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Decision Time For Ray


Decision Time For Ray

So, apparently Ray Allen's a little confused.

The latest report says that he left Miami without giving the Heat an answer, and has since flown back to Boston, where he'll probably sit down with his family, play a few rounds of golf, consider the pros and cons and eventually make a decision.

Or maybe Adrian Wojnarowski broke the story while you were reading that last paragraph. Who knows? The bottom line is that the weekend of reckoning is upon us. Regardless of when it happens, I'm willing to bet that by the time we meet again on Monday, we'll know what lies ahead for Sweet Baby Jesus Shuttlesworth.

To this point, he's been begged, and offered obscene amounts of money, to stay with his basketball family in Boston. He's been wined and dined by the NBA champs (not to mention Pat Riley, one of the games greatest motivators) in Miami, where there's a great chance to play for another ring and with a different set of sure fire Hall of Famers. It's a tough decision, even tougher when you consider that these two teams hate each other. That after the last five years, Allen joining the Heat is like Alec Baldwin taking a job at Fox News.

I can't claim to know what Allen will do, but as I've said before, I really hope he goes to Miami. Yes, I hope that a player who I love rooting for, respect like hell and think still has some good basketball left decides to split town for one of Boston's biggest rivals. I'll admit, it's a confusing feeling. I'm more torn than Ray himself!

OK, probably not. But despite everything that he's given this team and this city, I really think it's time to go. I think he'll be happier in Miami. I think it will be easier for the Celtics to go about their business next season without having to worry about Ray's feelings. Much like what happened with Youk and the Sox, it's time for Ray and the Celtics to part ways. To break up before things get too ugly.

Now believe it or not, my opinion has very little bearing on Ray's decision. There's obviously still a solid chance that he comes back for one more run. If he does, I'm sure he'll be a valuable member of this team. Like I said, the guy has some basketball left and can still do a few things on the court that very few others in the league can.

I just think that in terms of chemistry, sanity and all around happiness, that both sides will be better off if Ray's doing those things down south.

We'll see on Monday.

Until then, everyone have a great weekend.

Beware of Yankee fans.

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