Warriors Merely Hanging On

Warriors Merely Hanging On

Mar. 6, 2010


Were really not judging the Warriors on wins and lossesanymore. Were judging them on whether they hung in a game or not. Thats not good. But thats the way it is, and so lets throw some stuffaround about the Warriors 122-117 loss at Atlanta on Friday ... Thats now two games on this trip where Anthony Morrow had abig 3-pointer that he didnt make. Against Miami, he had a 3 that would havegiven Warriors lead with 12 seconds left, but it didnt go down. Friday night, Morrow missed a 3 with 40 seconds left thatwould have tied the game against the Hawks. -- Speaking of two games now on the trip Never going toquestion Ronny Turiafs effort, but hes played a big role in two of the threegames thus far. Turiaf couldnt come up with Stephen Currys super-crisppass on a pick-and-roll that likely would have been a dunk and tie game lateagainst Miami. Curry got the turnover, and deserved it, but Turiaf had a shotat catching the pass.Against Atlanta, Turiaf committed an inexplicable sixth foulwith 44 seconds left trying to deny Al Horford a little bit from the basket.The Warriors had just gotten a three-point play by Curry at the other end topull within one. Horford ended up making both free throws to put Atlanta upthree, setting the stage for Morrows miss.-- My man (thats the way I refer to him) Bruce Jenkins in theChronicle wrote that coach Don Nelson wasnt in on the proposed deal that wouldhave sent Monta Ellis to Memphis for O.J. Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet. Hes absolutely right. Nelson had no idea about that. AndNelson has no say-so when it comes to personnel decisions. Thats the way itsbeen most of the season. This was something I banged out from a mid-December postabout the subject: Time to clear up a little misconception about Nelson andhis role when it comes to personnel matters. Point is, he doesnt have much ofone. From what Im told, general manager Larry Riley certainlydoesnt clue in Nelson on the day-to-day of whats going on.In fact, Riley makes a point not to include Nelson oneverything because he knows how itchy Nelson can get when it comes down to thiskind of stuff. If the Warriors make a trade, Nelson isnt going to be the onedoing it. The Stephen Jackson trade was all Riley and the next trade will beall Riley, too. Bottom line is Nelson is out of the loop when it comes tomost of personnel, and thats the way the Warriors want it.--Matt Steinmetz

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Steph Curry goes on rant over how Celtics-in-Finals comments were interpreted

Steph Curry goes on rant over how Celtics-in-Finals comments were interpreted

Stephen Curry wasn't taking the bait this time. Instead, he decided to fight back.

After the Warriors erased a 22-point halftime deficit to stun the 76ers in Philadelphia on Saturday, a reported tried to get Curry to talk about a possible NBA Finals matchup with the 76ers just like he had after Thursday's game against the Celtics. It didn't go well for the reporter. Curry wasn't having it.

"Hot takes. You can literally take one line of what I said and and say ‘very, very likely.’ Read the whole comment. I hate when that happens. I stand up here and talk for 45 seconds about that question and you want to take five words that put the Boston Celtics in the Finals. That’s the hype beast. I’ll be more specific next time about how I see the futures that surrounds who’s going to be in the Finals, even us. Whatever," Curry said.

A different reporter asked Curry if the situation frustrated him.

"Yeah, it did because, obviously, it was a question about Boston’s chances and how well they’ve been playing. I literally said they have to beat Cleveland because Cleveland has been there three times in a row. Obviously I made a joke because I haven’t been in Boston in the summer in a while. Probably nice weather. But the video is going crazy, so watch the whole video, watch the whole comment and you’ll get it right," Curry said before leaving the gathering of reporters.

Warriors F Kevin Durant won't play vs Nets due to ankle injury

Warriors F Kevin Durant won't play vs Nets due to ankle injury

A day after playing 33 minutes against the 76ers, Warriors forward Kevin Durant won't play Sunday against the Nets.

The Warriors announced that Durant is dealing with a left ankle sprain.

Durant finished with 27 points, five rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks in the Warriors' 124-116 comeback win over the 76ers.

This will be the second game Durant has missed due to an injury this season. On Nov. 8, Durant sat out against the Timberwolves due to a thigh contusion.

Coverage of Warriors-Nets begins at 2pm with Pregame Live on NBC Sports Bay Area and streaming on the NBC Sports App.