Dooling issues thanks for those who helped him


Dooling issues thanks for those who helped him

This is like my retirement speech, Keyon Dooling said with a laugh.

Dooling is stepping away from the game after 12 years in the NBA. The veteran guard has a long list of those he would like to thank for their roles over the course of his basketball career, from growing up to the pros.

"I would really love to thank John Hammond, Alvin Gentry, Dennis Johnson, Stan Van Gundy, Pat Riley, Eric Spoelstra, Brian Hill, Stan Van Gundy again, Scott Skiles, Mike Dunleavy, Doc Rivers, Lawrence Frank, and all those assistant coaches who poured into me, all the trainers who helped me get through my injuries, all the community people who allowed me to go and be a blessing in the communities, all the PR people who allowed me to get my voice out there, David Stern, Adam Silver, Chrysa Chin, all those great people from the NBA who poured into me, Derek Fisher, all the people who served on the board, Theo Ratliff, Mo Evans, Roger Mason, James Jones, Billy Hunter, Todd Hunter, all these great people, all the great media people who connected with me. Thank you for loving me, thank you for respecting me, thank you for helping me, thank you for everything that everybody has ever done. My family my wife Natosha, my children Deneal, Gabrielle, Jordan, and Keyon Jr, my mother-in-law Gwendolyn Smart, my brother Cedric Johnson, my god brother Harry Turner, my brothers Leroy and Eric Dooling who taught me how to play ball, my father, my mother, Clarence Westbrook, my best friend and college teammate, my brother-in-law Kevin Smart who's locked up, and Dirk Minnifield, my NBPA mentor, all my high school coaches. Norm Stewart and all the college coaches, my AAU coaches, and all these great people. Kenge Stevenson, Stan Remy my trainer, and all my former agents and pastors, my therapist Timothy Benson for aiding through my issues! We all need help. I was literally raised by a village and it takes a village to raise a child. I think Im a strong enough man that I can finally give back with purity. So thank you to all for recognizing Keyon Dooling. Thank you."