One more for the C's


One more for the C's

Just one more quick post today, because I've got an end-of-Celtics-season project that needs to be finished for tomorrow. It's called "Celtics Yearbook" and should be fun. In the meantime this.

There's a lot of talk about how the Celtics should or will approach tomorrow night's game with the Bucks. On one hand, there's still an opportunity to earn home court in the first round. And when you consider that the Bucks have nothing to play for, while Atlanta's opponent Dallas has a lot more to play for and a lot more to play with, there's a pretty good chance for the C's to sneak ahead. That is, if they care to.

Because the other side of the argument is this: Who needs home court? The Celtics can beat Atlanta regardless of where they play the first two games. Instead, it's more important for Rondo, KG, Pietrus, Stiemsma and hopefully Ray Allen to be ready and rested for the Hawks in Game 1 than to break their backs against Milwaukee in Game 66. And I agree.

But I'll say this: If we're worried about one regular season game setting any of these guys back and legitimately affecting their playoff health andor availability, then how can we ever expect them to hold up over a seven game series? Or two seven game series? Or, if we're serious about Boston potentially sneaking back in the Finals, three? You know what I mean?

So, I say they go for it. Bring out the big guns tomorrow against the Bucks every one but Ray Allen. Get them all re-accustomed to the game plan, and back on the same page. Head into the playoffs with a little bit of rhythm.

And hopefully, with home court.

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