Lin rookie card sells for 21,580


Lin rookie card sells for 21,580

In case you had any doubts about the Jeremy Lin phenomenon reaching new heights of "Linsanity," (sorry, but at least one pun is obligatory) there's new evidence it has yet to reach its peak.

Consider that Lin's rookie player card, featuring him as a member of the Golden State Warriors and autographed by the former Palo Alto High star, sold for 21,580 on eBay Thursday. The auction had 36 bids.

The seller, Yair Rozmaryn of New York, said purchased the card for 1,000 from a seller in Toronto. He made the buy after two starts by Lin for the Knicks.

RECAP: Knicks LINtimidated in Miami

Rozmaryn is a dedicated card collector and Knicks season ticket holder. He's also a pretty good salesman. Here is part of his online pitch:

This is the HOLY GRAIL of Jeremy Lin basketball cards! This is Lin's Jersey 1725 and a 2-color patch for his best card in the world!!! Not to mentionthe card is graded BGS 9.5 GEM MINT!
There is NO BETTER Jeremy Lin card than this; a TRUE 11 Masterpiece!
We could someday be comparing this card to the Honus Wagner tobacco rookie and other great sports card collectors items.

The card contains a small strip of Lin's gold-and-blue Warrior jersey and is one of just 25 that were manufactured. The card is close to mint condition.

Lin's No. 17 New York Knicks jersey is the No. 1 seller in the NBA right now.

Klay Thompson randomly interviewed on local NYC news about scaffolding


Klay Thompson randomly interviewed on local NYC news about scaffolding

With a big break until their next game, the Warriors spent a couple days in New York City.

Klay Thompson spent part of his Monday walking around the city.

And as only Thompson could, he wound up appearing on a local news report. But he wasn't talking about basketball. Not even close.

Courtesy of Twitter user @MP_Trey, Thompson was interviewed on Fox 5 NY to talk about ... scaffolding.

"I usually observe if the piping and stuff is new. Sometimes, you know, something looks like it's been there a while, I try to avoid that," Thompson said in the report.

You can watch the odd video here:

The time Bob Myers questioned Mark Jackson's decision: 'I was wrong'


The time Bob Myers questioned Mark Jackson's decision: 'I was wrong'

Remember when Mark Jackson was the head coach of the Warriors?

During a recent conversation with ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Warriors GM Bob Myers shared the following story:

"I made a mistake with Mark one time -- after a game we lost, I went up to him right after we lost and asked him -- I think Curry had been having a big game and he ran a play for Carl Landry to take a shot to win the game; and it was a good play and it was a good shot.

"And I went up to Mark and I went, 'Did you think about Curry?' And he looked at me, and you could tell he was kind of containing himself, and he said, 'It was a good play. It was a good play.' And I look at him and I thought, 'I will never do that again.' If I don't trust the decisions the coach makes, then he's not the right coach.

"The coach gets to decide, right? I learned that lesson with Mark that I was completely out of line in asking him. And I apologized, and I'll never forget that lesson that I learned for myself ... I was wrong. And I learned that. So you learn more from mistakes sometimes. I don't do the debriefing with my coach after the game. Win or lose."

The Warriors fired Jackson a couple days after dropping Game 7 to the Clippers in the opening round of the playoffs.

Myers was named NBA Executive of the Year in 2015 and 2017.

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