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Esiason: Bennett's behavior 'reprehensible' in leaving Packers for Pats

Esiason: Bennett's behavior 'reprehensible' in leaving Packers for Pats

After the Patriots' 41-16 victory over the Broncos Sunday night, Martellus Bennett related how he wound up back in New England after ripping into the medical staff at Green Bay for what he says was mistreatment of his injured shoulder.

Boomer Esiason's not buying any of it.

"I think Martellus Bennett is living a lie," the CBS analyst said Monday morning on Toucher & Rich, adding: "It's hashtag Fake News with this guy. He is basically all over the place with his opinions about what happened in Green Bay."

Many of the Packers, including Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, leapt to the defense of the Packer doctors and trainers after Bennett's broadside, and Esiason believes them.


"[If] those two guys -- and they've obviously dealt with a lot of injuries over the years -- are going to basically speak on behalf of those doctors and trainers there, then whatever Martellus Bennett is saying is a flat-out lie . . .

'[This] is all about Martellus Bennett getting away from the Green Bay Packers because they lost Aaron Rodgers (for the season because of injury). And let's be honest. He wanted to go back to New England, he wants another chance at a ring, he wants to play with a Hall of Fame quarterback (Tom Brady), and he fit in seamlessly last night.

"So while it's smart by New England to pick up Martellus, I personally find it to be reprehensible that he acted this way towards the Green Bay Packers and now has found himself on a better team and a better situation. And it seems very selfish to me."



Breer: Hightower's pec muscle was 55 percent torn in March

Breer: Hightower's pec muscle was 55 percent torn in March

Dont'a Hightower's torn pectoral muscle, which reportedly will end his season, may have come as a surprise to outsiders. But's Albert Breer doesn't think it could have been a surprise to the Patriots, because he said Hightower had the injury well before he was hurt Sunday against the Falcons.

"[He] failed physicals in March because of this," Breer told Toucher & Rich, referencing free-agent visits Hightower made to the Jets and Steelers. "I know one team found that he had, at that point -- and this is seven months ago now -- had a 55 percent torn pec then.

"So that was why [the Patriots] were very careful with him in the spring, why they were careful with him in the summer. And I think the hope was that they could get through this year with it . . . "

As NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry noted, Breer thinks replacing Hightower with one person will be impossible.

"[It's] a gigantic loss," said Breer. "Look, they need playmakers in their front seven. They don't have many of them. And here's a guy who plays mulitiple spots and because of that, I think that, you know, it's going to take multiple guys to replace him and what he brings to the table."