Warriors: deal is 'great news'


Warriors: deal is 'great news'

The NBA has been out of business sinceJuly 1 in other words, 149 days but it looks like it will be coming to anarena near you soon. The owners and players reached a deal early Saturdaymorning, meaning there will be regular-season games on Dec. 25.

"We're very pleased we've come this far," NBA commissioner David Stern said. "There's still a lot of work to be done."
The league will play a 66-game schedule,with the Warriors season-opener likely to come on Dec. 26 after threenationally televised Christmas day games.Training camps and free agency areslated to begin on Dec. 9.RATTO: More shame than celebration
The Warriors organization released astatement Saturday afternoon:
The tentative agreement is great news for ourfans, players and our organization. We are very hopeful the NBA will be back onthe court on Christmas Day.
Nothing is formal, but the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is expected to have the following provisions:- A full mid-level exception for up to four years, starting at 5 million that can be used by non-tax paying teams above the salary cap.
- A "mini" mid-level for tax-paying teams that's worth 2.5 million per season.
- A basketball-related income range of 49-51 percent, with the players getting closer to 51 percent.
- A 10 percent escrow tax withheld from players salary.RELATED: The latest NBA labor news"We thought it was in both of our interest to try to reach a resolution and save the game," union executive director Billy Hunter said.
NBA owners, general managers and coaches had been forbidden from talking about the lockout or players since July 1.The Warriors, in observance of that, sent an e-mail to reporters early Saturday that contained the following:As an FYI. We are still under lockout rules and cannot comment on anything until the NBA gives us the green light. (We) have no idea if that will be one day or four days, but we will keep you posted.RELATED: CSNNewEngland.com -- NBA lockout Q&A

Draymond responds to Embiid: 'Man, I love that dude'


Draymond responds to Embiid: 'Man, I love that dude'

Draymond Green and Joel Embiid are two of the biggest trash talkers in the NBA. 

After the 76ers blew a 22-point halftime lead to the Warriors on Saturday, Embiid tweeted "we know what it feels like to blow a big lead" to take a jab at the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals two years ago. 

Green finally saw the tweet and it looks like it's all fun and games between the two. The Warriors' defensive star says he's "looking forward to playing against you (Embiid) for years." 

While tweeting the response, Green had even more to say. 

In the Warriors' 124-116 win over the 76ers on November 18, Green scored eight points, grabbed seven rebounds and dished eight assists. Embiid scored 21 points to go with eight rebounds.

Why did David Lee retire? Warriors impact on NBA 'did limit my options'


Why did David Lee retire? Warriors impact on NBA 'did limit my options'

Last season, David Lee appeared in 79 games (10 starts) for the Spurs, averaging 7.3 points and 5.6 rebounds over 18.7 minutes a night.

He doesn't turn 35 years old until April 29.

But over the weekend, he officially announced his retirement from the NBA.

On Tuesday, the two-time All-Star explained his decision during an interview with Greg Papa and Bonta Hill on 95.7 The Game.

"I kind of had a little bit more of a strict criteria coming into this offseason. At the most I wanted to play another two years, and as you know -- I had another injury last season, so a lot of the summer was spent rehabbing.

"And with the NBA changing right now, the Warriors have caused a lot of teams in the league to say either we're gonna try to put as many guys on one team as possible to try to compete with the Warriors, or we're gonna go super young. So it did limit my options."

[POOLE: In his own way, David Lee was a launching pad for the new age Warriors]

You know the story: When Steve Kerr arrived in Golden State, Lee was slated to be the team's starting power forward. But after he injured his hamstring during the preseason, Draymond Green became the starter and Lee never got his starting role back.

In July 2015, Golden State traded him to Boston. Lee was waived in February 2016 and finished the season in Dallas.

So what is Lee going to do next?

"I either wanted to be in a situation where I was on a team that could be a contender -- which once again as you know limits it to maybe six teams if we're being generous -- or a team where I could play significant enough minutes to really be worth coming back and to feel like I was doing something meaningful.

"And while I had a couple opportunities, that criteria wasn't really filled. And at the same time, I actually got a call from a couple of my very good friends that I met while I was a Golden State Warrior -- that run an unbelievable venture capital firm and are doing incredible things in the Bay -- and offered to have me come work for them and have some very exciting things that could happen in the future.

"When the offers didn't come in the way that I wanted them to -- although I could go be someone's fourth big man on a team that's gonna win 30 games -- I decided to roll the dice and to try something new and I'm really excited about my decision."

Lee's new venture will have him flying back and forth between New York and the Bay Area.

So it's quite possible that Warriors fans will bump into Lee at some point soon...

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