Bruins 'need good games' out of goalies, Khudobin gets start vs. Coyotes


Bruins 'need good games' out of goalies, Khudobin gets start vs. Coyotes

GLENDALE, Arizona – After a couple of rough losses back-to-back, the Bruins will give Tuukka Rask his first breather of the season with this weekend’s back-to-back road games against the Coyotes and Golden Knights.

Anton Khudobin will get his first start of the season on Saturday night against the Coyotes at Gila River Arena and Rask will get back between the pipes against the Golden Knights in his first time facing the Vegas expansion team. Rask has given up 10 goals in his first three games and is off to a pretty sluggish start behind a mistake-filled Bruins defense, and that has manifested into a .870 save percentage and 3.76 goals against average for the B’s No. 1 goaltender.


Truth be told, Rask was pretty good opening night vs. the Predators and far from the biggest problem in the road loss to the Colorado, but was also incredibly poor in the matinee loss to the Avs on home ice. An average Rask isn’t going to be much help to a Bruins team battling injuries and uneven performances early in the season.  

So the Bruins will instead look to switch up the energy a bit by calling Khudobin’s number and hope he can continue the high performance level he showed during the preseason. Clearly, the B’s backup wants to get off to a good start this season after the first few months of last year went so very wrong for him in Boston.

“Anton will go in tomorrow. I saw him play very well in preseason in Detroit, went out to Chicago and played well again and came in the other night and he played well. His camp was good. I expect him to play well,” said Cassidy. “For himself and for us, we need good games out of that position whether you’re the starter or the back-up.

“If we could get on the right foot [Saturday against the Coyotes] then that would help us a lot, so we’re asking him to do his part. We need to play well in front of him and score some goals, but he’s been good so far…so I don’t know why that would change.”  

Is there any way Khudobin could get both starts if he stands on his head against the Coyotes, and ends the Bruins current losing stretch at two games?

Cassidy wouldn’t bite and said without hesitation that he’ll go right back to Rask on Sunday in Vegas, but a dominant stretch of hot goaltending might be exactly what the B’s need right now to kick-start things for them this season. 


Bruins still holding out on a goalie decision for Devils game


Bruins still holding out on a goalie decision for Devils game

BRIGHTON -- Coming off a pair of back-to-back wins from backup goaltender Anton Khudobin, the Bruins are still undecided about what they’re going to do between the pipes Wednesday night against the New Jersey Devils.

On the one hand, the Bruins are very tempted to ride the hot goaltending hand with Khudobin a strong 5-0-2 record on the season and a .935 save percentage that currently leads all goaltenders across the league. There’s a school of thought that the B’s should simply keep plugging Khudobin into the lineup until he actually loses a game, and begins to cool down a little bit between the pipes after stopping 63-of-65 shots against LA and San Jose.

At the same time it will be over a week since Tuukka Rask has played in a game if the Bruins go with Khudobin on Wednesday night against the Devils, and Bruce Cassidy was clear to stress that Rask is still their No. 1 guy. So that’s the dilemma the Bruins are facing with Cassidy calling it “a good problem to have” based on Khudobin’s strong play from the backup spot.

That is a far cry from what the Bruins experienced a year ago with the same goalie, and a reason for optimism that their goaltending situation will be better off throughout a long season.

“Do you go with the hot hand and leave your No. 1 sitting where he’s beginning to wonder what the hell is going on? That’s the decision,” said Bruce Cassidy. “We need to keep them both in a good place, and not lose out on [Khudobin’s] good run while keeping Tuukka focused and confident in his game. That’s what we’re battling and I talk to Goalie Bob [Essensa] about it every day. We’ll make our decision [on Wednesday] and we hope it’s the right one.

“It’s a long year so no matter who we use there are a lot of starts. I don’t think Khudobin is going to go ice cold if he use Tuukka tomorrow, and I don’t think Tuukka is going to blow a gasket if we go with the hot hand. For me I don’t think it’s that big of a decision.”

Perhaps Rask blowing a gasket wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world given the way he’s played this season.

The one underlying concern for Rask beyond the .897 save percentage this season is that his game has really been in a different place for the last three seasons. While his .922 career save percentage mark is among the best in the NHL, he has been below that mark in each of the last three seasons while struggling to maintain consistently behind a changing roster that’s turning over to youth and inexperience.

It certainly seems like the Bruins feel it’s premature to label Rask as anything but their No. 1 goaltender, but the pause they’re giving on Wednesday night’s starter speaks volumes about their current confidence level in each of their puck-stoppers.


Morning Skate: Not all smooth sailing for top picks


Morning Skate: Not all smooth sailing for top picks

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