Haggerty: Bruins put off tough questions with a couple of wins

Haggerty: Bruins put off tough questions with a couple of wins

BOSTON – It is nights like Thursday night when the Bruins offer a glimpse of what they could, and probably should, be as a hockey club this season.

Clearly, nobody is expecting the Black and Gold to suddenly morph into a Stanley Cup contender or operate at their level best every game, or even show the ability to beat a potentially great team like the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins on most nights. But the Bruins continue to tease at their highest potential ceiling when their backs are against the wall, or when they have more movers and shakers than passengers.

It wasn’t perfect by any means with a first period that featured some pretty big gaffes, but the Bruins rode that out and exerted their will in the final 40 minutes in a 4-3 win over the Penguins at TD Garden. The signature victory completed a two-game winning streak headed into the NHL All-Star break and left the Bruins with a good feeling as they ready for a weekend of rest and recharging the batteries.

Whether it was David Backes cruising around and throwing some heavy hits with his big body before menacing Phil Kessel or Colin Miller dropping the gloves and tuning up Scott Wilson, the Bruins were finally giving the home crowd what they wanted this season.

“I think if you look at the overall effort in that first period, a couple scrums there and people were battling and fighting and that’s the Bruins way of playing hockey,” said Tuukka Rask. “It’s good to see Colin Miller getting in there and showing some emotion. So overall [it was a] great effort after that first period and that’s what we need. The season is going to wind down and the games are going to get tougher and teams are going to get tougher so you need to play with that edge.”

But it more than a throwback performance to the Big Bad Bruins teams of Boston past. It was about the Bruins doing what they need to do in order to be successful and haven’t accomplished on enough occasions so far this season. They finished plays around the net by sending bodies to the front with Riley Nash, Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron all scoring in and around the blue paint area. They harassed Sidney Crosby in the defensive zone and kept the Penguins star without a single shot on net while clobbering him whenever he got close to the Boston net.

The Bruins also showed the unyielding backbone they were missing in the four-game losing streak, particularly in the pathetic 5-1 loss to the same Penguins team in Pittsburgh last week. They could have packed things up after falling down by a couple of goals in the first period on Thursday night, but it sure looked like the fragile Bruins team from the previous week had been replaced by a more battle-hardened group.

“We’ve hit our stride in these last two games, we’ve got to bottle this up and be able to rekindle these feelings of what it takes to win and do all the little things and put that back on the ice when we get back together on Tuesday,” said Backes. “It’s one of those things where we had a decision to make in here after the first. We were down 2-0.

“We either don’t show up for the rest of the game, and you get what you put in, or we make a push and bind together, stick together and play our hearts out, and we chose the latter, and you saw the result, and we get two points out of this game. That’s the choice we need to make more often.”

It’s good that the Bruins recognize that they haven’t played like they did on Thursday night nearly enough this season, but it was enough to push some of the uncomfortable situations hanging over the organization’s head.

The Bruins had their scouting staff gathered in Boston on Thursday night to go over their approach to the trade winds that are beginning to blow, but the last few wins keep the Black and Gold out of stark desperation mode. The wins also squelched the chatter around Claude Julien’s job security for at least the time being, and that’s something the Bruins players wanted to accomplish in no uncertain terms on Thursday night.

“The speculation [about Claude Julien] is driven by the media. They don’t have the sources that they may claim,” said Marchand. “You know, that’s not going to happen if they do their jobs. Claude isn’t the issue. You fire the coach, what do you do? It’s not going to change anything. Claude’s one of the best coaches of the game, and that’s not the answer for this group. Again, it’s driven by the media, and we’re not concerned about that in the room, we don’t think that’s going to happen, and we’re not thinking about that for a second. So, you know, you can put that to bed and let it go now, because that’s not in this room.”

Okay, so there’s all the good stuff from the two-game binge ahead of All-Star weekend.

The downside is still there, however.

The Penguins weren’t exactly at full strength while missing Evgeni Malkin on Thursday night. The Bruins needed two goals from Marchand in each of the two wins over Detroit and Pittsburgh to close things out. That’s not exactly a sustainable model of success for the Black and Gold as they need to continue finding different offensive sources in the final 30 games of the regular season.

The simple reality for the Bruins is that they’ve played more games than any other team in the Eastern Conference and they are just barely hanging onto a spot in the playoff structure going into the break. They’re going to need to play exceedingly well in February and March if they want to be a postseason team while continuing to develop their young players. Everybody knows that is a balancing act with a tremendous degree of difficulty.

“We talked about [the last win], trying to build from it and move forward and do the same thing tonight. I thought we did that, so, I think you have to build from the past two games. The way that we played [against Pittsburgh], the character that we showed, but also the physicality and toughness also was part of the game,” said Patrice Bergeron. “I thought gave us lots of energy and everyone was involved. It was great. I think you have to [find ways to replicate it]. You have to realize that’s what gives you success and that’s what makes you win hockey games is to be engaged and emotionally attached to it.”

So, the Bruins got a couple of wins and pushed off some of the tough questions for another day after flexing their muscles on Thursday night against the Penguins. But there’s going to need to be a lot more where that came from down the stretch of this season if they want to completely eliminate the undesirable consequences that come with falling short. 


Morning Skate: Bruins troll Felger for lack of confidence

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Morning Skate: Bruins troll Felger for lack of confidence

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while the Bruins are going into troll mode.

*Here is the aforementioned “troll mode” for the Bruins now that they’ve clinched a playoff berth. They came out with a marketing campaign where they’re dragging FOH (Friend of Haggs) Mike Felger for his early season take that the Bruins season is over. He also ripped the young players at the beginning of the year as well, so they used the sound from “Felger and Mazz” with video clips of David Pastrnak and Charlie McAvoy dominating for the Black and Gold, and shots of the young players mean mugging at the camera. It definitely shows that the Bruins perhaps care a little too much about what the media thinks about them, but it’s also a fair bit of clap-back toward a take that was a little too harsh on the B’s early in the season.

*What a great piece on the Stoneman Douglas hockey team as they embark on a national hockey tournament after winning at the state level in the weeks after the Parkland shooting.

*Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman says the Hawks aren’t shaken even as they’ll be missing the playoffs for the first time in a long time. What a disappointing season.

*Despite a great season, Taylor Hall may end up missing the playoffs with the New Jersey Devils amidst his Hart Trophy-type season.

*Good news for the Toronto Maple Leafs as Auston Matthews is returning from injury ahead of the playoffs

*For something completely different: This new, updated version of the Karate Kid web series looks awesome with Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio.



Cassidy eyeing possible Bergeron return this weekend

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Cassidy eyeing possible Bergeron return this weekend

Bruins star center Patrice Bergeron has been dealing with a fractured foot injury since late February. He sustained the injury while blocking a shot in the loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Coach Bruce Cassidy is predicting a return for Bergeron this weekend against the Minnesota Wild if he is medically cleared. He will be evaluated tomorrow.

Depending on the results from the evaluation, there might not even be a need to rush Bergeron back with the Bruins clinching a playoff berth in a 2-1 OT loss to the Blues yesterday evening.

MORE BRUINS: Bruins clinch playoff berth in 2-1 OT loss to Blues​

The Bruins currently sit six points behind the Tampa Bay Lighting for first place in the Atlantic Division. Ten games currently remain on the B’s schedule with the Presidents' Trophy also hanging in the balance.

If the B’s decide to make a run for the Presidents' Trophy, Bergeron would definitely provide a boost in play in addition to leadership for the final stretch of the regular season.