Funny guy Steve Kerr pulls out prop to fill time while reporters tweet news

Steve Kerr knows the drill.

He breaks news to the assembled media and then waits while those reporters tweet the information to the masses.

Usually, Kerr waits patiently while the reporters type on their phones. But on Wednesday, the Warriors' coach brought a prop to his pregame press conference.

As he sat down at the podium, he asked the reporters if they were ready to tweet.

"[Andre] Iguodala will start," Kerr said. "And just let me know when you're done."

For the next 15 seconds, Kerr used a nail clipper to trim his nails. When it appeared the reporters were ready for the press conference to proceed, Kerr told them he wasn't done with his maintenance.

"Hang on. I've got a troublesome cuticle," Kerr said before finishing and looking up to take the next question.