NBA Referees Association: We agree with Kevin Durant

NBA Referees Association: We agree with Kevin Durant

Early Wednesday morning, the NBA Referees Association felt the need to defend itself.

So it took to Twitter:

"We agree with Kevin Durant - the L2M report unfairly targets NBA officials, and reform is needed."

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On Monday afternoon, the NBA's "Last Two Minute Report" from the Warriors-Cavs showdown on Christmas Day concluded the following:

1) LeBron James should have been called for a technical foul when he deliberately hung on the rim following a dunk
2) Richard Jefferson should have been called for a foul against Kevin Durant with 3.1 seconds remaining

On Tuesday afternoon, Kevin Durant offered his assessment of the situation.

“The refs didn’t lose us that game. We lost that game; we could’ve been better. I think it’s (BS) that the NBA throws the refs under the bus like that. This happened to be in our favor – it’s not even in our favor; we don’t get the win – but to say that I got fouled and the tech . . . just move on. You don’t throw the refs under the bus like that, because the next game that group of refs, or whoever it is, they’re going to come out and they’re going to ref the game and they’re going to be tense when they’re reffing the game and they’re going to try to get every play right.

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"They’re going to try to be perfect, without just going out there and relaxing and making the right call. You can’t fine us for criticizing (and then) throw them under the bus for a two-minute report? What about the first quarter? The second quarter? The third quarter? I think it’s (BS).

"They should get rid of it. Our refs don’t deserve that. They’re trying their hardest to get the plays right, and you look at a play in slo-mo and say it’s wrong? I think it’s (BS) that they do that. It’s full of (s--t) that you throw the refs under the bus like that after the game, like it matters. The game is over. We’re moving on.”

The NBA began the "Last Two Minute Report" initiative in March 2015.

Draymond Green knocked out of game vs Spurs with 'a midsection issue'


Draymond Green knocked out of game vs Spurs with 'a midsection issue'

Already down three All-Stars, the Warriors lost their fourth midway through the first half on Monday night.

With just over nine minutes remaining in the second quarter against the Spurs, Draymond Green took a knee from a driving Danny Green.

Draymond was in immediate pain and left the court for the locker room.

Just before the end of the first half, NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke reported that Green was ruled out for the rest of the game with a "midsection issue."

The Warriors are currently playing without Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. All three are dealing with injuries that will keep them out several games.

What if they don't win the title? Joe Lacob says Warriors 'looking at different options'


What if they don't win the title? Joe Lacob says Warriors 'looking at different options'

The Warriors were the No. 1 overall seed in the playoffs in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

That is probably going to change this season, as they trail the Rockets by three games (although it's really four because Houston has the tiebreaker) with 12 games to play (and only lead the Raptors by one game).

What does owner Joe Lacob think about his team right now?

“We’ve had our best team we’ve ever had this year,” Lacob recently told Mark Medina of the Bay Area News Group (read the full story here). “We have to go prove it on the court, but we have enough to win it.

"It doesn’t mean we will, but we are certainly set up to have the opportunity potentially to do that. That’s about all you can ask.”

Things can change in an instant and Lacob understands that.

That's why he's constantly discussing scenarios with Warriors GM Bob Myers and the rest of Golden State's decision-makers.

“We’ll build around that core until we decide maybe we shouldn’t," Lacob told BANG. "But right now it feels pretty good. These guys are all performing at a great level. We love them as part of our organization.

"I don’t really see doing anything major. But you never really know. We have to evaluate when the season is over. It’s very hard when you’re in the middle of it all to see it objectively.”

What happens if the Warriors don't win the championship this year?

We will leave you with this quote Lacob gave BANG.

“Maybe we will emphasize continuity. Or maybe we will make a big move. We’re looking at different options, given different things playing out in different ways.

"I think you should always be doing that.”

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller