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June 1, 2011, 2:06 pm

Into the Blue
Into the Blue is the most exciting and authentic offshore fishing show on television. Capt Steve Rodger and Capt Scott Walker each operate a successful charter business and have proven themselves in world class tournaments around the country. Eventhough they live only 50 miles from one another, their fishing styles and expertise are worlds apart. Scott Walker is a household name in the big game big game billfish circuits and has won over a million dollars in the most competitive tournaments.

Steve Rodger knows the southern waters of the Florida Keys as well as anyone alive. As an expert diver, Steve brings a different perspective to fishing and is as comfortable under water as he is above the surface. From the plentiful wrecks to the reef, Steve has developed skills and techniques that consistently separate him from his competition. Put these two gentlemen together and get ready to learn the subtle differences that can turn failure into success very quickly.

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Captain Scott Walker has fished the waters of the Florida Keys and the Mid-Atlantic for over 25 years. He is a very successful professional charter boat captain in local and regional sportfishing tournaments. But what really sets Scott apart from his competition is his work ethic. For Captain Scott every day and every activity is tackled with a level of energy and excitement that few Captains can sustain for a week, much less a lifetime.

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Captain Steve Rodger is a native to Key West, Florida, a true Conch and a rare commodity these days. Raised on the waters surrounding the Keys, Steve has a lifetime of fishing and diving experience. He started commercial fishing on his own at the age of 16, which is the youngest allowable age to obtain a COMMERCIAL SALTWATER PRODUCTS LICENSE. From there, Steve learned more about the Florida Keys both above and below the water than most people could in a lifetime. Steve continues to learn today through his charter service, Spear One Charters in Key West, and through his personal diving and spearfishing adventures. Steve is one of the rare few who are as comfortable below the water as above.

Steve is equally accomplished above and below the water. As a top charter guide, his time is coveted by celebrities and long time customers for his tournament winning techniques and his fantastic attitude towards fishing and life. Many know Steve as a shark fishing expert due to his top 2 performances in ESPN2's Madfin Shark Series, however, he proves daily that he is a top Captain for any specie. Under water, Steve tests the limits of his body and equipment by trying to hunt large fish in the open Ocean. His biggest fish to spear and subdue thus far is a Yellowfin Tuna that weighed over 200 pounds!

Steve brings his knowledge and experience to Into the Blue to allow others to see what fuels his passion. Watch for his incredible underwater videography to fill this series with captivating images of the Ocean's greatest predators.

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