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Chris Sale: 'This isn't a panic situation for anybody in here'

Chris Sale: 'This isn't a panic situation for anybody in here'

OAKLAND — For a guy with such a funky delivery, Chris Sale brings his words directly and calmly. He showed an attitude Friday night publicly, a spokesman for a Red Sox team that doesn’t always seem to have an identifiable one.

The idea that a 21-20 Red Sox team should be in a panic is a stretch after a 3-2 loss to the A's in 10 innings. But playing .500 baseball more than 40 games into the year is, at the least, a seesaw — and therefore a drag. 

Few games come easy, even the ones when a possible Cy Young winner are pitching. Sale went eight innings and struck out at least 10 hitters for an eighth consecutive start, tying his own record from 2015.

Pedro Martinez had eight inside one season as well, and if you count his following starts the next year (1999-2000), the record is 10.

“I still think we have [the mindset we did coming off two wins in St. Louis],” Sale said after the Sox dropped their second straight. “That's the fun thing about this team. You look around this clubhouse, we have some fun guys that have been around awhile and just know, they know, this isn't a panic situation for anybody in here. 

“This is part of what goes on in a baseball season, really. Believe it or not, I like where we're at. I think physically and mentally the guys in here can get through this and prevail.”

That’s the reasonable, grounded take. The Red Sox have a lot of good things going for them, but they haven’t amounted to any sort of notable win streak. 

Knowing how much the bullpen has been used lately, Sale was disappointed he didn’t go more than eight innings. That kind of expectation is more or less absurd, but better that than shoot for seven innings.

“If anything I put a little bit more pressure on myself,” Sale said. “I told myself going in there tonight I wanted to finish it, even before the game started, I knew the circumstances, we've been relying on our relievers quite a bit, they've been doing a hell of a job for us. I really wanted to pick them up tonight, I really did, and I wasn't able to do that.’”

The Sox gave Sale a 2-0 lead in the fourth inning. Not much of a lead, but something of a lead. He and all the pitchers deserve more with more frequency.

“That's what pisses me off even more,” Sale said. “We were grinding for those wins, we've been grinding all year. ... One bad inning's all right but to go out there for back-to-back innings, and lose a lead that we fought so hard to get, that's tough. Not only that, but when you have the mindset of wanting to go out there and finish a game, and you don't, I can't stress enough how well the guys in our bullpen have been throwing. Heck, they've been out there a lot."

John Farrell joins ESPN’s ‘Baseball Tonight’ as analyst

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John Farrell joins ESPN’s ‘Baseball Tonight’ as analyst

John Farrell can add another job to his resume.

The former Boston Red Sox manager has joined the crew for ESPN's "Baseball Tonight," according to The Boston Globe. His debut will be on Wednesday for a season-preview show.

The Red Sox fired Farrell on Oct. 11, 2017 despite a second-straight A.L. East crown. Alex Cora will begin his first season in Farrell's old role during the 2018 season.

Farrell added the broadcast work after the Cincinnati Reds hired him as a scout and adviser with a focus on pitching. He interviewed this offseason for the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals managing jobs, but both teams passed on him.


Red Sox minor league team invites Trump, Biden to settle it in ring

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Red Sox minor league team invites Trump, Biden to settle it in ring

In this corner, the challenger out of Scranton, Pa., Joltin' Joe Biden...In the other corner, straight out of Queens, the President of the United States, Dandy Donald J. Trump!

The venue: LeLacheur Park, Lowell, Mass., home of the Red Sox Class-A affiliate, the Lowell Spinners.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's The Slasher at LeLacheur!

After the former Vice-President told a crowd at the University of Miami earlier this week of the current President, "If we were in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him, President Trump fired back on Twitter Thursday morning. 

The Spinners, the Sox' short-season New York-Penn League affiliate, have offered to host a boxing match between the Republican President and Democratic former Vice President on Aug. 17 by the flagpole at LeLacheur. Former light-welterweight champ and Lowell native Micky Ward has agreed to referee.

No word yet if Trump, who'll be 72 by then, or Biden, 75, have accepted the invitation.

The Spinners' press release announcing the invitation says that if the two do accept, "the boxing match will take place regardless of the weather, no matter how stormy it may get."