Brady, Garnett highlight locals in Forbes 100


Brady, Garnett highlight locals in Forbes 100

Four local sportsmen have made Forbes' list of The 100 Highest Paid Athletes. And sorry, Bruins, your team is the only Boston bunch without a representative.

Tom Brady and Logan Mankins of the Patriots, Kevin Garnett of the Celtics and Carl Crawford of the Red Sox all made the top 100.

Brady is listed at 28th as he makes 23.1 million in salary and another 4 million in endorsements.

From Forbes:
In 2012, Brady became just the second quarterback after John Elway to lead his team to five Super Bowls. His quest for a fourth win ended in defeat at the hands of the New York Giants. Brady signed a four-year, 72 million contract extension with the New England Patriots in 2010 that runs through 2014. The seven-time Pro Bowler has endorsement deals with Under Armour and UGGs.

Oddly enough, Mankins is tied for 51st with former Patriot Richard Seymour. Mankins makes 21.9 million including 100,000 in endorsements, though it's unclear what he's endorsing.

Peyton Manning is the NFLs highest-paid player, and 10th overall on the list, with earnings of 42.4 million. Other NFLers listed ahead of Brady: Mario Williams, Sam Bradford, Darrelle Revis and Charles Johnson (Carolina).

Garnett made 17.1 million from the Celtics last year, with another 4 million coming to him by way of endorsements, making him the 57th on Forbes list.

The Big Ticket has earned 291 million in salary during his -- 16-year career -- second all-time only to Shaquille ONeal, the list says. Off the court, the ticket is smaller, with just 4 million a year from endorsements.

Crawford rounds out the list of locals in the top 100 at No. 98. He signed a seven-year, 142 million contract with the Red Sox in December of 2010. He makes 16.8 million in salary with another 150,000 in endorsements.

Jags safety says Gronk hit was unavoidable

Jags safety says Gronk hit was unavoidable

FOXBORO -- During the tail end of the season, Rob Gronkowski was probably the league’s most unstoppable skill player. If any team was going to beat the Patriots, it needed to stop Gronk.

The Jaguars stopped Gronk on Sunday. They still didn’t win.


The Patriots tight end was driven from the game by a helmet-to-helmet hit from Jaguars safety Barry Church. Gronk, running down the seam on a first-and-10 play with 1:28 left in the half, was hammered by Church, who really didn’t have a lot of options on the play. The throw was too up-for-grabs for Church to ignore the chance of picking it off. And by the time a pick was out of the question, the collision was inevitable.

“I just tried to dislodge the ball,” Church explained. “He’s a big dude and I was just trying to dislodge the ball but I gueess they felt it was too high of a hit. I hope he’s healthy. I know he didn’t come back so I hope he’s alright. It was a tough call but you have to go with what they call. It’s the toughest play in football.  If you go low for the knees you are considered a dirty player and if you go high, they throw the flag at you. It’s a bang-bang play and I was just trying to play football. I tried to lead with my shoulder.”

Gronk was slow to rise and when he did, he was unsteady. Teammate Chris Hogan kept Gronk steady until he got some assistance to the sideline. From there, we was squired to the locker room and into the concussion protocol. He didn’t return.

The hit, the flag and the fact the Patriots would soon score a touchdown to chew into the Jaguars lead caused the inevitable discussion of what Chruch was supposed to do on that play.

Church had the same debate himself.

“It’s tough, that guy s humongous,” said Church. “If you wait for him to catch it and bring it down, he might run you over. You have to go with it and try and hit him in the right target zone but, going 100 MPH, that is nearly impossible.”

Gronk wasn’t spotted in the locker room after the game. He’ll have checkpoints to pass before he’s cleared to play in Super Bowl 52. 


First look at Tom Brady's injured thumb


First look at Tom Brady's injured thumb

Apparently there was a miscommunication of sorts during Patriots practice this week.

Reports of gushing blood and Brady screaming in pain left many wondering what type of shape Tom Brady was in.

It turned out that he was just fine and ready to go, leading the Patriots to yet another comeback postseason victory.

But a first look at Brady's thumb was finally captured by an Associated Press photographer after tonight's game.

The collision occurred during a handoff and Brady needed 12 stiches, it also injured the collateral ligament in his thumb.