Thomas frustrated after Celtics loss to Hawks

Thomas frustrated after Celtics loss to Hawks

Isaiah Thomas just didn’t look like Isaiah Thomas for long stretches of play during Boston’s 118-107 loss to Atlanta.

He tallied just 16 points on 6-for-19 shooting, with many of those shots being drives to the basket for lay-ups that – no disrespect to the Hawks defense – he should have been able to finish.

While Thomas chalked it up to being just one of those nights when his shot wasn’t falling, the soreness he was experiencing in his left (shooting) wrist may have been a bigger issue than he wanted to let on. Thomas told reporters after the game that he took a hard spill on it in Boston’s 124-109 win over Milwaukee on Friday.

“It swelled on me a little bit,” Thomas said. “I hit it again (against the Hawks). It’s alright. I’ve been through those problems. I just gotta ice it.”

The pain in his wrist paled in comparison to the hurt he was feeling after losing Saturday to the Hawks.

Thomas knows all too well how every game, win or lose, could be the one that determines whether they begin their postseason journey at the TD Garden with home court advantage, or on the road against Atlanta, Miami or Charlotte.

“It hurt me, just because of the position we’re in,” Thomas said. “We needed this win. In the fourth quarter, we just couldn’t make shots. It was tough for us. It was a tough game for myself. I’m very frustrated with it. It hurt.”

But all is not lost for the Celtics. Losing to the Hawks means the Celtics no longer have total control over their postseason landing spot. But the goal of having home court in the first round of the playoffs is very much alive and well.

If they win their remaining two games, that doesn’t necessarily get them the No. 3 spot (they will need the Hawks to lose both of their remaining games). But it would most likely result in them securing the No. 4 seed and home court advantage in the first round.

That reality doesn’t take away from the sting of losing what players felt was a game they should have won.

“We know that we needed this win,” said Boston’s Marcus Smart who led the Celtics with 19 points off the bench. “We had it. We let it slip between our fingers.”

Gordon Hayward gives update on ankle rehab

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Gordon Hayward gives update on ankle rehab

Gordon Hayward is trying to translate his rehab off the court onto the hardwood. The Boston Celtics forward detailed the latest steps he's taking in his rehab from his ankle injury.

“Rehab is going well, still progressing on the AlterG (anti-gravity treadmill), trying to get where I can run on a regular treadmill, so 100-percent bodyweight,” Hayward said in a video posted to the Celtics' Twitter account. “Next step after that will be jumping and then hopefully I can incorporate some of that — the running and jumping on the treadmill — to running and jumping on the basketball court, so that’s where I’m at.”

Hayward suffered his ankle injury in the first five minutes of the season opener. He has not ruled out returning during the 2018 playoffs, though Brad Stevens continues to insist that Hayward will not play again this season.

“The hope is still there,” Hayward told ESPN on March 9. “It’s something where I’m really honestly not even thinking about it. I know we’re getting toward the end of the year. It’s something that I’m still working toward, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.”



Celtics should get word Friday on Irving's status

Celtics should get word Friday on Irving's status

BOSTON -- Kyrie Irving has had a second opinion on his sore left knee, and a decision on what the next step will be is expected to be made within the next day or two, according to a league source.

 The medical officials involved in the initial evaluation will meet with those who examined him today, to compare notes and determine what’s in the best interest of Irving going forward.

 While surgery is a possibility, the source indicated that the current course of treatment, which consists primarily of rest, remains a consideration. 
The concerns regarding Irving’s knee are to be of the short-term variety, with the source indicating reports that there are long-term concerns with the knee are “just wrong.” 

 In his first season with the Celtics, Irving has appeared in 60 games in what has been one of his most efficient seasons as a scorer. 
He’s averaging 24.4 points per game while shooting a career-high 49.1 percent from the field. The five-time all-star is shooting 40.8 percent from 3-point range this season in addition to dishing out 5.1 assists along with grabbing a career-high 3.8 rebounds.