The more Steve Kerr pregame comedy, the better

The more Steve Kerr pregame comedy, the better

Among the things that make Steve Kerr a media dreamboat is his willingness to play for a laugh. It is underrated next to his team’s performances, his gift for press conference gab, and his willingness to go political either on command or when the vagaries of the high pick and roll start to lose the crowd.
But when he decided to clip his fingernails for humorous effect during his pregame presser when the questions went boilerplate (as they often do with this team), he may have revealed a bit more about his team than he intended.
Namely, that he may suspect that mere metronomic excellence isn’t mesmerizing the audience as it once did, and questions like “Why are you starting Andre Iguodala?” before another standard blowout win suggest that the gold mine is beginning to play itself out.
In other words, he’s resorting to props in Game 12, and once you go to props, it’s hard to go back.
Kerr’s comedic timing is excellent by coaches’ standards because of his essential wit and his superior material. He has a team he doesn’t really have to protect from the evil media hordes (even though they continue to accumulate and are passing from horde-status to full-on route armies), and he isn’t overly obsessive about secrecy or the public’s right to not know.
But he also likes to excel at pressers because they give him a reason to go out and do them (other than fear of fines), and he isn’t one to hide his smarts behind one-word answers or faux-grump. He doesn’t hide his brilliance as a communicator in part because, well, it takes too much energy to do so, and he is going to be him.
Thus, going to prop humor this early is a bit dismaying. What next, makeovers? Harmonica solos? Juggling cleavers? Costumes? Shakespearean soliloquies with a face full of helium as part of a “Stevie Does The Classics 4 U?” team promotion?
We kid here, but not that much. He knows we’re stuck for new ways to parse the obvious (the Warriors win all the time, everyone expects them to win all the time, and they don’t bitch about touches or attention or credit or who got the last piece of salmon on the charter to Boston), and where narrative fails, comedy steps in.
Thus, we suggest he bring in surrogates from time to time to break the monotony. Not assistant coaches or other club employees or, worst of all, kids; I mean, you don’t listen to your own children so why would someone else’s be that riveting? I’m thinking entertainers from other venues, on a quid pro quo basis: “Sure we can get you courtside, but you have to do a little something for us.” Who wouldn’t want 15 minutes of Dave Chappelle before that December 14 showdown with Dallas?
Look, it’s an idea, and it’s well worth considering. I mean, if he’d have gone toenails rather than fingernails Wednesday, you’d know how right I am with this.

Warriors one win away from playing Pelicans in Western Conference Semifinals

Warriors one win away from playing Pelicans in Western Conference Semifinals

SAN ANTONIO -- The Warriors are one win away from advancing to the Western Conference Semifinals, and if they get there the New Orleans Pelicans will be waiting.

The Pelicans on Saturday became the first NBA team advance this postseason when they completed a sweep of Portland with a 131-123 win in Game 4 in New Orleans.

New Orleans entered the postseason as a No. 6 seed, while the Trail Blazers were the 3-seed and had earned homecourt advantage.

The Warriors have a 3-0 series lead over the San Antonio Spurs. The teams meet in Game 4 Sunday afternoon.

Should the Warriors close out the series, they would open against the Pelicans next weekend at Oracle Arena.

Steph Curry looks solid in return to Warriors practice with no sign of setback

Steph Curry looks solid in return to Warriors practice with no sign of setback

SAN ANTONIO -- Stephen Curry returned to practice Saturday, but there will be no miracle Sunday when the Warriors meet the Spurs in Game 4 of their first-round series.

“He’s coming along well,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “But don’t expect him to be Willis Reed tomorrow.”

The Willis Reed reference dates back to the 1970 NBA Finals, when the Knicks center came limping onto the court for Game 7, despite a torn muscle in his right thigh, provided an emotional lift that gave New York the victory.

Curry has missed the last four weeks with an MCL sprain in his left knee. The Warriors were pleased to have him back on the court for non-contact drills. He completed those drills along with his teammates, without any sign of a setback.

“From his movements, he looked good to me,” Kevin Durant said.

“He was really shooting the ball well and moving around well,” assistant coach Ron Adams said. “I don’t know how he’s feeling internally, but I like his attitude about this. He’s positive and upbeat and it rubs off on the other guys.”

Curry is scheduled to be re-evaluated next weekend, after which his status will be updated.

Though both Shaun Livingston and Durant rolled their left ankles in Game 3, participated in practice. Durant is not on the injury report and Livingston is listed as probable.