 NBA Finals to stun the 73-win Warriors, images surfaced from a Halloween party hosted by LeBron James.

In the images, cookies in the shape of tombstones with the names of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson could be seen on a plate. The date "2015-16" was written on the cookies, apparently signifying the year the Warriors stars "died."

It was the height of the bitterness between the two teams that have met in three straight NBA Finals. The Cavs didn't care much for the Warriors.

But now, more than a year later, one of the players that was at the party to trying to take the blame off LeBron.

"I was at the Halloween party. Usually, [LeBron's] trolls are funny, but that was not from him, that was from the catering company. That’s why he doesn’t speak of it because the catering company put that together. If you think that LeBron James throws a party and does everything from the cookies to the decorations, then you’re kind of insane, that he has a season to prepare for and he’s party planning as well," former Cavs forward Dahntay Jones said Friday on The Russillo Show on ESPN. "But that was the company that they hired. It just happened to be funny at that point in time."

Jones, who is currently unsigned, has played one game for the Cavs each of the last two regular seasons. He did play in the first six games of the 2015-16 NBA Finals and averaged 1.3 points per game.

Joerger shakes things up, Cauley-Stein responds with big game


Joerger shakes things up, Cauley-Stein responds with big game

SACRAMENTO -- Faced with demotion, you have two options, sulk or come out swinging. Willie Cauley-Stein chose option two Friday evening at Golden 1 Center.

After starting all 14 games to begin the season, Cauley-Stein found himself relegated to the second unit against the Portland Trail Blazers. The 7-footer looked energized by the move and made one play after another as the Kings came away with the 86-82 victory.

“I felt free - period,” Cauley-Stein said following the win. “Both offensively, defensively. I’m quarterbacking on defense. I’m getting to make plays on offense. I just feel liberated. I feel like it’s unlocking.”

The third-year big began the 2017-18 campaign with back-to-back double-doubles, but hadn’t notched double-figures in rebounds since. Over his previous eight games, the Kings’ starting center was averaging just 4.3 boards per game.

Against Portland, Cauley-Stein played sparkling defense, hit 9-of-17 from the floor for a team-high 22 points and hit the glass for 10 boards. He skied above the Blazers bigs for a rebound with 3.4 seconds remaining and his second free throw attempt sealed the win for a Kings team in desperate need of a win.

“Willie’s a hell of a player, obviously,” veteran big Kosta Koufos said. “He’s really athletic, he’s a special talent.”

Koufos and Cauley-Stein made a devastating defensive duo for Sacramento. Both bigs showed on the high pick-and-roll and avoided fouling the Blazers high-powered guards.

“That’s a crazy defensive lineup right there, me and Kosta play really well together,” Cauley-Stein said. “I’ve been waiting for that lineup since we started.”

Damian Lillard scored 29 points, but he shot just 9-of-25 from the field and 5-for-14 from long range. C.J. McCollum knocked down 8-of-15 from the floor, but he missed all four of his 3-point attempts as Sacramento closed out and pressured the shooter all night long.

Cauley-Stein wasn’t the only starter to find himself on the bench to start the game. Dave Joerger turned to a dual point guard backcourt, using De’Aaron Fox and George Hill side-by-side, while bringing rookie Bogdan Bogdanovic in with the second unit.

Playing off the ball for long stretches, Hill responded to the move with 14 points and five assists in 27 minutes. Fox had a quiet offensive night, but his defense on both Lillard and McCollum was inspired.

“We can both attack and he’s a great shooter so that really helps me,” Fox said of Hill. “He’s a mentor on the court. It’s a lot easier to play with him then to watch him play.”

Sacramento held Portland to just 37 percent shooting overall and 28 percent from behind the arc. They pressured the Blazers in the backcourt and slowed the game to screeching halt.

With the win, the Kings snapped their three-game losing streak and improved to 4-11 on the season. They jumped a plane for Portland following the game where they’ll face the same Trail Blazer team Saturday in a rare back-to-back against the same team.

The Kings likely be without the services of shooting guard Buddy Hield, who left the game in the fourth quarter with a sprained right ankle. Hield limped into the locker room on crutches following the victory and the initial indications point to him missing the rematch.