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Bill Dance Outdoors
About Bill Dance Outdoors and Bill Dance
May 11, 2011, 9:05 am

Bill Dance Outdoors
One of the oldest, continuously running television shows of its type. It has aired since 1968 with a primary focus on sport fishing. Hosted by America's best known fisherman, Bill Dance, audiences are treated to an educational, humorous and sometimes offbeat way of having fun with the fishing sport and learning about outdoor products.

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Bill Dance is an outdoors legend. For over 30 years, he has delivered fishing advice on television in his humorous, off-beat way. To the avid fisherman, Bill represents the best that fishing has to offer. Even for people who don't know much about fishing, Bill Dance is the one name that stands out. Bill has been an avid fisherman since his youth in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Bill always dreamed of working in the fishing industry and in his 20's he began to fish competitively. His fishing ability was so great that he won over a third of his first 15 events, and finished in the top 5 of the others. He used this success as a springboard to a career in television. Bill Dance Outdoors was born in 1968 and progressed from a local to a regional and finally a national program. Today, Bill Dance Outdoors is seen on Versus.

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