Some crunch-time stats for Warriors players


Some crunch-time stats for Warriors players

By my count, the Warriors have been involved in eight gamesthis season in which the game was up for grabs in the final two minutes ofregulation. Those games were the following: vs. Utah, vs. Miami, vs. Orlando,vs. Indiana, vs. Memphis, vs. Sacramento, at Sacramento, and vs. OklahomaCity.The Warriors are 2-6 in those games.
I went back and looked at the play-by-play of each of thosegames to register some end-game statistics regarding the Warriors key players.Of those eight games, I left out the two games against Sacramento (one win, oneloss) because those were two games in which Warriors coach Mark Jacksonprimarily used the substitutes to try to close out the game.I also left out the Warriors 101-95 loss at San Antonio onJan. 4, a game they led by eight points with six-and-a-half minutes remaining.But since they were down five points with two minutes left, it didnt fit mycriteria of being close down the stretch.In the case of the Warriors overtime win against Miami, Iused the last two minutes of regulation and the last two minutes of theovertime. Yes, its arbitrary to pick the two-minute mark to start calculating,but it seemed to be the most logical place to go.Here are some of the numbers:Monta Ellis: In the last two minutes ofthose six games (Oklahoma City, Memphis, Indiana, Orlando, Miami, Utah), Ellis has gone 7-for-15 from the field and committed fourturnovers. That doesnt sound bad, and maybe its not, but it deserves a littlecloser look.Against Indiana, Ellis made three straight shots in thefinal two minutes to keep the Warriors alive. But that was also the night heturned the ball over in the waning moments, which led to a George Hillgame-winning three-point play.Obviously, if you take away that string of possessions,Ellis is 4-for-12 from the field in the final two minutes of those games. Inother words, almost half of Ellis made shots in the last two minutes of closegames came in one game against Indiana.Ellis is 1-for-6 from 3-point range in the final two minutesof those games, with his lone make being a cosmetic 3-pointer with six-tenthsof a second remaining that made the Memphis final score 91-90.Ellis got to the line just one time down the stretch ofthose games.RELATED: Monta Ellis game logs
Stephen Curry: Hes 0-for-5 from thefield with two turnovers in the final two minutes of those six games. He didn't attempt a free throw, either.RELATED: Stephen Curry game logs
David Lee: Hard to believe but Lee hastaken just one shot (a miss) in the final two minutes of those six games. Oneshot. And even thats a stretch, really, because the shot attempt was actuallya tip-in try off a rebound against Oklahoma City on Tuesday an attempt thatwas blocked. He didn't attempt a free throw, either.RELATED: David Lee game logs
Dorell Wright: Hes 3-for-3 from thefield and 1-for-2 from the line in the aforementioned situations, including 2-for-2 from 3-point range.Wright did all this in the Miami game, when he hit a game-tying 3-pointer with31.2 seconds left in regulation, then was big in overtime.RELATED: Dorell Wright game logs
Brandon Rush: Hes 1-for-3 from the fieldand 0-for-2 from 3-point range with two turnovers. Small sample size and infairness to Rush, one of those missed 3-pointers was Tuesday nights last-gaspattempt against OKC.RELATED: Brandon Rush game logs
Nate Robinson: 1-for-2 from the field,3-for-3 from the foul line. Robinsons make came against Miami, a game in whichhe did most of his damage to help bring the Warriors back before the two-minutemark.RELATED: Nate Robinson game logs

Poole's 2017-18 NBA predictions: It's the Warriors ... and everyone else


Poole's 2017-18 NBA predictions: It's the Warriors ... and everyone else


1) Warriors: Rave all you want about Steph and KD and Klay and the incredible offense, but the foundation is the hyperactive, highly intelligent defense.

2) Rockets: Behind James and CP, they will score and score often. They will be better on defense. This will push them, for the second time in 20 years, past the Spurs.

3) Thunder: Russ, PG and Melo all together in GM San Presti’s petri dish. There will be fireworks, and it shouldn’t take long to see if they’ll be beautiful or destructive.

4) Spurs: LA is plodding, Kawhi is limping and Tony P is at least two months away from being a ghost of his former self. This is Pop’s biggest challenge.

5) Nuggets: Millsap is going to help this team. A lot. If Joker stays healthy and the point guard play is solid, they could make a run at a top-4 seed.

6) Timberwolves: Thibs has gathered many pieces, some good and some duplicative. Why does this feel like a salad mixing old avocados and tomatoes with fresh lettuce?

7) Clippers: CP3’s absence gives this bunch a strange look, like a room without a roof. Not much to be ‘Happy’ about, though, except what The Logo can do for the future.

8) Trail Blazers: Points are going to come, but can anybody play D? Some team has to earn the 8-seed and I like the work Dame, CJ and Nurk put in late last season.

9) Pelicans: Boogie and The Brow. This could be epic, or epic fail. Only if Jrue stays healthy and Raj plays young (good luck with that) can this squad make some noise.

10) Jazz: Gordy and G-Hill are gone. Exum may miss the season. Coach Quin is solid, yes, but how far he can go if the second-biggest paycheck is going to Aussie Joe?

11) Grizzlies: Gonna miss oldes Zach and Vince and also The Grindfather, the best nickname in the league, in his element. Glory days are gone, so invite the dawn.

12) Mavericks: Someday, maybe 25 years from now, Cubes will let Dirk limp his way to the Hall. Until then, it’s mediocrity and less. How long will they pack the house?

13) Suns: They’re young and tantalizing. They may be good someday, but for now it’s the Desert Day Care center, with Papa Earl trying to keep the peace and survive.

14) Lakers: The Ball family is in the house, and Lonzo brings the promise of joy. They’ll be more half-watchable this year, because you don’t wanna see this D.

15) Kings: Titanic may be rising from the deep. Nice idea, adding old heads to work with youngsters De’Aaron, Skal and Buddy. But the Kangz are in the wrong division.


1) Celtics: This could take a few weeks. That five-game homer, post-Thanksgiving, should be the time for Kyrie, Gordy & Co. to go to work. What you got, Coach Brad?

2) Cavaliers: This is the year LeBron reaches the dark side of the mountain. That’s trouble for The Land. They could win 55, which is about how many games he’ll play.

3) Wizards: It’s time for John Wall to prove it, to take the Wiz to unfamiliar heights. If Brad Beal can stay on the court (that’s asking a lot), they’ll breathe on the Cavs.

4) Bucks: The D improved when Young Jabari went down, and he’ll be out until February. Hmm. OK. It’s close-up time for the Greek Freak. Can anybody make a J?

5) Raptors: The guards can score but can’t/won’t defend. How much does Serge have left? They’ll have it rough unless the big addition, CJ Miles, has a career year.

6) Heat: Love the Dragon. Love/hate Dion and Hassan. Don’t like much of the rest of the roster, though. Coaching truly matters with this bunch, and they have a fine one.

7) Hornets: A 35-win team in the West, which translates to 44 in the East. Malik Monk is OK, but Kemba’s the engine. It’s a low bar for Dwight. Can he reach it?

8) 76ers: Young Ben, aka Fresh Prince, is our pick for Rook of the Year. We like Saric. We believe JJ will help. But this is about The Process. If he plays 50 games, they win 38.

9) Pistons: Avery B will help the D, but until SVG finds a taker for Reggie J, the playoffs are MIA. Stanley J has skills. It’s time for him to show it.

10) Nets: Hello, D-Lo. We see you, Mr. Crabbe. The clowns won’t be so funny this season. Coach Kenny has ’em playing hard and fast. They can go from 20 wins to 30.

11) Magic: Other than AG’s hops, Jonathon Simmons’ grit and Mo Speights’ smile, there is nothing to see here. This club is 20 percent highlights, 80 percent yikes.

12) Pacers: After making the playoffs in six of seven seasons, you flip four of your top six scorers, including PG. What the . . .? It’s Lottery Time in Indy.

13) Knicks: New York works its rump off to make its teams relevant. The Knicks don’t care. KP6 is saddled with a frat-house clothes hamper of an organization.

14) Bulls: They’ve demolished the franchise MJ made famous and slithered into the basement once occupied, seemingly for decades, by the Sixers. We’re thinking 12-70.

15) Hawks: Baze and Schroder are the best Travis Schlenk has on a team that could go 0-for-the-West. We’re thinking 10-72, only because the least of the East is so junky.



Warriors over Rockets in 5


Cavs over Celtics in 6


Warriors over Cavs in 4

Report: After trade rumors swirled, Spurs give LaMarcus Aldridge an extension


Report: After trade rumors swirled, Spurs give LaMarcus Aldridge an extension

The San Antonio Spurs have reached an agreement with LaMarcus Aldridge on an extension that will keep him under contract for an additional three years.

A person with knowledge of the agreement tells The Associated Press that Aldridge will exercise the $22 million player option on his contract for the 2018-19 season. He will also get another two years and $50 million tacked on, according to the person who spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because the team has not announced the deal.

The Spurs open the regular season against Minnesota on Wednesday night. The agreement came as a surprise given Aldridge’s difficulty acclimating to the Spurs since he left Portland in 2015.

Aldridge averaged 17.3 points and 7.3 rebounds a game last season.