With Nike now part of FBI probe, what is UA frontman Steph Curry thinking?


With Nike now part of FBI probe, what is UA frontman Steph Curry thinking?

Right now, the bad angel on Stephen Curry’s left shoulder is whispering, “Go on! Do it! He dogged your shoe, now you can dog his! Just say it! ‘Nike and the FBI! They’re comin’ for you, K.D.!’ It’ll be funny! Trust me!”
And the good angel on his right shoulder is whispering, “No no no, that would be wrong and mean and it would cause more trouble than it’s worth. Although, yeah, it is pretty funny.”
Yes, as you suspected, Nike is now part of the FBI’s probe into selling basketball players to colleges for future services rendered. We do not yet know how far this is going, or frankly whether it actually breaks federal law, but now Nike has been tossed into the grease fire, and there doesn’t seem to be any flame-retardant foam in sight.
After all, when an athletic-money-dependent university like Louisville allows its INTERIM president to hammer the most popular and powerful man on campus and his chief enabler (Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich), you know some shady shade is being shaded here.
And college basketball being the new dictionary photo next to the word “corruption,” one can only imagine where the Nike trail will lead. More schools, more assistants, more recruiting tales finally spoken aloud and Dick Vitale in paralytic shock -- that's the way to bet.
And there stands Curry with UnderArmour, a relative outsider in the business yet still very vulnerable to the economic pressures of running hot in such an economically depraved environment.
So yeah, Curry probably won’t say anything, and his good angel will have triumphed. Although I’d be willing to bet the winning argument was when the good angel said, “What? You think your guys are clean? You want to bet your salary on it?”
And the bad angel slunk away in frustration. After all, he’d already won one this week with the Sports Illustrated cover, so there will be other fights to fight in our next episode of “Stephen Curry’s Bickering Shoulders.” Check your local listings for time and place.

Klay Thompson makes pledge to North Bay fire relief efforts


Klay Thompson makes pledge to North Bay fire relief efforts

Klay Thompson is putting his money where his mouth is.

[POOLE: Unprompted remarks about wildfires show Klay isn't who you thought he was]

Shortly before Noon PT on Friday, Klay posted a 30-second video to Twitter to let it be known that he is donating to the North Bay fire relief.

"Hey everyone. As we all know, Northern California has been tragically effected by these wildfires for the past few weeks. 

And I will be pledging $1,000 per point I score for the next three home games. And you can donate as well by clicking on the link below.

We will be donating to the Redwood Credit Union's fire relief efforts. Let's stick together because a lot of loved ones and families have been displaced and lost from these terrible events.

Property has been damanged but we can build this thing back up if we stick together and donate.

Thank you for listening."

The Warriors' next three home games are:

1) October 25 vs Toronto (18.7 points over 11 career games)
2) October 27 vs Washington (18.4 points over 11 career games)
3) October 29 vs Detroit (18.2 points over 11 career games)

Hopefully the Warriors will be able to create a lot of good looks for Klay during that stretch...

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Gameday: Draymond Green vs Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins


Gameday: Draymond Green vs Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins

Programming note: Warriors-Pelicans coverage starts tonight at 6:30pm with Warriors Pregame Live on NBC Sports Bay Area.

After blowing a 13-point fourth-quarter lead in the season opener Tuesday night, the Warriors will try to wipe away those memories with a win over the Pelicans on Friday night at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

The Warriors will have forwards Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala to help their cause in the home opener for the Pelicans.

History will be on the side of the defending champions, who have won 10 of their last 11 games in New Orleans.


Warriors by 8.5


Draymond Green vs. Anthony Davis: Coming off his injury scare, Green surely expects to be tested by Davis and his teammates. Green tends to thrive on even the slightest challenge. If he and his teammates can keep Davis under control (under 25 points, below 50-percent shooting), the Warriors will have won the battle.


Warriors: F Draymond Green (L knee strain) and F Andre Iguodala (back strain) are listed as available. F Omri Casspi (L ankle spain) is listed as out. G Quinn Cook will be activated, while C Damian Jones and F Kevon Looney will be healthy inactives.

Pelicans: C Alexis Ajinca (R knee injury), C Omer Asik (illness), F Soloman Hill (L hamstring tear), G Frank Jackson (R foot fracture) and G Rajon Rondo (L core muscle injury) are listed as out.


The Warriors have won seven in a row and 17 of the last 18 meetings.


THE BIGS: Whereas the trend in the NBA is to go small, a strategy the Warriors often use, the Pelicans play two traditional big men. In addition to Davis, who has 6-foot-10, they also start 6-11 former Kings C DeMarcus Cousins. Though both are listed as forwards (as Cousins prefers) both also spent time in the post. Expect the Warriors to use their small lineups in hopes of speeding up the game. Will it work?

DEPTH FACTOR: While the Warriors are relatively healthy, the New Orleans is coping with the absences of Rondo, Hill and backup centers Ajinca and Asik. Warriors coach Steve Kerr is unafraid to go deep into his bench. If the Warriors are prepared, in terms of conditioning, to set the fast pace they desire they’ll have a chance to wear down the Pelicans late.

ANGER MOTIVE: The Warriors were displeased with themselves after losing the season opener at home. Iguodala notes they tend to respond to poor performances by examining their mistakes and making corrections. They haven’t opened a season with two consecutive losses since 2009 and want no part of a 0-2 start.