Warriors' Curry on Paul rumors


Warriors' Curry on Paul rumors

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OAKLAND Warriors guard Stephen Curry, the subject ofnumerous trade rumors linking him with the New Orleans Hornets, talked to themedia after Wednesdays workouts.Heres what Curry had to say about the reports linking himto a deal that would also involved Chris Paul.Question: So the latest is youre not going to NewOrleans.Curry: Really? Sigh of relief for me. No, just playing.This is the time of year with big free agents and especially with the lockoutand things condensed into a short period of time, its pretty much predictablethere are going to be a lot of rumors going around.Just focused on being back here, being with my teammates. Being happy being aWarrior. Im not really worried about everything thats circulating outside ofthe gym.Question: Whats it like to be involved in theserumors?Curry: Its weird. I get more phone calls and texts fromfriends and all that kind of stuff. They think I know more than whats beingreported. Thats just the funny part about it. I think I woke up this morningwith seven text messages saying 'Hornets, question mark.' So Im not reallyworried about it.I can just cast it off and when you come into the gym youdont hear any of that stuff. Only if you want to read the articles and watchTV are you going to hear about it."Curry was asked about the situation in Boston, where Rajon Rondos name was in trade talks, and people in the organization reached out to him to tell him theywerent trading him. Has anyone done that here?Curry: I talked to (general manager) Larry, (Riley) and talkedto coach (Mark) Jackson about it. They told me pretty much the same thing:Youre safe and secure here. They want me here. Obviously , theres the business of basketball and thereare things that may happen with a GM having to make a decision for the bestinterest of the team. When you have a guy like Chris Paul, who is a franchiseplayer, thats something you really have to think about it with anybody on theroster. I understand that . Im not going to be upset if they entertainedthat.Its nice to be in the conversation with a guy like that. Iknow myself, Id be part of a package, but thats something thats going tohappen when youre in this career, in this business, and youve got to run withit.Question: Have you talked to Chris Paul about this?Curry: No, were good friends. I saw him a lot over the summer andtalked a little bit about what was going to happen once the lockout was lifted.But I know hes swamped with things and trying to keep a level head. Hes makinga move for himself so Im not going to bombard him with questions. Hes notgoing to call Larry and say Make the deal happen. What else can he do?

Durant addresses scuffles with Westbrook after Warriors' loss: 'That's just ball'


Durant addresses scuffles with Westbrook after Warriors' loss: 'That's just ball'

As you might expect when Kevin Durant returns to Oklahoma City, things got chippy at several moments Wednesday.

Once during the second quarter and again in the third quarter, Durant and former running mate Russell Westbrook could be seen yapping at each other. During the latter incident, the two literally went nose-to-nose, touching foreheads before being sperated.

After the Warriors' 108-91 loss to the Thunder, Durant was asked about the exchanges.

"Man, that's just ball. That's just ball me. He's competitive, I'm competitive. We like to go at it. Both of us. That's just part of the game, so I respect it. I got nothing but love for him. I'm expecting it again when we play them again. All fun and games to me," Durant told reporters.

Despite what the cameras caught, Durant tried to downplay the level of emotions between the two teams on the court.

"Can't let emotion seep into business. Can't do that. So I think on our end, we were just playing our game. They just played better than us tonight. The emotion around the court, around the arena, around the city I'm sure was a little higher than it was on the court. can't let emotion seep in. Just have to play better than that," Durant said.

When a reporter kept pressing about the incidents between Durant and Westbrook, the Warriors forward pushed back.

"Did you watch the game? Or did you watch for the scuffles? The story is about the game. We lost, they kicked our a**, they played a great. You should give them credit for how they played. We should be better. It's not about who's in each other's faces. That stuff is not real. So please, don't believe it. All the fans, they are lying to you. It's all about basketball. They played a great game. We didn't," Durant retorted.

So how did returning to his former home for the first time this season compare to his first trip back last year?

"It was a little better. Nothing like the first. I'm sure everyone in the arena said what they had to say," Durant said.

The next two times Durant and Westbrook meet up, it will be in Oakland (Feb.6 and Feb. 24). The Warriors don't return to Oklahoma City until April 3, 2018.

Draymond responds to Embiid: 'Man, I love that dude'


Draymond responds to Embiid: 'Man, I love that dude'

Draymond Green and Joel Embiid are two of the biggest trash talkers in the NBA. 

After the 76ers blew a 22-point halftime lead to the Warriors on Saturday, Embiid tweeted "we know what it feels like to blow a big lead" to take a jab at the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals two years ago. 

Green finally saw the tweet and it looks like it's all fun and games between the two. The Warriors' defensive star says he's "looking forward to playing against you (Embiid) for years." 

While tweeting the response, Green had even more to say. 

In the Warriors' 124-116 win over the 76ers on November 18, Green scored eight points, grabbed seven rebounds and dished eight assists. Embiid scored 21 points to go with eight rebounds.