Garnett wants to retire as a Celtic (again)


Garnett wants to retire as a Celtic (again)

Kevin Garnett is currently out in China doing some work for his sneaker sponsor, ANTA. (We've all been there.) And, as has been reported by numerous outlets, Garnett said in a recent interview with the Chinese media that he intends to retire as a member of the Celtics.

I want to finish my career as a Celtic, said Garnett. This is it. I dont plan on bouncing from team-to-team, thats not really the plan. Hopefully God willing, I can finish my career out in the classy, elegant with a class-full organization as Boston. I dont want to downgrade. I want to continue to be where Im at. This is the first option and hopefully the only option.

Oops. Actually, wait. That's not from this week. That's from last September. So, here's my question: If he said that back then, then why did we spend a few months last spring speculating over whether Garnett would take more money to head to LA, Brooklyn or San Antonio?

It's easy. Because we have the collective memory of a goldfish.

So, here's my point: In the insanely unlikely chance that Garnett plays out these next three years and finds himself ready and able to sign yet another NBA contract, let's please remember what he said last September to the Globe, and what he said again this week in China: "I will retire as a Celtic, for sure."

He's not going anywhere else.

He never was.

Except for maybe China. But not until next off-season.

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