Warriors' five-game winning streak second of its kind in franchise history

Remember when the Warriors started the season 1-2 and then moved to just 4-3 this season? Those days are long gone. The Warriors are rolling right now on a five game-winning streak. 

As the Warriors have won five straight games, each victory has been by at least 15 points, just the second time the team has done so in franchise history. Golden State last completed the feat earlier this year in the 2016-17 season.

From Jan. 12-22, the Warriors beat the Pistons, Cavs, Thunder, Rockets, and Magic all by at least 15 points. 

The Warriors have won by a total of 108 points in their current five-game winning streak with victories against the Clippers (28), Spurs (20), Nuggets (19), Heat (17), and T'Wolves (24). 

Through Wednesday, the Warriors (9-3) currently lead the Rockets (8-3) by half a game in the Western Conference.