Malone on Warriors' defense: '... a ways to go'


Malone on Warriors' defense: '... a ways to go'

The Warriors Michael Malone is considered one of the mostastute and knowledgeable assistant coaches in the NBA. Thats not just onemans opinion, its the view of many general managers around theleague.This past season, in a survey of all the NBAs generalmanagers, Malone was voted as the best assistant coach ahead of IndianasBrian Shaw and San Antonios Mike Budenholzer.Still, its very difficult to get Malones views on theWarriors during the season because head coach Mark Jackson doesnt allow hisassistants to speak with the media except in rare instances.But on Tuesday night, Malone appeared on After the Game,with Larry Biel and was asked about the team specifically whether he waspleased with the progress the Warriors made defensively over the course oflast season.Not really, Malone answered. We have a ways togo.While that answer doesnt exactly fly in the face ofconventional wisdom, its not quite the same thing that Jackson has been sayingover the past several months.As far as points per game, the Warriors were a betterdefensive team in 2011-12 than they were in 2010-11. Last season the Warriorsgave up 101.2 points per game; the season before that they gave up 105.7.But the reality is the Warriors league rank in thatcategory actually got worse. They were 27th in points allowed twoyears ago and 28th in that category this past season.When you come in as a new staff, Mark Jackson, myself andall the coaches and you try to change a culture and change a system, that takestime, Malone said. And the worst thing we could have had was a lockoutbecause it shortened training camp and you basically have no practice time asthe year goes on.But we definitely tried and we made strides at times. Butwere nowhere close to being where we need to be in order to be a competitiveteam that has to get back to the playoffs. We have a lot of room to growdefensively and offensively.Over the course of the season, Jackson expressedconsistently that he believed the Warriors were better defensively under hiswatch than under the watches of previous coaches.And in December after the Warriors beat the New YorkKnicks 92-78 Jackson went so far as to say: This is going to be strange tohear; were a defensive team.But they still need to get better. Thats something they canagree on.We do whatever it takes to put these players in a positionto have success, Malone said. Obviously, we have to do a better job of thatnext year. Working for Mark is great 17 years in the NBA a wealth ofknowledge played for some unbelievable coaches and basketball minds duringhis career. Obviously, he paid his dues and got his job and he did a very goodjob. And obviously we all have to do a better job next year from the coachesto the players.

Kerr dreams of world with quiet Trump and LaVar Ball: 'Wouldn't that be great?'


Kerr dreams of world with quiet Trump and LaVar Ball: 'Wouldn't that be great?'

In the real world, the President of the United States Donald Trump started a Twitter feud with LaVar Ball on Sunday. 

Trump believes he should have left three college athletes, including Ball's son LiAngelo, in a Chinese jail for shoplifting. In return, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wants the two to simply stop talking.

"It would be nice for all of us if both of them would just be quiet," Kerr said to reporters at the Barclays Center. "Wouldn't that be great?"

Coach Kerr on LaVar/Trump beef: “It would be nice for all of us if both of them would just be quiet.”

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"Modern life. Two people seeking attention and are both getting it, so I'm sure both guys are really happy," Kerr initially said when first asked about the two. 

Unprompted, Kerr then asked reporters for a request to help us all. 

"You know what would help, if all of you stopped covering both of them," Kerr pleaded. "Is that possible? You can probably stop covering LaVar. I don't think you can stop covering the President. I don't think that'll work." 

Ex-Warriors All-Star David Lee announces his retirement from the NBA


Ex-Warriors All-Star David Lee announces his retirement from the NBA

In the span of about 16 days, David Lee has made a lot of changes to his life.

On Nov. 3, he announced that he got engaged to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

On Sunday, the former Warriors All-Star forward announced his retirement from the NBA with a post on Instagram.

"An epic night celebrating my retirement with my friends and family! Thank you to my amazing fiancée @carowozniacki for planning the surprise!" Lee wrote as the caption for a photo of him with all his friends.

Former teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were among those that "Liked" the posted. Curry even left a comment.

"They'll still always have trouble with the pitch and follow man Man! Congrats," Curry wrote.

Acquired in July of 2009 from the Knicks, Lee played five seasons with the Warriors. During his time in Oakland, he averaged 16.7 points and 9.6 rebounds.

Lee was named to the Western Conference All-Star team during the 2012-13 season. He averaged 18.5 points and 11.2 rebounds per game that season.

The 34-year-old capped off his tenure with the Warriors by winning an NBA championship in 2015. After the playoff run, the Warriors traded Lee to Boston. He spent last season with the Spurs and appeared in 79 games.