LeBron: 'Only time will tell' if Boston-Miami is a rivalry


LeBron: 'Only time will tell' if Boston-Miami is a rivalry

By Jessica Camerato

BOSTON - The visitors' locker-room door swung open and he silently emerged. As he walked down the hall, a herd of reporters scurried after him. There was no doubt which player could draw such a crowd without saying a word.

On Tuesday night, LeBron James held court before the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat kicked off the 2010-11 NBA season:
Instant rivalry?
"Only time will tell if the Celtics and Heat are Eastern Conference rivals. I think it's two good teams, two great franchises. I bet every time we go against each other, it's going to be a battle. Only time will tell. They've played Boston numerous times in the playoffs, and I've won against them in Cleveland, and there's been some great games, but we'll see what develops out of this series."

Lessons learned from Celtics Big Three
"I just think how they just sacrifice everything. Their first year together, they didn't worry about points or rebounds, anything individually. They just went out and did what's best for the team. It's not like we needed it, but you could look at that as an example and we've taken it."

Forty points arent necessary
"I don't think I have to score a lot for us to be in the game because we have so many options. There's going to be times where I do score a lot of points. There's going to be times when D-Wade and C-Bosh score a lot of points. But at the end of the day, it's about winning."

Putting the pieces together
"It's different because I haven't been in this situation where we've had a brand new team in a long time. I think in '06 or '07, we had a brand new team in Cleveland, I think it took us a little while. Even last year, we started the season 0-2 and everybody was like me and Shaq couldnt co-exist and things weren't going to work, and then we ran off a lot of games straight. So only time will tell. We'll see what happens tonight, but one thing we can control is just playing hard."

Analyzing the Nike commercial
"I think what I look back on is, should I be who you want me to be? Or should I just be me? That's where I've got to this point. I respect everyone who's had an opinion, but at the same time you've got to do whats best for yourself. I think everyone has to do that."

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BEST OF BST PODCAST: Celtics can't get it done without Kyrie


BEST OF BST PODCAST: Celtics can't get it done without Kyrie

0:41 - With Kyrie Irving out with shoulder soreness the Celtics looked like a shell of themselves, losing to the 76ers, 89-80. A. Sherrod Blakely joins Michael Holley and D.J. Bean from the TD Garden to break down the loss.

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Kyrie Irving: Sitting out with shoulder injury 'just precautionary'

Kyrie Irving: Sitting out with shoulder injury 'just precautionary'

BOSTON – Kyrie Irving has long since understood the balancing act he must walk between embracing the moment while being mindful of the big picture. 

That’s why the decision to sit out Boston’s 89-80 loss to Philadelphia was one that, while certainly didn’t do Boston any favors against the Sixers on Thursday, it does provide him some much-needed downtime to rest his sore left shoulder.

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The good news is that tests taken on the shoulder show no structural damage. And with the way the schedule is shaping up now, Irving will have plenty of time to rest and be ready to play when the Celtics return to the floor on Sunday to host the Orlando Magic. 

“Just precautionary stuff, making sure everything's alright from a strength perspective,” was how Irving described the injury. “Obviously a few days will put me where I need to be. And we'll just see what goes on for Sunday's game, but you know it's nothing too crazy, just giving me a little discomfort over the last few weeks and I've just been playing through it doing what's best in terms of preparing best for every single game. I thought it was best just to get a few tests and make sure everything's alright so, everything's cool.”

Irving said the tests came back negative which is a huge positive for the Celtics and Irving who was selected as an NBA all-star starter for next month’s game. 

As far as how it happened, Irving said there was no specific event or play in which he suffered a blow to the shoulder or anything like that. 

“Gradual soreness” is how Irving described the injury.  “You know, kinda going into my shot, driving left, just not feeling as confident as I would like to be and just thought it would be best just to take a day or two to get it evaluated, meet with our medical staff, meet with our strength conditioning coach and strengthen it up and then hopefully go on Sunday.”

The Celtics (34-12) have now lost two of the three games they played this season without Irving. It is a small sample size, but there’s no denying the impact that a healthy Irving has on this roster when it comes to impacting winning. 

“First off, I just had to make sure some of the major parts of my shoulder just weren't damaged,” said Irving who added, “And then at this point it's just a strength program and doing what's best with that.”