Farrell on Lester, Buchholz, Lackey


Farrell on Lester, Buchholz, Lackey

Red Sox manager John Farrell knows the Red Sox pitching staff more than most people do since his days as the team's pitching coach.

For that reason, he must have noticed a few things they were doing wrong out on the mound watching from the visitors dugout.'s Sean McAdam asks him how "mystified" he was at their struggles. Here's part of the answer:

"Across the field you saw some things that were tangible that you'd like to say that we could make an adjustment and fix things to get back to the late action to Lester's cutter, the sink action to his two-seamer," Farrell said. "He got spread out, got a little bit flat, the ball was on the same plane through the strike zone, and that's why I think you saw the number of extra base hits that he surrendered this year."

So just how content is Farrell with where the staff as a whole is now? Well, it appears as though Boston is looking to add some outside pieces if the players fit.

"As we go into Spring training, if we don't add anyone else, we're likely to stretch out Franklin Morales, to bring him in as a starter ... I think there's still every intent and every potential to talk about every free agent starting pitcher that may be out there. I know we've continued to explore some things in other avenues, but that's where, as I mentioned, Ben has been extremely busy, and is doing one heck of a job to address the needs that are here. And we came in knowing that starting pitching was one that we'd like to add to if it made sense."

Check out the video for more, including Farrell's expectations for John Lackey.