Celtics fans boo their way into Schroder's head in Game 4

Celtics fans boo their way into Schroder's head in Game 4

BOSTON - As the buzzer sounded in overtime and the final score read "Celtics 104, Hawks 95", there wasn't a fan in green not smiling from ear to ear, high-fiving a friend, or hugging a total stranger bonded only by the team that they love.

The TD Garden was a happy place to be, and even after the Celtics made their way off the court and down into the tunnel, plenty of fired up fans hung around just a bit longer, adrenaline still pumping through their veins after an exhilarating game from start to finish.

But "happy" is not what you would call the TD Garden for 53 minutes of basketball on Sunday. Sure, there were moments of jubilation, but just as quickly as Celtics fans could cheer on their team after a big shot, they were back to doing the things that make Boston of the most hostile environments to play in.

Add the Hawks to that list of opponents that have had their brains hijacked by C's fans, and name guard Dennis Schroder the captain of Team Rattled.

Schroder has become Public Enemy No. 1 in Boston for his scrappy play often times leading to scraps with Celtics players.

He's gotten into it with just about every player on the team. He got into it a bit with Jae Crowder on Sunday. We know what Isaiah Thomas got away with doing to him in Game 3. And we know Schroder didn't like it, either.

And now we know Celtics fans really, really don't like him.

They booed him every single time he touched the ball. And they booed him loud. There's no chance Schroder has ever heard a round of boos that loud in his lifetime. The only time he's going to hear louder ones are when the Hawks return for a Game 6 on Thursday.

And those boos got to him.

Schroder finished just 3-for-13 for seven points. He was a minus-20 on the night, the second-worst on the team.

"I wasn't even expecting that," Amir Johnson said. "I don't know what he said to the media or what but the crowd to just come out and boo him every time he touched the ball, I don't know what it was, but it definitely got in his head I felt like it because every shot he took or every time he touched the ball, they gave him a loud boo. So that was dope."

A basketball game is no longer just a basketball game these days. It's an event. There are dancers, promotions during timeouts, music, and plenty more. But the Celtics game operations staff does a good job of letting the fans take over at certain points. Whether it's getting on an opposing player, getting on the referees, or getting behind the C's, when it gets loud, it gets really loud.

Some players revel in being the bad guy. LeBron James comes to mind. Rajon Rondo comes to mind. Perhaps Schroder is one of those players, too. But on this night he seemed clearly affected by the attention directed at him.

"For sure. That's a part of being a young player," Crowder said. "He went one-on-one a couple times and that's what we want because we know their offense is not based on one-on-one play. But we felt like he tried to go one-on-one a few times, let the crowd get into it, but that's part of playoff basketball as well."

Every player is going to say they "have the best fans in the world". That's not a story. But Sunday's game was a reminder that this Celtics crowd really can have a major impact on a game's outcome.

It's certainly something Schroder won't forget.

"Absolutely. It's crazy in there," Turner said of the TD Garden. "I think they definitely help us out a lot especially when we go on runs. It becomes a loud gym and it's hard to execute and sometimes if you're a nervous individual it definitely has an impact on it."

Rozier gets a big test tonight against Thunder

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Rozier gets a big test tonight against Thunder

BOSTON -- Terry Rozier has stepped up his game this season. There’s no disputing that point. 
And the Celtics have rewarded him with increased playing time, which he has proven he deserves. 
While he has made the most of his opportunity with an increased role due to injuries, at some point Rozier’s minutes should go back to being 20 or so per game. 
It’s amazing how far Rozier has come in such a short period of time, from a first-round pick many questioned as being a reach on Boston’s part, to an integral part of the team’s quest towards Banner 18.
And it is games like tonight’s against the Oklahoma City Thunder that will put the experience gained by Rozier as a major contributor, to the ultimate test when he faces off against reigning league MVP Russell Westbrook.
No one expects Rozier to put up Westbrook-like numbers . . . but would anyone be shocked if he did?
Remember, Rozier’s first NBA start came this season and he racked up his first career triple-double. The next game out, he dropped a career-high 31 points. 
But as we get deeper into the season, he’s no longer viewed as a backup or a role player, They see him as a player that has to be accounted for, regardless of whether he’s starting or coming off the bench. 
“There’s a lot of teams in this league you could easily see him starting for,” a league executive told NBC Sports Boston via text. “He’s not Kyrie [Irving] obviously, and he’s a different kind of player than Marcus [Smart], but he can play. If teams didn’t know it before, they know it now.”
Rozier may not be a secret anymore, but here are five under-the-radar story lines to keep an eye on tonight as the Celtics go for the season sweep against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 


If the Celts expect to win tonight, they better get it done in four quarters of play. Because overtime has been a good time for the Thunder. They come into tonight’s game with a 3-0 record in overtime this season. They are one of eight teams with an unblemished overtime record, and no other team in the league this season has as more wins (3) in overtime without a single defeat. 


The NBA hit Marcus Morris up for $15,000 following “verbal abuse of a game official” at the end of Boston’s 108-89 loss at New Orleans.  Morris will be lighter in the wallet, obviously. But it also might get him even more fired up tonight which could lead to him lighting up the Thunder. 


Scoring around the basket has not been a strength of the Celtics, but with key players on the perimeter hurt, Boston has to generate points in other ways. Doing so against the Thunder, a team that has allowed 43.1 points in the paint per game --10th-fewest allowed in the league this season -- will be a challenge.


At some point tonight, Boston will be challenged to get back on defense and not allow Russell Westbrook to score on the break. The Celtics have been one of the league’s better transition defense teams in allowing 10.2 fast-break points, which is the fourth-fewest allowed per game this season. Meanwhile, the Thunder average 14.1 fast-break points, which ranks third in the league. 


The Celtic players talk all the time about how great the TD Garden crowd can be. But at the end of games lately, they haven’t let them much to cheer about. The C's come into tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with losses in five of their last seven home games with the lone wins coming over Memphis and Charlotte – two teams currently out of playoff seeding. Boston’s last home win over a team that’s currently in the top 8 was a 97-96 win over Portland on Feb. 4, a game in which Al Horford hit a game-winning, fadeaway jumper as time expired.


Report: Kyrie Irving may need screws removed from knee

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Report: Kyrie Irving may need screws removed from knee

BOSTON — Kyrie Irving is reportedly going to get a second opinion on his sore left knee which may result in him having season-ending surgery.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Tony Massarotti reported on Tuesday that Irving will get a second opinion as early as Wednesday.

Irving suffered a fractured left knee cap during the 2015 NBA Finals.

He underwent surgery that sidelined him for the rest of the playoffs.

The surgical procedure performed on his knee involved the insertion of screws to aid the stabilization of the  kneecap.

The Celtics have already been ravaged by injuries this season. They lost Gordon Hayward just five minutes into the season due to a left ankle injury. Daniel Theis is out for the season with a torn meniscus injury to his left knee. Marcus Smart recently had right thumb surgery that will keep him out for the rest of the regular season, with there being a chance he will return at some point for the playoffs. And Jaylen Brown suffered a concussion that has him sidelined, as well.