Four-thought on Pats and Bruins


Four-thought on Pats and Bruins

By Michael Felger

A Felger Four to kick off 2011:

I know a lot of you disagree with me, but I think things broke in the Patriots favor on Sunday when the Chiefs were upset at home by Oakland and the Colts got by Tennessee later in the day.

In short, thanks to those results the Pats now wont have to face Peyton Manning until the AFC title game, should they both make it that far. As the No. 3 seed, the Colts are guaranteed of going to No. 2 seed Pittsburgh should they beat the Jets next weekend.

The Pats, on the other hand, will face the lowest remaining seed from Wild Card Weekend, which means either the Jets, Chiefs or Ravens. If New York wins at Indy on Saturday night, then the Pats get their hated division rivals. If the Colts win, then the Pats will await the winner of Chiefs-Ravens on Sunday.

Id take my chances with any of those teams over the Colts. And you can add the Steelers to that list, as well. I still believe the teams that matchup best against the Pats are the ones who throw to win. And thats the Colts. Thats Manning, who figured out Bill Belichick a long time ago.

Are any of you still willing to argue with me about Randy Moss and his value to the Patriots? Is there any more debate? The Pats are a better team without him. Tom Brady is a better quarterback without him. Period, story over. Fact. Not opinion.

Brady threw an interception in the third quarter of his first game without Moss against Baltimore in Week 6 . . . and he didnt throw another real pick the rest of the year (unless you an include an interception on a Hail Mary at the end of the Ravens game). Over the next 10 games, nine of which were wins, Brady threw 24 touchdowns and no interceptions. Over his final eight games he didnt have a quarterback rating under 107. He finished the year with the fifth-highest QB rating of all time, 111.0. He had 36 touchdowns on the year against four interceptions. Four. And he did it against the iron of the league. Baltimore. At Pittsburgh. The Jets. At Chicago. Brady and the Pats played six games against playoff teams after the Moss trade, and they won every one.

And just imagine. They were able to do all that without Moss running off the safety.

If theres another case of more people being more wrong on one topic than the overwhelming majority of fans and media were on Moss, then Id like to know what it is. Because as far as I can tell, it doesnt exist.

A few Pats quick-hitters from Sunday's win over Miami:

I wish Julien Edelman could do it when it counts. For all the progress made by so many young players on the roster this season, Edelman remains one of the disappointing ones. Or maybe we just overrate him every August and this is just what he is. A special teamer.

Those of you wondering where Taylor Price was all year, there you go. Seems like theres a little something there, right?

So Brandon Meriweather is a Pro Bowler and Rob Gronkowski isnt. Hmm. Maybe they need to step up the drug testing across the league.

For all the time we spent talking about the upgrade the Pats experienced in going with Deion Branch over Moss, we overlooked a similar swap that took place in the backfield. How about BenJarvus Green-Ellis for Laurence Maroney? When it comes to this Patriots team, give me the overachiever every time.

Finally, I understand Claude Julien is feeling some pressure. I understand these December and January games may mean a bit more to him than other coaches. A bad stretch and he could be toast. So hes riding a hot hand.

But does he need to risk destroying the confidence of a good, young goalie in the process?

Theres only two reasons I can think of to play 36-year old Tim Thomas in seven straight games in December of an 82-game season (including a stretch last week when he played back-to-back nights and then again two days later) when you have one of the leagues most promising young goalies on the bench. The first is what we mentioned above. Julien fears for his job so hes treating every two points like its life or death. So Thomas gets the call.

The other relates to the four-year, 20 million contract the general manager gave to the aforementioned 36-year-old. Its in Peter Chiarellis best interest to play Thomas as much as possible, too. The more Thomas plays and the better he does, the more Chiarelli can justify that unjustifiable contract to his new boss, Cam Neely.

Anyway, what happened to Rask the other night in Buffalo is ridiculous. Playing in his first game in 16 days, Rask let in one bad goal and was pulled after 20 minutes of action. A 4-3 Bruins lead turned into a 7-6 shootout defeat in front of Thomas, who hasnt exactly been standing on his head of late, either. The Bs lost the two points and they lost the opportunity to give Thomas a needed rest. Lets just hope they dont lose Rask as well.

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Kyrie Irving fined $25,000 for his inappropriate language with a fan


Kyrie Irving fined $25,000 for his inappropriate language with a fan

BOSTON – As expected, the NBA has fined Celtics guard Kyrie Irving $25,000 for using “inappropriate language” toward a fan at the Friday night game in Philadelphia.
The incident occurred at halftime as Irving and his teammates were heading to the locker room, trailing by four. Boston went on to win 102-92 for their first victory of the season.
A fan yelled, “Hey, where’s LeBron?” to which Irving replied with a lewd suggestion to the yeller.
The Celtics practiced on Saturday with Irving addressing the incident.

When asked if he had any regrets about the incident, Irving replied, “Hell no. Man enough to record it on video, that’s on him. I’m glad he got his ad name out there, and his five seconds of fame and it’s gone viral. That’s social media platform we live on.
Irving added, “I take full responsibility for what I said. You move on.”
When asked about the incident on Saturday, Celtics coach Brad Stevens said he had not seen the video but was aware of it.
“People make mistakes; hopefully learn from them and move on,” Stevens said. “There’s a right and wrong. And if you’re in the wrong you have to own up to it and that’s that.”

It was the second such fine levied by the league in as many days. 

New Orleans center DeMarcus Cousins was fined $25,000 for "inappropriate language" toward a fan when the Pelicans lost 103-91 at Memphis on Wednesday. 

Patriots donate 200 tickets to military members for tonight's game

Patriots donate 200 tickets to military members for tonight's game

Patriots long snapper Joe Cardona is also an officer in the Navy. He was instrumental in having the team donate 200 tickets to military members for tonight's game against the Atlanta Falcons at Gillette Stadium.

As ESPN's Mike Reiss pointed out, Cardona and teammate Matthew Slater were behind the plan to provide the tickets. The military personnel will also be on the field before the game. 

"It's a number that far exceeded expectations," Cardona told Reiss. "It was a collaborative effort. I was talking to Matt Slater, we were thinking of ways to reach out, especially to our local military community, and show how much we value them. My point of view was, 'Let's give these men and women the experience of coming to a big game.' Let's get them a personal feel, them being our personal guests, guests of the team."

The 200 tickets were provided by Patriots players and coaches, who each receive two tickets to a home game and the opportunity to purchase others 

“My point of view was, 'Let's give these men and women the experience of coming to a big game,'“ Cardona said in Reiss' story. “Let's get them a personal feel, them being our personal guests, guests of the team.”