Felger and Mazz

Jim Murray: MLB's message to fans is basically ‘we hate you’

Jim Murray: MLB's message to fans is basically ‘we hate you’

The Red Sox' excruciatingly long loss to the Tigers on Sunday inspired yet another heated discussion on Major League Baseball's pace of play issue during "Felger and Mazz" on Monday.

Jim Murray couldn't believe what he was seeing during the 4-hour-and-6-minute game, and he tore into the seemingly complacent MLB leadership for their inability to fix the problem.

"Just as a business -- it wasn't even a Red Sox thing last night -- that was a baseball thing," Murray said. "To me, what they said to their consumers last night -- which was me and everybody else -- (was,) 'F. you. We hate you, because if we really cared about you, we would implement the pitch clock. And if you want to stick here, that's on you, stupid. Otherwise, go F yourself.'

He added: "If it wasn't for the job, I really wouldn't have tuned into that piece of crap yesterday, as a whole. It wouldn't have mattered if that was Cubs and Cardinals. That was trash."

Michael Felger, who admitted he rants and raves about the pace of play issue seemingly every day, tried to step aside from the discussion, so that Murray and Massarotti could address the issue. But of course, Felger couldn't help but address the subject matter.

"It almost wreaks of arrogance," Felger said. "That it's that bad and that sticky, and they're like, 'Screw it.' "