LeBron's secret to improving with age? 'Living the right way'

LeBron's secret to improving with age? 'Living the right way'

When NBA players hit their early 30s, the game doesn’t slow down any more than usual.
But the same doesn’t hold true for their bodies. At that point, they're usually in a clear and undeniable decline.
And then there’s LeBron James, who continues to defy physics on a daily basis. He's a perennial superstar who still ranks among the game’s top-five players on the eve of turning 32 years old on Friday.
He will once again be a major hurdle for the Celtics to overcome if they are to upset James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Quicken Loans Arena tonight.
James, a 12-time All-Star and four-time NBA MVP (2009-10, 2012-13), says there’s no specific rhyme or reason to why he has been able to seemingly stay the course or improve with age.
“I don’t know. Must be wine drinking; get better with age I guess,” James told reporters following the team’s shoot-around on Thursday. “I feel great. I’m having one of the best statistical seasons of my career. I’m just going to try and keep going.”
What’s impressive about James’ play this season isn’t necessarily the statistics he’s putting up, but the consistency in which his play now is seemingly not all that different than it was four, five, even six years previously.
And that on so many levels is what makes this season such a remarkable one for a player who has done all that you can in this league on both an individual and team level as he plays in the early stages of his 14th NBA season.
This season, James is averaging 25.5 points per game, which is slightly more than the 25.3 points he has averaged each of the past two seasons. His 8.6 assists per game average would match his career best from the 2009-2010 season. And the 7.9 rebounds he hauls down per game is just one-tenth of a point below his 8.0 boards per game average in 2013.
And while many would like to modify or change some things as they get further along in age, again James goes against the grain.
“Just keep living; keep living,” he said. “I’m living the right way. Everything is trickling down to my loved ones and people that support me. I have nothing to change.”

Gordon Hayward rips back a morning workout while repping his Butler Bulldogs

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Gordon Hayward rips back a morning workout while repping his Butler Bulldogs

There hasn't been all positive news surrounding Gordon Hayward as of late.

The Celtics have been shooting down rumors of Hayward returning this season. Recent news has detailed a minor setback in his recovery.

But it's always good to see the C's superstar up early crushing a workout in the weightroom.

We might not see him back in 2018, but his dedication during recovery is something to admire.


Celtics look to continue rolling on the road

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Celtics look to continue rolling on the road

It seems all season we’ve talked about the Boston Celtics overcoming adversity, whether it be a bad injury to a key player or a blown assignment leading to a loss.

Nowhere is this more apparent than their play on the road this season which ranks among the best in the NBA.

The Celtics will look to continue on their road warrior-like ways tonight at New Orleans, a team that’s fighting for playoff position in the tighter-than-usual Western Conference.

In recent years, the terrain has been rough for teams from the East venturing into Western Conference territory.

For this year’s Celtics?

Not so much.

Boston comes into tonight’s game with a 17-7 record against Western Conference teams, tops among all teams in the East.

And while Boston has eight road games left this season, they are on pace to finish with one of the best road records in franchise history.

Currently 24-9 away from the TD Garden (tops in the East, third overall in the NBA), that’s a winning percentage of .727 which is the fourth-highest in franchise history.

Here are five under-the-radar story lines to keep an eye on when the Boston Celtics take on the New Orleans Pelicans tonight.


It’s a given that Al Horford will spend time defending Anthony Davis tonight. And while Davis will likely have a strong night scoring the ball, you can count on Horford making it extremely tough on him. When the two teams met on Jan. 16, Davis was 8-for-19 shooting for 16 points in 52 possessions when defended by Horford. For the game, Davis had 45 points on 16-for-34 shooting.


We’ve seen “Playoff" Rondo and “National TV" Rondo deliver some impressive performances in the past. What will we see from “Well-Rested” Rondo? The Pelicans gave the ex-Celtic the night off on Saturday as to not play him in back-to-back games. Of the two games, it made sense to sit him against the Rockets and have him ready to roll against a Boston Celtics team that will not have its full complement of players available.


Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry had some choice words about the officiating in New Orleans’ 107-101 loss to Houston on Saturday that he clearly felt cost his team a better chance at winning. The only cost in play now is how big will the check be that he’ll pay the league for his comments about the officiating. His issue was that Anthony Davis doesn’t get enough calls based on the physical abuse he takes per game. Davis ranks fourth in the NBA in free throw attempts (7.8) per game, but only had four attempts against the Rockets. It’ll be worth watching whether the Pelicans, 16th in the league in free throw attempts (21.4) per game, will get to the line significantly more or less than their season average.


One of the keys to Boston’s improved play since returning to the floor since the all-star break, has been their ability to begin games with strong play. Boston has outscored their opponent in the first quarter each of the last eight games, and 10 of 11. In addition, Boston has been ahead at the half in each of their 10 games since the all-star break, which comes on the heels of trailing at the half in the seven games prior to the break.


Jayson Tatum has been one of the most impactful rookies in the NBA this season which will likely land him a spot on the NBA’s all-rookie first or second team. One of the strengths of Tatum has been his durability, evident by him being one of just two first-year players to appear in each of his team’s games played this season. He is joined by Memphis’ Dillon Brooks.