Could Celtics take Lonzo Ball over Markelle Fultz?

Could Celtics take Lonzo Ball over Markelle Fultz?

Assuming the Celtics keep the first overall, nobody expects them to take anyone but Markelle Fultz. 


Yet it’s been a month since the NBA lottery and we’re bored. What if the Celtics pull off a stunner and take Lonzo Ball instead? Here’s Brian Scalabrine’s take on the UCLA point guard: 

I think he’s a good player. I don’t know if physically he could be a dominant player in the NBA. I don’t think that they’ll take him just for the simple fact that he didn’t come in and work out. That could have swayed them to take him, but I don’t think that just seeing him in college and not getting him in for a workout would be enough. 

Is there a dropoff in this draft class after Ball? 

No. I think Josh Jackson’s really good. Let’s keep it real. At the end of the day, I don’t think you really know until you get a guy and he has the heart and the head and is he going to be afraid of the moment? You might like guys that are talented, and I get all that, but there’s a certain point, I mean look at Isaiah Thomas: 60th pick in the draft and he’s one of the best players in the league.

You draft guys based on talent, you draft guys based on ability, but at the end of the day, how driven you are is really what makes you great in this league. 

How much should the Celtics factor in LaVar Ball’s involvement? 

I think I would weight it. I would take it into consideration. You have to. You have t take everything into consideration. You’re picking a guy for your future. Why would you ignore it? 

Is an involved parent a major red flag?  

Injury history would probably be the biggest red flag, but no, I don’t think that [LaVar]’s a big red flag. It’s something you have to address. When you make a pick, you don’t just ignore what’s going on out there. You have to look at the kid’s attitude, his behavior, everything like that. 

Marcus Smart physically cleared to play

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Marcus Smart physically cleared to play

The Celtics might have a big piece back for Tuesday night's Game 5 against the Bucks. 

Marcus Smart, out since last month after undergoing thumb surgery, has been physically cleared to play. The Celtics have yet to announce whether Smart will definitely play Tuesday, but it's hard to imagine the ultra-competitive Smart wouldn't. 

Smart's potential return might go a long way towards the Celtics reclaiming their series lead after winning Games 1 and 2 before dropping two straight in Milwaukee. His impact on games against the Bucks during the regular season illustrated how much his defense can help. 

How to watch/stream Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics, Game 5

How to watch/stream Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics, Game 5

Tune into NBC Sports Boston to watch Game 5 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs, as the Celtics host the Bucks at TD Garden. You can also click here to watch the Celtics livestream presented by Nissan on the NBC Sports App. Coverage begins at 6 p.m. with Celtics Pregame Live Presented by ACE Ticket.

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