Warriors players to host their own training camp


Warriors players to host their own training camp

Sept. 9, 2011


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Hardcore fans will turn their attention next week to the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas, where dozens of the league's players will convene for organized workouts and regular pick-up games. Word has gotten out that Warriors guard Stephen Curry and forwards Dorell Wright and David Lee will show up to play in what's being referred to as the "Lockout League."More important to Warriors fans, though, is what's happening after the first week of play at Impact. That's when a number of Warriors' players -- "basically everyone under contract," according to Wright -- will begin working out together, lockout or not.It's kind of like the Warriors' version of the 49ers' "Camp Alex."
"We're trying to get something going," Wright said. "Now's the time to try to put something together, get some chemistry, see each other and work out."The players have organized the long weekend among themselves. Because of the NBA lockout, the Warriors' coaching staff and front office can't have any contact with players. Lee said he's handling hotel logistics, and Curry is handling gathering up the players.Wright and Lee said they expect Curry, Monta Ellis, Lou Amundson, Ekpe Udoh, Jeremy Lin, Klay Thompson, Jeremy Tyler and Charles Jenkins to participate. The idea came about during Curry's wedding in late July, with Lee and Ellis in attendance.The entire group is expected to be in Las Vegas by Thursday, and they'll spend the long weekend together. Lee said wives, girlfriends and families are also expected to accompany the players."More than anything it's just us all getting together," Lee said. "We're just trying to stay on the same page. Normally, at this time we're getting ready back in Oakland, and so we're just doing that somewhere else. It's about getting to know the new guys and getting everyone excited about the season -- whenever the season is. It will be good workouts and good competition."Of course, this whole thing was borne out of the NBA lockout, which very much looks like it could delay -- or cancel -- the beginning of training camps in October as well as the exhibition season. If that happens - and training camps are shortened -- Wright figures his team could benefit from getting together early."We want to show we're serious," Wright said. "We've got potential. We know we've got to improve and that's what we want to do. We want to be good. I came from a winning environment (in Miami) and we want that here. We want to win."Andris Biedrins and Reggie Williams are not expected to be in Vegas. Biedrins has begun his personalized training program in Latvia and is expected in the U.S. in October, according to Bill Duffy, his agent. Lee said he's been in touch with Biedrins all summer and that Biedrins said he was going to try to make it but it didn't look promising.Williams, a restricted free agent, is in Spain, where he has signed a contrat to play for Caja Laboral Vitoria of the Spanish ACB League.Curry will be testing out his right ankle in competition for the first time since he had offseason surgery in late May. Curry missed eight games last season because of the ankle and had surgery to strengthen it after the season. He's been rehabbing up to this point.

Gilbert Arenas: Steph Curry is not a Top 5 point guard


Gilbert Arenas: Steph Curry is not a Top 5 point guard

Calm down Warriors fans.

Gilbert Arenas is just looking to make headlines (and it worked).

On the most recent episode of his show "Out of Bounds," Arenas unveiled his Top 5 point guards in the NBA:

1) Chris Paul
2) LeBron James
3) John Wall
4) Damian Lillard
5) Ben Simmons

Just to be clear -- Arenas repeatedly harped on the definition of "point guard" and considers guys like Curry, James Harden and Russell Westbrook "combo guards" or "scorers."

But obviously, his list is silly and full of contradictions. For one -- Lillard is a "scorer" who is averaging 6.2 assists (Curry is averaging 6.5) and is shooting only 40 percent from the field this season.

"I can't put Curry as a Top 5 point guard," Arenas explained. "You know he hasn't actually led the Golden State Warriors in assists ... you're a guard, you're a scorer ... if I pass the ball to Klay Thompson 15 times ... that means I get six assists a game.

"Then you have KD on your team, pick-and-roll pass it back -- he's gonna make at least six of those. So the fact that you're not averaging 12 assists from just two of these guys, is a problem."

Note to Arenas: Curry led the Warriors in assists in five of his first six seasons.

The other two hosts -- Adam Caparell and Pierce Simpson -- constantly brought it to Arenas' attention that the modern NBA is different and positions are not nearly as defined as they once were.

But Arenas didn't really want to hear any of that.

In his dissection of Harden, Arenas made it very clear that he is not a fan of Harden's turnover numbers.

"If the guy throws 25 passes -- 13 made buckets and 13 turnovers -- he is not considered a great playmaker," Arenas declared. "Thirteen assists compared to his 5.5 turnovers. He's not even 2 to 1 guys. Come on. He's not even 2 to 1. If you're saying a great guard, yes. He's a great guard. Combo guard."

Two things:

1) 13 + 13 = 26
2) 13 to 5.5 actually is greater than 2 to 1. It's 2.36 to 1

Oh well.

Caparell's Top 5:

1) Russell Westbrook
2) Steph Curry
3) Kyrie Irving
4) Damian Lillard
5) James Harden

Simpson's Top 5:

1) James Harden
2) John Wall
3) Russell Westbrook
4) Steph Curry
5) Giannis Antetokounmpo

This was a big waste of time, wasn't it?

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

Klay 'active citizen in the community' Thompson discusses local TV hit


Klay 'active citizen in the community' Thompson discusses local TV hit

The Warriors had an off day in New York on Monday.

So Klay Thompson hit the streets.

Why did he agree to take part in a local TV hit about scaffolding?

"I was walking and she asked me if I wanted to do an interview, and I said sure," Klay explained to reporters on Tuesday. "Interesting topic -- unfortunately, people got hurt. And it was cool to give my opinion and be an active citizen in the community."

Did she know who Klay was?

"No. It was great. It was nice," Klay answered. "The cameraman recognized me but she didn't ask my profession. Just what I thought about the situation, so I answered it truthfully. 

Don't ever change, Klay. Don't ever change.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller