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Carrabis: What would make for a good Red Sox offseason

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Will Giants raid Patriots?
Phil Perry joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss how likely it is for the Giants to acquire part of the Patriots staff.
Who would you rather have: Kyrie or Giannis?
Michael Holley and Kayce Smith debate which superstar they would rather have on their team, Kyrie Irving or Giannis Antetokounmpo.
Hurley: ‘I do think Gronkowski has a chance on the appeal’
Michael Hurley of 98.5 The Sports Hub explains why he thinks Rob Gronkowski has a chance to win his appeal.
Carrabis: What would make for a good Red Sox offseason
Jared Carrabis joins BST to discuss what his dream Red Sox offseason scenario would be.
Could Gordon Hayward return this season?
With Gordon Hayward getting rid of the walking boot soon, Michael Holley, Tom Curran, and Kayce Smith debate if Hayward could make a return this season.
Drellich: J.D. Martinez is the one Dave Dombrowski wants
Evan Drellich says there is no other bat on the free agent market that compares to J.D. Martinez and he is the one that Dave Dombrowski wants.
Phil Perry breaks down Patriots-Dolphins tale of the tape
A fired up Phil Perry breaks down the Patriots-Dolphins matchup by quarterback, coach, offense, defense, and special teams.
Blakely: Celtics once again execute down the stretch
A. Sherrod Blakely joins BST to discuss the Celtics beating the Mavericks 97-90, and their execution down the stretch to earn the win.
Things get heated between Buckley and Holley on BST
Steve Buckley and Michael Holley get in heated debate on whether Rob Gronkowski deserved a 1 game suspension.
Is Kyrie irving the new 'King of the Fourth'
A. Sherrod Blakely joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down how impressive Kyrie Irving has been in the 4th quarter.
Tom Brady responds to Eli Manning being benched
Tom Brady reacts to Eli Manning being benched.
Merloni: Yankees will be a tough job for Aaron Boone
Lou Merloni explains why he thinks Aaron Boone will have a lot on his plate as Yankees manager.
Haggerty: A character-building win
Joe Haggerty discusses how the Bruins, battling through injuries, are building the type of character that can turn them into playoff contenders.
Highlights: Bruins take down the Lightning, 3-2
Bruins get an impressive win over the team with the best record in the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Would McDaniels be interested in becoming Giants head coach?
Albert Breer joins BST to talk about the potential of Josh McDaniels becoming the next head coach of the New York Giants.
Jerod Mayo: Tennessee sports needs work on their leadership
Jerod Mayo reacts to Tennessee backing out of their deal with Greg Schiano.
Eric LeGrand comes to Schiano's defense
But Travis' Fox workmate, Eric LeGrand -- who played for Schiano at Rutgers -- defends his former coach.
Clay Travis defends why he did not want Greg Schiano
Clay Travis defends why he did not want Greg Schiano as Tennessee coach
Blakely: Derrick Rose decision 'bigger than basketball'
A. Sherrod Blakely discusses Derrick Rose deciding to step away from the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Highlights: Bruins win in shootout, 3-2
Highlights from the Bruins 3-2 shootout win
Blakely: Where does Kyrie Irving rank among top PG’s?
A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down his top 5 PG’s in the NBA.
Blakely: Here's why I'm not worried about Marcus Smart
A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down why he is not worried about Marcus Smart.
Steve Buckley: As big an early season game as I can remember
Steve Buckley joined Boston Sports Tonight to discuss just how big the Celtics victory over the Warriors was.
Perry: Jones going 'even more nuclear' with insulting Kraft
Phil Perry talks about Jerry Jones insulting Robert Kraft when talking about his own fight against Roger Goodell.
Brad Stevens responds to Steve Kerr praising the Celtics
Brad Stevens responds to Steve Kerr praising the Celtics as 'the future of the East'
How big is the gap between Warriors and Celtics?
A. Sherrod Blakely joins Arbella Early Edition to give his take on how big the gap is between the Warriors and the Celtics.
Who would Michael Holley give up for Giancarlo Stanton?
Michael Holley and Tom Giles break down a few hypothetical trades the Red Sox could make to acquire Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton.
What would Red Sox give up to get Giancarlo Stanton?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates what they would be willing to give up to get Giancarlo Stanton.
Blakely: Cavaliers lack of effort is 'mind blowing'
A. Sherrod Blakely explains why the lack of effort he has seen from the Cleveland Cavaliers so far has shocked him so much.
Klis: How Patriots break Broncos spirit
Mike Klis covers the Denver Broncos and explains that he thinks the New England Patriots could break the Broncos spirit Sunday if they get a two score lead.
Bert Breer ranks the NFL's biggest dumpster fires
Bert Breer joins Boston Sports Tonight to rank the NFL's biggest dumpster fires.
Breer: Belichick/Brady more business partners than friends
Albert Breer joins Boston Sports Tonight and discusses the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and explains that they do not need to be best friends, just business partners.
Kevin O'Connor gives his 2017 re-draft picks
Kevin O'Connor gives his 2017 re-draft picks.
Kevin O'Connor ranks the most impressive NBA rookies so far
Kevin O’Connor ranks his most impressive rookies so far this season.
Julian Edelman plays word association with teammates names
Julian Edelman gives the first word that comes into his mind when he hears the names Tom Brady, Danny Amendola, Bill Belichick and more.
Julian Edelman plays Guess-That-Beard of his teammates
Julian Edelman is shown pictures of different beards from former and present teammates and tries to guess who is who.
Edelman explains what it is like coming back from injury
Julian Edelman joins BST to talk about what it has been like coming back from different injuries he has had over his career.
Edelman on the influence his dad had on him growing up
Julian Edelman describes how influential his father was while growing up and the lessons he learned from him.
Curran: Kraft wasn't telling Belichick not to trade Brady
Tom Curran says the Patriots never exchanged contract numbers with Jimmy Garoppolo, and owner Robert Kraft didn't tell coach Bill Belichick not to trade Tom Brady.
Drellich: Tony La Russa reportedly going the Red Sox
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the reports that Tony La Russa will join the Red Sox after 4 years with the Diamondbacks.
Breer: Browns not happy to see what Garoppolo went for
Albert Breer says many in the Browns organization felt the 49ers acquired Jimmy Garoppolo at a bargain price.
Will Malcolm Butler get the franchise tag or get traded?
With Jimmy Garoppolo shipped off to the 49ers, Mike Giardi joins to discuss if this means Malcolm Butler will get franchise tagged by the Patriots or traded like Garoppolo.
Curran: This ensures Brady's career will end with Patriots
Tom Curran and Michael Hurley discuss how Tom Brady 'won the showdown' between him and Jimmy Garoppolo and how this means Brady's career will end with the Patriots.
What was Garoppolo’s reaction to being traded?
Mike Giardi joins BST by phone to talk about what Jimmy Garoppolo's reaction was to being traded by the Patriots to the 49ers.
Did the Patriots get enough in return for Jimmy Garoppolo?
Michael Hurley joins BST to discuss if the Patriots got enough in return as they got a 2nd round pick from the 49ers for Jimmy Garoppolo.
Curran: Why the Patriots decided to trade Jimmy Garoppolo
Tom E. Curran explains why the Patriots decided now was the time to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers.
Who should be midseason MVP: Brady or Wentz?
Phil Perry and Tom Giles debate whether Tom Brady or Carson Wentz is the midseason MVP.
Kevin O'Connor on talking stats during haunted house ride
Kevin O'Connor talks with our BST crew about his video on the Ringer of him going through a haunted hayride while talking NBA stats.
Curran: Patriots are 'just another crab in the AFC bucket'
Tom E. Curran explains why he thinks we need to reevaluate the Patriots after losing Edelman and Hightower.
Albert Breer: Hightower is in the Gronkowski category
Albert Breer says that we are now in the territory that Dont’a Hightower is in the Rob Gronkowski category where he cannot be trusted to play 16 games.
Concern that Dont'a Hightower could miss significant time
Tom E. Curran reports that there is concern that Dont'a Hightower could miss significant time.
Julian Edelman opens up about watching team play without him
Julian Edelman sits with Tom E. Curran during his release of the book ‘Relentless’ and discusses how tough it has been to watch from the sidelines.
Holley: The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl
Michael Holley says it's time to booked your flights to Minnesota for Super Bowl LII because the Patriots will be there.
Holley: Don't like the hiring of Cora as a 1st year manager
Michael Holley says that he doesn't like the hiring of Alex Cora because his inexperience as a manager is not something suited for Boston.
Haggerty: 'Goalie controversy' could start to swirl
Joe Haggerty talks about how with Tuukka Rask out and Anton Khudobin playing well, there could be a goalie controversy in Boston.
Haggerty: Bruins missed Patrice Bergeron in a 'gigantic way'
Joe Haggerty joins BST to discuss Patrice Bergeron being a 'difference maker' and a 'game changer' as he played a key role in his return to the ice.
Highlights: Bruins score 6 goals in win over Canucks
Highlights from the TD Garden as Patrice Bergeron makes his return and the Bruins get the win over the Canucks.
Daniels: Patriots locker room has been a lot different
Marc Daniels joins BST to discuss why the Patriots locker room has had a different vibe to it this year compared to other seasons.
Tom E. Curran's irrelevant questions with Jonathan Jones
Tom E. Curran goes one-on-one with Jonathan Jones to ask him some irrelevant questions.
Should we trust that Gronkowski is 'good to go' for Sunday?
Phil Perry joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Rob Gronkowski saying he is 'good to go' for Sunday, and whether or not that means he will definitely play.
Buckley: Why is Dave Dombrowski dodging questions?
Steve Buckley sounds off on Dave Dombrowski press conference being a complete waste of time.
Drellich and Merloni pick the next manager
Bruce Bochy? Gabe Kapler? Alex Cora? Evan Drellich and Lou Merloni debate who the Red Sox should be pursuing as their new manager.
Highlights: Celtics 108 Hornets 100
Highlights from the Celtics win over the Hornets.
Drellich: Hosmer has established leadership credentials
Evan Drellich talks about how Eric Hosmer could be a fit for the Red Sox, especially if they are looking for a leader.
Dr. Flynn: How will injured shoulder impact Tom Brady?
Dr. Jessica Flynn joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down how Tom Brady will be impacted by his injured shoulder.
Evan Drellich: You can do worse than John Farrell
Evan Drellich explains why although most people think firing John Farrell is the best option, people forget about the Bobby Valentine era.
Drellich: Did Farrell leave Sale in the game too long?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to give his opinion on whether or not he thinks John Farrell left Chris Sale in too long.
John Farrell defends keeping Chris Sale in 8th inning
John Farrell explains why he kept Chris Sale in the game in the 8th inning.
Mazz: Red Sox problems are not fixed by firing Farrell
Tony Massarotti says that firing John Farrell is not the quick fix for the Boston Red Sox.
Highlights: Celtics defeat 76ers, 110-102
Highlights from the Celtics preseason game in Philadelphia as they take care of business against the 76ers.
Evan Drellich: It’s as good as over
Evan Drellich explains why he is not optimistic about the Red Sox chances of making a comeback against the Astros.
Merloni: Red Sox need to show me some kind of fight
With the Red Sox going down 2-0 against the Astros in the ALDS, Lou Merloni says the team needs to show that there is still some kind of fight left in them.
Haggerty: Bruins youth movement is 'real and spectacular'
Joe Haggerty discusses the youth in the Bruins, specifically McAvoy, DeBrusk, and Bjork, and how they were able to defeat the Predators.
Highlights: Bruins beat Predators in season opener
Highlights from the TD Garden as the young Bruins defeat the Predators in the season opening game, 4-3.
Evan Drellich: "What Astros did today was shock and awe"
Evan Drellich reacts to the Red Sox game 1 loss to the Astros, and what the Red Sox need to do to bounce back in game 2.
Chris Sale: I didn't give my team a chance to win
Chris Sales puts the game 1 loss to the Astros on his shoulders.
What are the expectations for the Bruins this season?
Joe Haggerty joins BST to talk about his expectations for the Bruins as they open the season on Thursday night.
Who has the edge in Game 1: Sale or Verlander?
Tom Giles, Michael Holley and Evan Drellich discuss which pitcher has the advantage in Game 1 of the ALDS.
Holley: Only 6 superstars in the NBA, Kyrie is not one
Michael Holley says that there is only 6 superstars in the NBA, and Kyrie Irving is not one.
Buckley: Benintendi is poised for promising playoff run
Steve Buckley explains why he thinks Andrew Benintendi could be the surprise offensive weapon for the Red Sox.
Jerod Mayo: There's a lack of communication
Jerod Mayo breaks down the communication issues he is seeing on the Patriots defense.
Will Patriots play 'bend don't break' defense?
Michael Holley thinks that Patriots fans will be frustrated by Patriots playing a 'bend don't break' defense on Thursday.
Highlights Celtics beat the Hornets, 94-82
Highlights from the Celtics 94-82 win over the Charlotte Hornets.
Curran: Will Patriots actually benefit from short week?
Tom E. Curran explains why he thinks the Patriots could actually benefit from having a short week, and getting right back to work.
Drellich: Chris Sale is 'penciled in' for Sunday
Evan Drellich explains who the Red Sox have lined up to take the mound and why they haven't planned for a possible Monday game yet.
Holt: 'We're in first place,' can't go any higher than that
Hear from Mookie Betts, Brick Holt and Dustin Pedroia after the Red Sox loss to the Astros.
Bean: Red Sox are literally 'limping to the finish line'
The Red Sox lost to the Astros 3-2 in a game that would have clinched them the AL East. The BST crew discusses why they Red Sox have lost 4 of their last 5 games.
Will the Panthers be able to get pressure on Tom Brady?
Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer joins Boston Sports Tonight to give his opinion on whether the Panthers will be able to get pressure on Tom Brady.
What has been the reason for Cam Newton’s decline?
Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer joins BST to discuss why Cam Newton has declines in the past two seasons.
Drellich: I expect Porcello to still get a postseason start
Evan Drellich says that despite a few rough starts, he expects
Holley: 'We have vastly overrated Celtics offseason'
Michael Holley explains why he thinks people are going overboard on the Celtics' offseason moves.
Dion Lewis opens up about wanting larger role for Patriots
Dion Lewis talks with Mike Giardi about trying to remain patient and looking for his chance once again.
Phil Perry breaks down his Patriots Week 3 report card
Phil Perry breaks down what grades he gave the Patriots for their Week 3 performance against the Texans.
Drellich: How concerning are injuries to Betts and Nunez?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the latest with Mookie Betts and Eduardo Nunez injuries in the Sox loss to the Blue Jays.
Hurley: This was Tom Brady's best regular season game ever
Michael Hurley says that Tom Brady's comeback against the Texans was his best regular season game ever.
Curran: Tom Brady is the surest thing in the NFL right now
Tom E. Curran and Michael Hurley discuss just how spoiled Patriots fans are because of Tom Brady.
Drellich: Could David Price go back to back games in relief?
Evan Drellich thinks that the key to seeing if David Price can help as a relief pitcher in the postseason is if he can have the stamina to go back to back games with pitching.
Should Patriots/NFL fear lawsuit after Hernandez diagnosis?
Michael McCann joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss whether the Patriots and the NFL should fear the lawsuit filed after the diagnosis of Aaron Hernandez
Curran: This is why people love Malcolm Butler
Tom E. Curran praises Malcolm Butler taking full responsibility for his poor play to start the season.
Drellich: Can Chris Sale catch Pedro’s 313 strikeout record?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss John Farrell’s decision to keep Chris Sale in the game in the 8th inning, and whether Chris Sale can catch Pedro Martinez’ 1999 record of 313 strikeouts.
Bean: When it comes to championships, B's and C's in same place
The Celtics are viewed as championship-caliber and the Bruins as rebuilding, but DJ Bean says they have equal chances of winning titles this year: Nil.
Joe Thomas says Ezekiel Elliot needs to learn how to lose
Albert Breer reacts to Joe Thomas saying that Ezekiel Elliot needs to learn how to lose.
Could David Price be this year's Andrew Miller?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to the thought that David Price could somehow be this year's Andrew Miller.
Holley: Price in the bullpen is 'riddled with problems'
Michael Holley explains why the Red Sox pitching David Price out of the bullpen instead of letting him start is 'riddled with problems'.
Hurley: Don't look at Pats as the AFC favorite without Gronk
If the Patrots are without Rob Gronkowski, Michael Hurley doesn't think you can look at the Patriots as the AFC favorite anymore.
Forsberg: Let's slow down the Pierce-Tatum comparisons
Chris Forsberg explains why he wants everyone to slow down the Paul Pierce-Jayson Tatum comparisons.
Hardy: 'I think Chris Sale might have peaked too soon'
Rob 'Hardy' Poole thinks that there is definitely reason to be concerned about Chris Sale.
Saints beat writer: "Could get ugly if New Orleans is 0-2"
Saints beat writer Nick Underhill talks with Tom Curran about the importance of Sunday's game for New Orleans hosting the Patriots.
How will Tom Brady's career with the Patriots end?
Tom Curran give us his thoughts on how and when he thinks Tom Brady's career with the Patriots will come to an end.
Fenway protester speaks out on banner on Green Monster
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the Fenway protester speaking out on why they draped a sign over the Green Monster that read: "Racism is as American as Baseball"
Thomas: In Cleveland to make TV shows & win championships
Kayce Smith and Kyle Draper discuss Isaiah Thomas joking back at people on Twitter saying that he is in Cleveland to make TV Shows and win championships.
Is Tom Brady's career peaking, or beginning to decline?
Albert Breer joins Boston Sports Tonight to debate whether he is buying into the idea that Tom Brady's career is beginning to decline.
What were fans trying to say with sign over Green Monster?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates what the intended message was by the fans who draped a sign over the Green Monster that read: "Racism is as American as Baseball"
Drellich: How Stanton is connected to Betts' big night
Evan Drellich explains how Giancarlo Stanton has helped Mookie Betts and discusses if Eduardo Rodriguez can make the playoff rotation.
Haggerty: '0% chance Pastrnak goes to KHL'
Joe Haggerty explains why he thinks David Pastrnak won't be playing in Russia this year.
Hurley: Patriots offense had to 'feel good' watching Saints
Michael Hurley thinks the Patriots are in for a 'soft landing' after seeing the Saints play the Vikings.
Was the Patriots loss to Chiefs good for the NFL?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether the Patriots losing to the Chiefs was good for the NFL.
Curran: Could take six weeks for Patriots offense to gel
Tom E. Curran says that after the loss of Julian Edelman, it could take the Patriots 6 weeks to find their groove.
Report: Mookie Betts turned down multi-year extension
Tom Giles and Michael Holley react to the report that Mookie Betts turned down a 5-year, $100M contract extension with the Red Sox.
IF Rob Ninkovich returned, how would it impact defense?
Phil Perry breaks down how the defense could improve IF Rob Ninkovich was somehow to return to the Patriots
Perry: Why I am not panicking on Rob Gronkowski
Phil Perry explains why he is not ready to panic on Rob Gronkowski after a poor season opene
Will pass-catching RBs be a continuous problem for Patriots?
On the heels of a big game by Kareem Hunt, Phil Perry discusses the running backs the Patriots are set to face, and whether they will pose the same threat
Curran: Andy Reid had unbelievable night scheming things up
Tom E. Curran explains that although he has many concerns on the Patriots after game 1, he thinks the Chiefs deserve a lot of credit for their scheme.
Drellich: What has led to Doug Fister’s turnaround?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to give his impressions of Doug Fister’s turnaround this season.
Which Chiefs player causes biggest challenge to Patriots?
Bert Breer and Tom E. Curran discuss which player poses the biggest challenge to the Patriots defense, and how they will gameplay to stop it.
Curran: Patriots plan for the QB situation is to wait it out
Tom Curran takes issues with what Mike Felger said about the Patriots quarterback situation as Curran disagrees with Felger on how it will be handled.
Curran and Holley rank the top 2017 NFL MVP candidates
Tom Curran and Michael Holley each give their rankings for the top NFL MVP candidates for the upcoming season.
How will Kyrie Irving and Brad Stevens mesh together?
Tom Giles and Kyle Draper discuss if newly acquired Kyrie Irving and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens will clash or mesh together.
Curran: Ezekiel Elliott going down same road as Deflategate
Ezekiel Elliott's six-game suspension has been upheld by the NFL, and Tom E. Curran can see similarities between this and Tom Brady's Deflategate case.
Drellich: This might be the worst loss of the season
Evan Drellich says that it is time for the Red Sox to get mad and angry after another ugly loss to the Blue Jays.
Curran: Interested how NFL handles Barstool’s Goodell towels
Tom Curran says that it will be fascinating to see how the NFL will handle Barstool Sports handing out 70,000 Roger Goodell clown face towels.
Should the Patriots sign Anquan Boldin?
Tom Curran and Mark Daniels discuss Anquan Boldin reportedly interested in joining the Patriots and debate if they should sign the veteran wide receiver.
Are the Patriots still looking for heir apparent to Brady?
With the Patriots trading Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy Garoppolo set to become a free agent at the end of the year, Curran, Giles, Smith, and Daniels discuss the Patriots quarterback situation.
Drellich: ‘You can believe in Doug Fister at this point’
Evan Drellich discusses the strong start by Doug Fister against the Yankees.
Farrell on Fister: 'He's been such a boost to this team'
John Farrell praises Doug Fister's performance against the Yankees.
Merloni: Sabathia 'way off base' for being upset with Nunez
Lou Merloni says he is a fan of C.C Sabathia but admits that Sabathia is 'was off base' being upset with Nunez for bunting.
NFL investigator recommended no suspension for Elliot
Tom E. Curran reacts to the report that the NFL investigator recommended no suspension for Ezekiel Elliot, and how it makes the NFL look.
O'Connor on LeBron leaving: 'Writing absolutely on the wall'
Kevin O'Connor joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the Celtics and Cavaliers finalizing their trade to send Kyrie Irving to Boston
Gilbert reportedly was calling shots for Cavaliers
The Boston Sports Tonight panel reacts to Kevin O'Connor's report that Dan Gilbert was calling the shots for the Cavaliers, not Koby Altman.
Thomsen: 'It's definitely a good trade for the Celtics'
Ian Thomsen discusses why he is a fan of the deal the Celtics made to get Kyrie Irving.
Thomsen: We may see more standoff trades like this in NBA
Ian Thomsen explains why there is a good chance we see more and more of trades being in limbo like we say with the Celtics-Cavaliers.
Draper: Danny Ainge put ego aside to get the deal done
Kyle Draper and Abby Chin react to what the Celtics ultimately had to add to get the deal done.
Blakely: Celtics-Cavaliers finalize Irving/Thomas trade
A. Sherrod Blakely joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the Celtics adding a 2020 second round pick to complete the deal with Cleveland.
Celtics add a 2020 2nd-round pick to complete trade
Our Boston Sports Tonight reacts to the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers have finally reached a deal to send Kyrie Irving to Boston.
What are the Celtics most valuable remaining assets?
Michael Holley and Kyle Draper break down the Celtics' most valuable remaining assets now that Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Nets' 2018 No. 1 pick are gone.
Rodgers thinks Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to Aaron Rodgers saying "I think he should be on a roster right now...because of his protests, he's not.
Can David Price still help the Red Sox this season?
Will David Price be able to come back quickly enough to pitch down the stretch or in the postseason? That's the debate on Boston Sports Tonight.
Chris Forsberg: There's no other offer matching Celtics
Chris Forsberg thinks that there is no other offer out there that can match what the Celtics are giving the Cavaliers.
Drellich: Sale's stuff stayed strong, even during struggles
Evan Drellich says even though Chris Sale had a rough stretch in August prior to Tuesday's dominating performance in Toronto, his velocity and command were always good.
Isaiah Thomas: 'I am not damaged . . . I'll be back'
A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper look at Isaiah Thomas' declaration that he'll return stronger than ever from his hip injury.
Who will get the most targets on the Patriots?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates who will now get the most targets on the Patriots.
Mayo: Edelman loss is ‘a huge hit for the locker room’
Jerod Mayo discusses how much Julian Edelman will be missed by the Patriots.
Premier League weekend preview
We take a look at all the Premier League action this weekend.
Perry: Why Edelman will be ‘really difficult to replace’
Phil Perry explains why Julian Edelman will be really difficult to replace.
Is there a chance Thomas-Irving deal will not go through?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses the reports that the Cavaliers are still evaluating injured hip and weighing options with completion of Irving deal.
Tom Brady on Julian Edelman's injury: 'Hoping for the best'
Tom Brady reacts to Julian Edelman leaving the game with a knee injury.
Cooks acquisition even more important if Edelman is out
Phil Perry discusses the impact of Julian Edelman possibly missing time, and why it makes the acquisition on Brandin Cooks that much more important.
Should we be worried about Chris Sale struggling vs Indians?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to react to Chris Sale's struggles this season.
Any chance Warriors worried about Celtics/Cavaliers trade?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether the Warriors are worried about the Celtics/Cavaliers trade.
Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas.
Forsberg: Isaiah Thomas was 'beloved in the locker room'
Chris Forsberg says that he cannot remember a player that was more beloved in the locker room than Isaiah Thomas.
Does support Isaiah is receiving prove Broussard was wrong?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether the support Isaiah Thomas is receiving from other players prove Chris Broussard was wrong.
Is Danny Ainge a Hall of Fame executive?
A. Sherrod Blakely debates whether Danny Ainge will go down as a Hall of Fame executive.
Which traded player was the hardest to say goodbye to?
Tom E. Curran and Michael Holley discuss which traded player was the hardest to say goodbye to.
Cyrus Jones says he tunes out negativity of fans
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew responds to Cyrus Jones comments that he turns out the negativity of "fair-weather fans"
Drellich: Fister pitches 1-hitter vs Indians
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down Doug Fister's impressive game against the Indians.
Gorman: ‘It’s up to Kyrie to be the Kevin Garnett ’
Mike Gorman says it is up to Kyrie Irving to be the Kevin Garnett of this team.
Chris Forsberg: 'The Celtics gave up a big haul here'
Chris Forsberg explains why the Celtics did lose some key pieces to what made them successful last season.
Cedric Maxwell: What will Isaiah Thomas legacy be in Boston?
Cedric Maxwell joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss how Isaiah Thomas will be remembered in Boston.
Best of Isaiah Thomas with the Boston Celtics
We say thank you to Isaiah Thomas with some of the best highlights he had during his time with the Celtics.
Ainge: Difficult conversation with Isaiah, Kyrie excited
Danny Ainge in his conference call talks about his conversations with Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving.
Ainge: High price tag but we're getting perennial All-Star
Danny Ainge in his conference call says it was a high price to pay, but the Celtics know they are acquiring a perennial All-Star in Kyrie Irving.
Ainge on trade: Very difficult but exciting day for Celtics
Danny Ainge on a conference call says that it was a very difficult trade to make but also an exciting one.
Drellich: Red Sox bullpen blows 4-3 lead in 8th inning
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down John Farrell's use of the bullpen in the Red Sox 5-4 loss to the Indians.
Do NFL owners actually like Roger Goodell?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether or not the NFL owners actually like Roger Goodell.
Blakely: Who are the top 5 NBA breakout candidates?
A. Sherrod Blakely gives his picks for the top 5 NBA breakout candidates for the 2017/2018 season.
Do Red Sox need Pedroia & Price to win World Series?
Michael Holley gives his take on whether or not he thinks the Red Sox need Dustin Pedroia and David Price to win a World Series.
What will happen if Isaiah Thomas isn't ready for season?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates what would happen if Isaiah Thomas is not ready for the season.
Merloni: Devers is 'locked in and playing free'
Lou Merloni and Evan Drellich join the Boston Sports Tonight crew to discuss the Red Sox win Friday night over the Yankees and how far they have come as a team over the last couple of weeks.
Should the Celtics explore free agency?
Michael Holley and Tom Curran discuss whether the Celtics should look into signing any free agents.
Curran: Could the Jaguars be suitors for Garoppolo?
Tom Giles and Tom Curran discuss whether the Jaguars should pursue Jimmy Garoppolo.
Drellich: Back spasms for Pomeranz 'best-case scenario'
Evan Drellich discusses Drew Pomeranz leaving Friday night's game with back spasms and says it is 'best-case scenario' considering his history with arm injuries.
Drellich: Back spasms for Pomeranz 'best-case scenario'
Evan Drellich discusses Drew Pomeranz leaving Friday night's game with back spasms and says it is 'best-case scenario' considering his history with arm injuries.
Haggerty: Bruins afraid of paying Pastrnak more than vets
Joe Haggerty joins BST to break down the latest between David Pastrnak and the Bruins, and if they will come to an agreement on a contract extension.
Drellich: Price more important to playoff run than Pedroia
Choosing between two players on the DL right now, Evan Drellich says that David Price would be more important to a Red Sox World Series run than Dustin Pedroia.
Insider Trivia with Haggerty, Drellich, and Perry
Joe Haggerty, Evan Drellich, and Phil Perry play a game of trivia, answering question about the Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins.
Do you think the Yawkey Way name should be changed?
Michael Holley, Tom Curran, and Kayce Smith discuss John Henry's comments about changing the name of Yawkey Way.
Drellich: Red Sox team has a 'magical element' that you need
Evan Drellich talks about this Red Sox team that has had nine walk-off wins this season.
Curran: Celtics sold 'the security' to the right guy
The Celtics rebuild happened fairly quickly. Michael Holley, Kyle Draper and Tom Curran talk about how that happened.
Holley: Walkoff wins a good sign for Red Sox
Michael Holley, Tom Giles, Kayce Smith and Tom E. Curran talk about the Red Sox ability to rally late in games, and how that bodes well for the future.
Bill Belichick never forgets
Michael Holley and Tom Curran discuss Bill Belichick's extensive memory of his football past.
Jordan Leandre recaps his first pitch at Fenway Park
Jordan Leandre recaps his first pitch at Fenway Park that hit a photographer in the groin.
LeBron holds all the cards when it comes to where he'll play
Kyle Draper and Tom Curran talk about the problems that may occur in Cleveland.
Drellich: We've come to expect excellent play from Devers
Rafael Devers went 2-4 with a RBI and started a 5-4-3 triple play and Evan Drellich says it is something that you've come to expect from the Red Sox third baseman.
Feinstein: Not sure if Ainge or Stevens want Kyrie Irving
John Feinstein joins BST to talk about the rumors of the Celtics interest in Kyrie Irving, but Feinstein isn't sure that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens would actually want the Cavs point guard.
Holley, Blakely, Draper argue if C's should trade for Kyrie
Michael Holley, A. Sherrod Blakely, and Kyle Draper debate if the Celtics would be a better team if they traded Isaiah Thomas, plus young players and picks to the Cavs for Kyrie Irving.
Curran: Clock didn’t strike midnight because Brady turned 40
Tom Curran, Michael Holley, and Kyle Draper discuss if they believe Tom Brady has peaked, and if he can get any better at 40 years old.
Curran: High expectations could galvanize the Patriots
Tom Curran, Michael Holley, Tom Giles, and Kayce Smith discuss Tom Brady’s comments saying that it is ‘unfair’ to have expectations of an undefeated season.
Are the Red Sox the team to beat in the American League?
Kyle Draper, Michael Holley and Lou Merloni analyze the teams in the American league and where the Red Sox fall in that picture.
Has any athlete had a fall as steep as Tiger's?
Lou Merloni, Michael Holley and Tom Curran talk about Tiger Woods' fall from grace.
Which Celtics matchups are most exciting?
Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely point to the matchups they're looking forward to this season.
Merloni: Farrell needs to instill confidence back into Reed
Lou Merloni, Kyle Draper and Tom Curran chat about John Farrell's confidence in Addison Reed.
Drellich: Who is to blame for Red Sox blowing 3-0 lead?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss what went wrong in the Red Sox loss to the Yankees.
Why did Farrell not use Craig Kimbrel in the 8th inning?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates why John Farrell did not go to Craig Kimbrel in the 8th inning against the Yankees.